1 Ahsoka Line Shows Just How Huge Baylan Skoll's Story Is (& It Undermines Thrawn)


1 Ahsoka Line Shows Just How Huge Baylan Skoll’s Story Is (& It Undermines Thrawn)

Baylan Skoll is one of Ahsoka’s most compelling characters with one line in Ahsoka episode 7 proving this through the villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 7.




  • Thrawn’s biggest strength is his ability to plan ahead, but Baylan Skoll’s unpredictable behavior undermines this advantage.
  • Baylan Skoll’s story is even bigger and more crucial to the galaxy than Grand Admiral Thrawn’s plans to reinstate the Empire.
  • Baylan is searching for something ancient and powerful that has the potential to end the cycle of power between the Sith and the Jedi in Star Wars history.

One line from Ahsoka episode 7 has proven just how major Baylan Skoll’s story is through another of the show’s villains, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Before Ahsoka began, many assumed the duo of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati would be much more conventional than they are. Upon their introduction, it seemed the two Force-wielders would simply be Sith-inclined characters who wish to free Grand Admiral Thrawn from exile in order to oversee the resurgence of the Galactic Empire.

However, Ahsoka‘s seven episodes thus far have proven that both characters are much more than what was initially thought. As of the ending of Ahsoka episode 7, Baylan Skoll specifically is one of the show’s most compelling characters with an intriguing story centering on his wish to find a dormant power on Peridea that will end the cycle of light and dark in the Star Wars galaxy. While this story has not reached its conclusion yet, one line in Ahsoka episode 7 from Grand Admiral Thrawn proves how big Baylan Skoll’s story is but also how it undermines the former by being entirely unpredictable.

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Thrawn Not Knowing What Baylan Is Doing Breaks His Biggest Strength

Concerning why Baylan’s story undermines Thrawn, one line in Ahsoka episode 7 proves this. At one point, Thrawn is overseeing his forces’ attack against Sabine, Ezra, and Ahsoka. However, Thrawn notices that Baylan is missing from the battlefield remarking “Where’s Baylan Skoll?” This line indicates just how huge Baylan’s story is given that Thrawn’s biggest strength is his ability to plan 10 steps ahead of everybody else. Thrawn’s tactical mind and knowledge of both his enemies and allies always grants him an advantage be it in the Thrawn novels, Star Wars Rebels, or what has been shown in Ahsoka thus far.

That being said, Baylan’s behavior is entirely unpredictable to Thrawn. His question of where Baylan is during the battle sums this up as Thrawn usually has a fairly strong grasp on how most situations will play out. With Baylan though, the fallen Jedi is looking for something that no one but himself is aware of which proves he has undermined Grand Admiral Thrawn’s greatest strength.

Baylan Skoll’s Story Is Even Bigger Than Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Return Plans


This line from Grand Admiral Thrawn and what it implies proves just how big Baylan Skoll’s story is in Ahsoka. While Thrawn is seeking to return to the main Star Wars galaxy and reinstate the Empire, Star Wars‘ future canon stories already reveal that he fails. While the journey to that point that will be explored in upcoming Star Wars movies and shows is certainly intriguing, Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return is not as crucial to the overall galaxy as Baylan’s story has the potential to be.

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Baylan is clearly seeking something extremely ancient that even the Nightsisters of Peridea and Thrawn are fleeing from in his mind. Similarly, Baylan seems to think that whatever he is searching for has the power to end the wheel of power that has constantly turned between the Sith/Empire and the Jedi/Republic in Star Wars‘ history. This positions his story as one of endless possibilities that could be bigger to Ahsoka than anything Grand Admiral Thrawn has planned.

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