10 Biggest The Boys Easter Eggs In Gen V Episodes 1-3


10 Biggest The Boys Easter Eggs In Gen V Episodes 1-3

Gen V premiered its first three episodes on Amazon Prime, already making a number of references and Easter eggs to The Boys for viewers to discover.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Gen V season 1, episodes 1-3!




  • Gen V expands The Boys universe with Easter eggs and gruesome content, setting the stage for a new conspiracy that will impact Vought International and The Seven.
  • The show references The Seven through posters of Queen Maeve, Black Noir, and Payback, as well as “inspirational” quotes from Homelander, Starlight, and The Deep.
  • Gen V establishes ongoing events such as Homelander’s trial for murder while also tying into the timeline of The Boys with vacancies in The Seven.

Amazon Prime’s Gen V kicked off with its first three episodes, directly involving itself in the world of the original show through several The Boys Easter eggs. The series follows a number of characters at Godolkin University, a college centered around the training of up-and-coming supes. The show’s five main characters, Marie, Andre, Emma, Cate, and Jordan, have already come together in the investigation of a new conspiracy that will impact the world of Vought International and The Seven.

The Boys is known for its over-the-top violence and raunchy humor, and Gen V has already furthered this trend, expanding the universe in both story and gruesome content. Gen V picks up after season 3 of The Boys, and moments in the show’s first few episodes have offered indicators of what’s going on with Homelander and other characters in the main show. With praise for the initial few episodes, Gen V is a good sign for Amazon continuing to grow its superhero satire world ahead of The Boys season 4. Here are the biggest The Boys Easter Eggs on Gen V‘s first three episodes.

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10 A-Train Joins The Seven Flashback

Gen V’s opening flashback scene shows the tragic backstory of Marie Moreau, the main Gen V character, who discovered her powers and incidentally murdered her parents. Before this occurs, Marie’s parents are watching the introduction of A-Train to the Seven on television. In the news clip, Madelyn Stillwell is also seen giving an interview regarding the new member of the superhero team. A-Train is shown putting on his “The Seven” hat in the Vought Draft, making him the first African American in The Seven. The scene imitates real-world professional sports drafts.

9 The Seven Posters

The Deep poster in Gen V

The Seven are prevalent all throughout the first few episodes of Gen V, despite A-Train being the only supe from The Seven to cameo. In Emma’s room, there’s a poster for Queen Maeve that looks almost identical to the 2017 Wonder Woman movie poster. Also, in Sam’s cell in The Woods, there are posters for Black Noir and the superhero group, Payback. The guidance counselor’s office at Marie’s high school also has posters with inspirational quotes from Homelander, Starlight, and The Deep.

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8 God U Campus

Godolkin University Campus from Gen V

Godolkin University has been responsible for training superheroes for years, leading up to the “Vought Hero Draft”. Queen Maeve, A-Train, and The Deep are all alumni of God U, and the University Campus displays massive statues of Homelander and other members of The Seven. Two of the key school programs at God U are the Lamplighter School of Crimefighting, and the Crimson Countess School of Performing Arts, the latter of which primarily teaches media presentability. These are both named after minor characters from The Boys.

7 Homelander On Trial

Homelander on trial in Gen V

Homelander’s trial has already been explored in promotional videos from the Vought International YouTube channel, but its mention in Gen V establishes it as an ongoing event that seems to be occurring between seasons 3 and 4 of The Boys. Homelander is on trial for his murder of the protestor at the end of season 3. The quick tease in Gen V sets up what seems to be an important plotline in the universe going forward.

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6 Supe Streaming Service

Vought Streaming Service in Gen V

Justine has already become an irritating side character in Gen V, as a rumor-spreading influencer who’s a student at God U. In a scene where Justine and Emma are looking for a scene to cover in their acting class, they explore the content on the Vought streaming service. Among the films displayed are the “Dawn of the Seven” films, as well as “Queene Maeve” and “Nubian Prince”, referencing characters from The Boys. They also discuss the supe, Termite, and make a reference to real-life disgraced director Bryan Singer, suggesting that he and the fictional Termite used to throw parties together.

5 Godolkin School Welcome Video

Dean Shetty in the God U welcome video in Gen Z

After Marie is accepted into Godolkin University, the show plays a clip of a God U welcome video, featuring Dean Indira Shetty. The info video provides some exposition to the history of the fictional university, revealing characters from The Boys who were God U students. Mosaic art and a ceiling painting of The Seven can be seen in the background as Dean Shetty provides information about the prestige of the school.

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4 Maeve And Starlight Left Vacancies In The Seven

Professor Brink And Golden Boy talk in Gen V episode 1

In Gen V episode 1, Professor Brink pitches Luke Riordan/Golden Boy on his future with The Seven. He explains to Luke that his spot in the famous superhero team is a given and that technology is already being developed for his hero costume, which will allow him to light on fire without burning off his clothes. Brink says “Would you rather take Maeve’s old department or Starlight’s?” acknowledging that the two supes from season 3 are no longer on the team, confirming Gen V‘s placement on The Boy’s timeline.

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3 Love Sausage Returns

Love Sausage in The Boys

The first few episodes of Gen V had a handful of cameos from The Boys, with Love Sausage being the one to appear primarily off-screen. The Boys fans will remember Love Sausage as the disgusting supe from seasons 2 and 3 with the raunchy power to extend his penis like a tentacle and use it as a weapon. In a flashback scene that shows Luke visiting his brother Sam in a psychiatric hospital, Love Sausage’s elongated penis can be seen in a cell window.

2 Ashley Barrett Cameo

Ashley Barrett Cameo in Gen V

Ashley is one of the major antagonists in The Boys who took over as the Senior Vice President of Hero Management after Madelyn Stillwell. Following the crisis that led to Golden Boy’s death in Gen V episode 1, Ashley appears early in episode 2 in a scene where she berates Dean Shetty and company over the phone for the catastrophe. Ashley helps decide on how to handle the PR situation and confirms Vought’s involvement with the mystery of The Woods.

1 Adam Bourke Cameo

Adam Bourke cameo in Gen V

Adam Bourke is a minor character in The Boys with some comedic scenes. He’s the director of “Dawn of the Seven” who appears in seasons 2 and 3. His newest film was a twisted spoof on the Snyder Cut, with the “Bourke Cut” of Dawn of the Seven releasing following Stormfront’s outing as a Nazi in The Boys season 2. Adam Bourke appears in Gen V episode 2 as an acting teacher at God U. The show jokes that Bourke was canceled due to an incident with Minka Kelly, resulting in him becoming an acting teacher, a job he doesn’t seem too thrilled to have taken.

Gen V continues Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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