10 Funniest Peanuts Comics Starring Lucy


10 Funniest Peanuts Comics Starring Lucy

Lucy is one of Peanuts’ most recognizable characters; over the years, she provided readers with some of the comic strip’s most hilarious moments.

Lucy is one of the most recognizable members of the Peanuts gang, and over the course of the comic stirp’s enduring run, she was responsible for many of its funniest moments. At the heart of some of the series’ most iconic reoccurring jokes – such as the football gag, and her psychiatry booth – Lucy stands out as one of Peanuts funniest characters.



Lucy is an extremely interesting character, and arguably one of the Peanuts’ most complex. She struggles to get along with others but cares about those around her at the same time. Additionally, she has many confrontations with characters especially with Snoopy, yet she shows she loves the dog when she says one of her most famous lines “happiness is a warm puppy.” As a result, Lucy leaves an impression on the reader, helping cement her legacy as one of the most enduring Peanuts characters in popular culture.

10 “She’s Got To Be Kidding”

Given the numerous times that Lucy has tricked Charlie Brown into kicking the football, only to take it away from him every single time, anyone else would have flat out decline to play with her after one time. Unfortunately for Charlie Brown, his trusting nature makes him keep falling for it, time and again. Finally, in this strip, Charlie refuses to take part in it. He thinks Lucy is the only one who would think that he’ll fall for it again. To his surprise, the rest of the Peanuts gang are eagerly waiting for him with footballs of their own.

9 “Beagle Kisses”

Lucy yelling at Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Lucy and Snoopy’s relationship would best be explained by the term “frenemies”. They get along at times, but often intentionally do things to annoy the other. One of Snoopy’s greatest offenses, something he does to Lucy to make her mad, is giving her kisses. Snoopy’s kisses make Lucy absolutely furious, noticeable in this strip where Lucy is seen complaining to Charlie Brown. Overhearing this, Snoopy becomes disillusioned from the complaint, thinking that his kisses may be not as sweet as he had thought they were. Snoopy shouldn’t take it to heart, though. Except for Schroeder, Lucy doesn’t really like anyone.

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8 “Things To Be Thankful For”

Lucy and Linus

Lucy has a booming business in her psychiatry booth, where she provides advice to her peers for five-cents a session. However, sometimes she is the one in need of some careful listening, some words of wisdom, as evidenced by this comic strip. Lucy vents to her little brother about her dissatisfaction with her life, claiming she has nothing to be thankful for. In need of a reality check, Lucy is shown by Linus that she should be a thankful to have a little brother who loves her. This is not what Lucy wants to hear, and Linus’s attempt to help seems to make matters worse, with Lucy bursting into dramatic tears. Of course, Linus completely misreads the reaction, thinking that he has just solved his big sister’s problems.

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7 “Snap Out Of It”

Lucy being a psychiatrist to Charlie Brown.

Aside from the football bit with Charlie Brown, Lucy is most well known for her psychiatry advice booth. Charlie Brown is a frequent customer. It’s not hard to blame him; five cents for psychiatric advice is a total bargain, by all accounts. Lucy loves to disperse her peals of wisdom and advice, even if it is harsh at times. This hilarious Peanuts strip shows Charlie lamenting his feelings of depression. Lucy, rather than comfort her sometimes-friend, berates Charlie to snap out of it. Certainly, this was far from the best advice Lucy has ever given. Charlie Brown should probably ask for his five cents back for this session.

6 “Wait A Minute”

Lucy, Snoopy, and Charlie Brown

Lucy’s advice is not always top-notch. In fact, sometimes it can be downright rude. She genuinely tries to help, but in her own Lucy, brash way. As illustrated in the strip, Lucy tries to help Charlie Brown with his need for companionship. She claims that Snoopy should be closer to his owner to make Charlie Brown happy, by any means necessary. Snoopy definitely does not agree with his, obviously taken aback when Lucy mentions that a good dog would be willing to risk his life for his owner. Snoopy, being a free spirit who has a lust for life, could not disagree with Lucy more. After this, she can count on not having Snoopy as a repeat client at her booth.

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5 “Memory Of Lost Love”

Lucy getting angry.

Tough as she is, Lucy has one weakness; her crush on Schroeder. Perhaps it is karma for constantly messing with Charlie Brown, but Schroeder does not return Lucy’s affection. In the strip, she tries to get Schroeder’s attention, as usual, explaining to him about the hardships that come with a lost love. Whipped into a frenzy, Lucy exclaims how horrible it would be for Schroeder if he went without his one true love, meaning her. After her passionate argument, which includes wrecking his piano, Lucy questions his ability to overlook her, showing her trademark temper. Lucy bosses her way into getting many things she wants, but it clearly does not work with Schroeder.

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4 “Happy”

Snoopy with Lucy and Linus in Peanuts.

Snoopy’s happy dance is an iconic characteristic of not just his character, but also the Peanuts brand. Snoopy knows this dance annoys Lucy to no end, but he doesn’t care because he thinks she’s simply jealous of how happy he can be. In this strip, when Linus asks if anyone is happy, Snoopy comes bounding in, doing his happy dance, to the children’s annoyance, only for Linus to clarify that he means someone happy and sane. With a personality as big as Snoopy’s, he draws the attention of the Peanuts gang around him, especially Lucy, who has no problem stating when Snoopy is acting bonkers, or getting on her nerves. The horrified look she has on her face, after Snoopy dances around her and kisses her, says all the reader needs to know about Lucy’s feelings toward the famous beagle at this moment.

3 “She Did It Again”

Lucy and Charlie Brown

Lucy first pulled the mean football trick on Charlie Brown in 1952. It was originally because she feared Charlie’s shoes were too dirty, and didn’t want them to touch her. After seeing him trip and fall, the sight amused her, and it became something she wanted to repeat every chance she could get. The football trick would become an iconic moment for the Peanuts, remaining one of the things most synonymous with the comic strip. As seen in this installment, Lucy is at it again, trying to coerce a suspicious Charlie Brown to kick the football. Lucy puts on an act, as if she has changed, fooling a trusting Charlie Brown into relenting, giving in to her wishes. Naturally, he winds up on the ground yet again. Poor Charlie Brown could stand to be not so trusting, especially when it comes to Lucy.

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2 “Five”

Lucy asking for answers from Linus in Peanuts.

Lucy, being the philosophical thinker that she is, wants answers to life’s many questions. She bemoans her lack of answers about life to the wrong person: Linus. Her little brother is a good source of support for her, but he is not exactly a beacon of wisdom and knowledge. In this strip, she asks for some answers about life, to which Linus answers simply, “five“. He doesn’t say five of what, or what equation five is the answer to, but he feels confident enough in his response to voice it to his crabby sister. Noted from Lucy’s angered response, it is no mystery that she is not satisfied with her little brother’s brevity, especially when it comes to asking about life’s greatest questions.

1 “A Great Sense Of Relief”

Lucy Peanuts Comic

Lucy is commonly noted as a selfish, grumpy, and bossy character, always ready to complain or argue. Usually, her friends deal with it and move on. However, in this strip, Lucy’s peer is not tolerating it. The little red haired girl has had enough, berating Lucy, saying that she will always be a crabby person. Any half-normal person would be deeply insulted by the comment. Yet, readers know Lucy is not the most normal, instead taking great pleasure and relief in the assertion that she will always be crabby. Looking on the bright side of things, Lucy has great confidence and pride in herself, crabby or not. Lucy may want to retain her childhood crabbiness for the rest of her life, but it’s a safe bet that the Peanuts gang their fingers crossed, hoping she will one day grow out of it.

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