Barbie's Canceled Cameos Breaks From Greta Gerwig's Movie Tradition


10 Most Empowering Moments In Greta Gerwig’s Barbie

Barbie did a great job of bringing what it’s like to be a woman out into the world through some inspiring moments. Here are ten of the most empowering.


  • Barbie’s escape from the Mattel building with Gloria’s help showcases their teamwork and ability to outwit male-dominated leadership.
  • The scene where Barbie congratulates an older woman highlights the beauty of aging and the importance of kindness and acceptance.
  • Barbie’s decision to give the Kens more power at the end of the film challenges stereotypes of feminism and emphasizes the need for a level playing field rather than defeating men.


Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Barbie.

by greta gerwig Barbie it’s packed with beautiful and empowering moments involving its central characters. The film took the world by storm when photos surfaced online during the film’s shoot in the summer of 2022, and subsequently emerged as one of the most anticipated releases of 2023. Gerwig’s portrayal of the character has earned the film a high level of attention.

Before BarbieGerwig was noted for his 2017 film lady bird and its 2019 adaptation of Little woman. The director has been praised for telling stories from a female perspective and for her ability to convey the experience of being a woman through her work. Barbie is no exceptions, as evidenced by what the reviews say about Margot Robbie’s version of Robbie. From powerful speeches by Barbie herself to Rhea Perlman’s cameo as Ruth Handler, here are 10 empowering moments from the Barbie movie.

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Gloria helping Barbie escape from the Mattel team

When Barbie arrives in the real world, she is guided to the Mattel building, where she meets the team of men led by the CEO, played by Will Ferrell. Mattel’s CEO knows that unusual things will start to happen to the world if she doesn’t return Barbie to Barbieland, so he encourages her to return to her plastic box. However, he tricks her team into letting her use the bathroom and flees the office.

When she leaves the building, Mattel worker Gloria is waiting for her in her car. Barbie runs up, jumps into the backseat and they drive away from her, helping Barbie avoid getting caught. This allows her to explain to Gloria why she is in the real world and why she needs her help. Barbie and Gloria team up, with the help of Gloria’s teenage daughter Sasha, to outwit Mattel’s men in charge, making for an extremely exciting sequence.

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Barbie flattering an older woman

Ann Roth in Barbie

Barbie’s initial confusion upon arriving in the real world fades as her fascination takes over. She watches one couple fight while another enjoys each other’s company. She also looks up into the trees, contemplates nature and, for the first time, longs for a life outside of Barbieland. While she is sitting on a bench, there is an older woman sitting next to her. While Barbie is the epitome of beauty, she finds the older woman beautiful too, and she says so in the scene.

The woman then returns the compliment to Barbie, making for a beautiful bonding moment between two female characters that acts as a reminder that there is goodness in the world. It’s also fascinating because it’s the first time Barbie has seen someone who has aged, as Barbies never age, and she’s not fazed by it at all. She sees the beauty in him instead of her.

The Barbies giving more power to the Ken

Margot Robbie as Barbie standing between Simu Liu and Ryan Gosling as the two Kens argue

At the end of the movie, Ken expresses to Barbie how invisible he feels in Barbieland because his only purpose is to be her boyfriend. It’s a stark parallel to how women feel in the real world, and since Barbie has finally learned what it’s like for women outside of Barbieland, she decides she doesn’t want the Kens to have that experience. This is what she sets Barbie Apart from the stereotypes of feminism.

It has never been about bringing down men, as some of the film’s critics have charged. Barbie to do, but to have equal conditions. While Barbie’The narrator admits that the power given to the Kens gives them about the same amount of power that women have in the real world, acknowledging that women have yet to achieve full equality, it was a clever way to end the film by showing that Barbie doesn’t want the Kens to face the same injustices that women face outside of Barbieland.

President Barbie apologizes to strange Barbie

An image of Kate McKinnon wearing stilettos and a birkenstock in Barbie

Kate McKinnon was brilliant in her role as Weird Barbie, a doll that has been abused by her owner, with her hair cut short and a marker drawn on her face. Unfortunately, even though Barbieland is a place of empowered women, Weird Barbie was kicked out of it and made fun of by the other Barbies. However, at the end of the movie, the Barbies acknowledge how they mistreated her and President Barbie apologizes for her behavior.

They then agree that the strange Barbie shouldn’t be excluded from everyone else, and that she should spend more time in town with the others. From BarbieThe message is about empowering women, it would not have felt complete until Weird Barbie was invited to be a part of Barbieland. In doing so, Barbie he was able to send a strong message about not brushing someone off just because they’re different.

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Gloria presenting her idea to the CEO of Mattel

Will Ferrell looking surprised in Barbie

is evident in Barbie that Gloria’s imagination is flooded with ideas for the doll, but unfortunately, she’s sitting behind a desk across from the office of the CEO of Mattel. Fortunately, towards the end of the movie, with the help of Barbie, Gloria plucks up the courage to pitch an idea to the CEO. Gloria’s idea is an ordinary Barbie in contrast to all the exceptional Barbies girls have been playing with for years. While it’s important for young women to feel inspired to pursue their dreams, they should also know that it’s okay to be ordinary and not feel so pressured to achieve something extraordinary.

While the CEO initially doesn’t like the idea, when his team reminds him that this could make him a lot of money, he immediately agrees. While it would have been nice to see that he really liked Gloria’s idea, the fact that he approved of it was enough to provide a happy moment. He showed that a bit of female empowerment from Barbieland was trickling down to the real world, as Mattel’s all-male team no longer called all the shots.

Barbie having tea with Ruth Handler

Rhea Perlman as Ruth Handler in Barbie

During Barbie’s great escape from the Mattel office, she hides in a room where she meets her maker, but that’s not how it sounds. Barbie literally comes face to face with the woman who made Barbie, Ruth Handler. She doesn’t realize that Ruth is the one who invented her, but Ruth is very nice to Barbie and she is relieved because she has been afraid of everyone else since she came to the real world.

The moment is a beautiful way to honor the woman who created Barbie, and also shows that the men’s team at Mattel doesn’t understand Barbie as Ruth. Although Barbie doesn’t know who she is, there is a mutual understanding between the two when Ruth gives Barbie a cup of tea. She knows that she is safe and she knows that she can trust the older woman.

The Barbies robbing Barbieland


When the Kens turn Barbieland into Kendom, spreading the patriarchal ideas of the real world throughout the pink fantasy land, Barbie knows she has to take back her world. She skillfully works with Gloria and Sasha to free the Barbies from the trance the Kens put them in, and once they are back to normal, they all distract the Kens and take back Barbieland. While they eventually agree to make a few changes so the Kens don’t feel so insignificant anymore, the Barbies coming together to reclaim their power in the ways women were exciting and also perfectly suited the characters’ stories.

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Barbie realizes that she is no longer perfect

Margot Robbie on the verge of tears in Barbie.

Barbie has the perfect day at Barbieland every day until she realizes it’s not working right. While this prepares her for her journey, she has a hard time accepting that she is not the perfect stereotypical Barbie that she was at the beginning of the film. Ella barbie confesses that she doesn’t feel good enough for anything, and that she doesn’t even think she’s pretty anymore. While it’s heartbreaking to see Barbie feeling so down, this moment resonated greatly with the women in the audience. As the movie suggests, the world has many ways of making women mistakenly feel like they’re not good enough. The Barbie breakdown lets women know that if even the doll idolized as the epitome of perfection doesn’t feel good enough, then this is a feeling anyone can have.

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Gloria’s speech on femininity

America Ferrera in Barbie

After Barbie’s collapse, Gloria grows fed up with the constant unrealistic expectations placed on women. She gives a heartfelt speech in which she lays out all the contradictory rules women are supposed to follow, not to feel better, but to make everyone else in their lives happy. It was one of the most moving yet inspiring moments in the film, proving once again how amazing Gerwig is at making women feel seen.

Barbie entering the real world and becoming human

Margot Robbie smiling with open arms at Barbie.

By the end of the movie, Barbie realizes that entering the real world and becoming a human, despite the downside of death and all the debilitating human emotions, is better than living the same day over and over again in Barbieland. In Barbieland, everything is perfect and everyone is happy. This is obviously not true for the real world, as navigating daily life on Earth often feels like a roller coaster. However, real life comes with beautiful moments, like the happy couple Barbie saw in the park, and all the darker moments make the happy ones that much more enjoyable.


Barbie Movie Ending Explained: What The Villain’s Twist And Barbie’s Decision Mean

As Ruth leads Barbie through the portal to become a human, Barbie has a vision that plays out on the screen as a montage of all the beautiful life experiences humans have. While Barbieland might protect dolls from the harmful ways of society, she also stops them from real fulfillment. Watching Barbie trade her enviable life of perfection for a world of imperfections was the perfect ending to Barbie.

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