10 Must-Have Requirements For Blade's MCU Reboot Costume


10 Must-Have Requirements For Blade’s MCU Reboot Costume

Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot is scheduled for release in February 2025, with Mahershala Ali assuming the role of the suited-and-booted vampire hunter.


  • Mahershala Ali will be portraying Blade in the MCU’s upcoming reboot, and his costume needs to match the character’s iconic look from the Marvel Comics.
  • Blade’s costume should retain its retro charm and not be overly modernized, as it adds to the character’s charisma and recognizability.
  • Blade should prominently wield his swords and showcase his diverse arsenal of weapons in the MCU to stay true to the character’s comic book portrayal.



Mahershala Ali is set to portray Marvel’s greatest vampire hunter in Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot, and his costume needs to match his new home in the MCU while taking inspiration from Blade’s classic costumes in Marvel Comics. By August 2012, Marvel Studios had reacquired the rights to Blade, and though a film featuring the Daywalker had been planned since 2013, it wasn’t until SDCC 2019 that the MCU’s Blade reboot was confirmed for the MCU Phase 5. Wesley Snipes previously portrayed the character in a Blade trilogy by New Line Cinema, but Mahershala Ali will be replacing him when the character debuts in the MCU in 2025.

Blade has been plagued by issues during its production, including writer and director changes and delays in the MCU’s release schedule. However, the reboot is currently set for release on February 14, 2025, following Mahershala Ali’s voice debut in Eternals’ post-credits scene. Not much is yet known about the storyline for the MCU’s Blade, though Ali will be joined by Mia Goth, Delroy Lindo, and Aaron Pierre, all portraying undisclosed characters in Blade’s MCU cast. Blade is one of Marvel Comics’ most popular monster-themed characters, and many are excited to see him return in his iconic costume, though Marvel Studios has several criteria to hit for Blade’s perfect look in the MCU.

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10 Blade’s Iconic Sunglasses Are A Must-Have

In Eric Brooks’, a.k.a. Blade’s, most popular origin story in Marvel Comics, his mother was killed by the vampire Deacon Frost during her labor, with Frost drinking all of Blade’s mother’s blood. This passed vampire enzymes into Brooks that made him part vampire, altering his physiology. Most vampires in Marvel lore are sensitive to light, which could explain Blade’s iconic sunglasses, but since Blade is the “Daywalker,” he doesn’t suffer from this infliction. Nevertheless, Blade chooses to wear these stylish shades at every given opportunity – including at night – so they are essential to Mahershala Ali’s costume as Blade in the MCU’s upcoming reboot.

9 Blade’s Suit Shouldn’t Be Too Modernized

Wesley Snipes' Blade

Over the years, Marvel Studios has chosen to give some much-needed upgrades to the costumes of many high-profile heroes when adapting them for the MCU, dragging some more retro attire into the modern era. However, this doesn’t need to be the case for Blade. There’s a huge amount of charm in the black leather outfit that Blade favors, and this comes with a great deal of mystery that makes Blade such a magnetic and recognizable character. Modernizing this stripped-back and elegant costume for the MCU and kitting it out with high-tech enhancements would only detract from what makes Blade such a relatable and impressive hero.

8 Blade Needs To Wield His Swords

Blade wielding swords in Marvel Comics

Among Blade’s most iconic weapons are his swords, including one that claimed to be the ultimate weapon when battling vampires, hand-crafted by Blade himself and etched with various religious iconography. Blade’s swords are a must-have for his arsenal in the MCU, and this will be good not only to keep the character comic-accurate but also to differentiate him against other MCU heroes, as not many others wield swords. Mahershala Ali had a voice cameo as Blade in Eternals’ post-credits scene, warning Dane Whitman against wielding the Ebony Blade, which has already teased his affinity to swords, so this must continue in Blade and beyond.

7 Blade Needs To Carry An Impressive Arsenal In The MCU

Wesley Snipes' Blade with a gun

While swords may be Blade’s primary weapon of choice, the Daywalker also has an impressive arsenal comprising a variety of different weapons in Marvel Comics. These include teakwood daggers, mahogany stakes, a variety of bladed weapons, guns, flamethrowers, UV grenades, and weapons made from silver, all of which are primed to take down any vampiric threat. The MCU’s Blade also needs to show off his eclectic arsenal, though it may be inconvenient to lug these weapons around on each of his adventures, so Marvel Studios could be clever to integrate them into his costume – the long trench coat can hide many mysteries.

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6 Blade’s Black Trench Coat Is Essential

Blade in purple trench coat in Marvel Comics

Blade’s black leather trench coat is perhaps his most recognizable piece of clothing, cemented into Marvel lore thanks to its use in 1998’s Blade, with Wesley Snipes bringing the trench coat to life. In Marvel Comics, it was revealed that Blade’s trench coat had been gifted to him by Wolverine in the early 20th Century on a chance meeting, but the attire would go on to become his signature style – perfectly matching his brooding and stern personality. Marvel Studios would be wise to bring Mahershala Ali into the MCU as Blade equipped with this signature coat, adding to the character’s aura of mystery, intimidating any foe he comes across.

5 Blade’s MCU Suit Needs To Balance Style & Function

Blade fighting in Marvel Comics

Vampire hunting is certainly not an easy job, and it all too often leads Blade into some intense physical battles, which means his MCU costume needs to take this into account. Mahershala Ali needs to be able to move easily within the costume, including during high-octane moments, but the costume also needs to balance this functionality with a clean sense of style. Blade is one of the most stylish and suave characters in Marvel Comics, so this needs to translate into a clean-cut and presentable costume that puts both practicality and sophistication front and center. Ali would certainly be able to pull off this demanding look.

4 A Splash Of Red Adds Depth To Blade’s Suit

Blade with a dash of red in Marvel Comics

Marvel Studios needs to be especially careful to avoid Blade’s MCU costume becoming too simple and boring, and this can be helped by adding a pop of color. In Marvel Comics, Blade’s costumes are rarely completely black – though this is the dominant color – but often include a splash of red. Whether this be the lining on the inside of his coat, a pocket square in one of Blade’s cooler costumes, or in the shadows cast on his coat, red brings the character to life and adds depth the costume. This will be hugely important in the MCU’s Phase 5, as Blade’s theme needs to be distinguishable.

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3 Blade’s Suit Needs Appropriate Armor

Blade wearing chest armor in Marvel Comics

While the majority of Blade’s costume doesn’t feature any special armor, he will need at least some protection, given that he’ll likely be engaging in potentially lethal battles in the MCU. In Marvel Comics, Blade’s armor tends to be isolated to his chest and abdomen, likely covering his heart, as this may be the most well-known way to kill a vampire. This armor has taken on many different designs in the comics and has been depicted with straps, belts, and plates of armor in New Line Cinema’s Blade film series, so Marvel Studios needs to think carefully about how to make Blade’s armor fit with his new costume in the MCU.

2 Blade’s Suit Must Be Timeless

Wesley Snipes' Blade in blue

It has been heavily rumored that Phase 5’s Blade will be set in the MCU’s past, taking on a prequel feeling to the rest of the MCU, so his costume will need to take into account his appearances in different time periods. A black trench coat and an air of mystery would perhaps allow Blade to blend in seamlessly in several different time periods, yet the sunglasses may need to be adapted for each changing era, along with his armor. If Blade is set to be a prequel to the MCU, Mahershala Ali’s costume must feel like it belongs wherever he is, so his suit needs to be timeless.

1 Blade’s Costume Can Evolve Throughout His MCU Movie

Blade's original costume in Marvel Comics

While Blade’s sleek, black outfit has become his signature look, the Daywalker’s original costume in Marvel Comics was wildly different. Initially, Blade adopted a much more civilian-style look, sporting a green jacket, blue jeans, yellow sunglasses, and a red stakeholder draped over his shoulder. He was introduced with this costume in 1973’s The Tomb of Dracula #10 before adopting a purple-and-green look in 1974 and landing on his black look when he rose to prominence again in the 1990s. These changing costumes in Marvel Comics could hint at Eric Brooks’ costume in the MCU going through an evolution throughout Phase 5’s Blade before ending up with his memorable suited-and-booted style.

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