10 Reasons The Bobs Burgers Movie Was A Box Office Failure (Despite TV Show Success)


10 Reasons The Bobs Burgers Movie Was A Box Office Failure (Despite TV Show Success)

Bob’s Burgers is still a successful TV show for Fox, but when it came time for the movie Bob’s Burgers to be released in 2022, it was a box office disaster.


  • The film Bob’s Burgers faced competition from blockbuster sequels, making it difficult to attract a large audience at the box office.
  • The film did not resonate with its intended audience and lacked any standout moments to create excitement among fans or newcomers.
  • The film’s decision to tone down the edginess and focus on the musical numbers may have alienated some fans who enjoyed the show’s subversive humor.


Despite having a fervent fan base for his TV show, He Bob’s Burger Movie It was a disaster at the box office. It begins with the Belchers trying to solve the mystery of the giant sinkhole that developed right in front of their restaurant, effectively ruining any chance of attracting customers over the summer. Bob and Linda struggle to keep business behind the counter while Tina, Louise, and Gene try to figure out how the sinkhole got there, eventually leading them to the pier, the Fischoeders, and an diabolical conspiracy.

As the simpsons movie before that, Bob’s Burger Movie it hoped to capitalize on its success as an adult animated sitcom, and ahead of its May 2022 release, Bob’s Burgers restaurant pop-ups were planned in malls with movie theaters across the country. 20th Century Fox believed that fans would happily go to the theater to see their favorite.bob’s burgers characters and enjoy the taste of Bob’s Burger Movie, both on and off screen. Unfortunately, a list of problems like Louise’s homework excuses led to the film only grossing $34.2 million on a budget of $38 million.

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10 Adult Animations That Traditionally Do Badly At The Box Office

Adult animation doesn’t do as well at the box office as animated movies aimed at children. Most Dreamworks and Pixar movies are family-friendly, and even with an attempt to appeal to that demographic, Bob’s Burger Movie it was already going to have a hard time attracting a large audience because parents doubted their ability to take their kids to see a movie that had a lot of mature humor. It was going to be a hard sell since it was not being marketed as a children’s film.

9 The Bob’s Burgers Movie Faced Competition From Top Gun: Maverick And Doctor Strange

Louise prepares to climb the sinkhole in The Bob's Burgers Movie

Despite being considered one of the best animated films of 2022, Bob’s Burger Movie debuted on Memorial Day weekend to a lot of competition. Like a hamburger between two buns, it was between two hugely successful sequels; Top Gun: Maverick and Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. Fans of the TV show who were also fans of the other movies probably chose to watch the big blockbusters instead of something that felt like it was watchable at home and didn’t need to be seen in theaters.

8 Bob’s Burgers is a niche TV show with a small audience

Bob and Linda standing in the alley in The Bob's Burgers Movie

There is no doubt that bob’s burgers it has a dedicated and vocal fanbase, but the TV show remains niche. Unlike The Simpsons with 34 seasons or Family man with 23, bob’s burgers not only hasn’t been around that long, it’s not as much a part of the pop culture ethos. When Bob’s Burger Movie came out, it didn’t have the same must-see appeal as any of those adult cartoons, so in some ways its blockbuster was always going to be less.

7 fans waited to see the movie Bob’s Burgers at home

Tina and Jimmy Jr riding a horse in Tina's dream in The Bob's Burgers Movie

During COVID, many movies were released directly to streaming to recoup some of their production costs instead of dying in theaters, and eventually, even when movie theaters reopened, some movies got a simulcast and theatrical release, giving fans a choice of different viewing experiences and environments. Many fans didn’t see the point of going to the movies to see Bob’s Burger Movie when it would be available to stream in a month or less.

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6 Bob’s Burgers Movie Marketing Suffered Due To COVID Delays

Bob's Burger Movie

In 2019 the commercialization of Bob’s Burger Movie It was on the rise, with pop-up burger joints set to open in malls across the country, but it all came to a halt when COVID shut everything down. Fans would not be able to go to the movies, so 20th Century Fox waited for the time when they could open again, but by then the public was still afraid to gather in large groups. COVID delays resulted in making the film one of the biggest box office flops of 2022 that couldn’t make back their production budget, not to mention their marketing budget.

5 Bob’s Burger Movie Felt Like A Long Episode Of TV

bob's burgers movie

Like some great snl parodies should never extend to feature films, Bob’s Burger Movie it felt like the plot of an episode stretched out to 90 minutes. There wasn’t much to the plot that fans of the TV show hadn’t seen before because the burger business is always in jeopardy, and there were entire panels that felt like filler. Without the filler, the movie felt like it could have been a two-part episode of the series that didn’t need the required budget to smooth out the animation.

4 The Bob’s Burgers Movie Didn’t Resonate With Its Target Audience

The Belchers looking gobsmacked in The Bob's Burgers movie

In order to perform well, Bob’s Burgers the film needed to resonate with its target audience, but it failed. Fans weren’t walking out of theaters telling other fans to rush to see it because there was no sense of urgency or spectacle; lacked a “Spider-Pig” moment from the simpsons movie or anything that makes it stand out from the TV show. Falling flat with its intended fan base was catastrophic because if it didn’t appeal to them, it certainly wasn’t going to appeal to anyone who didn’t know anything about the Belchers or the rest of the characters.

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3 The Bob’s Burgers Movie Took His Nervousness For Great Appeal

Gene sitting on OT the toilet at Bob's Burgers

In his first seasons bob’s burgers it was known for being edgier than other animated sitcoms featuring nuclear families. Several episodes revolve around drug use, sex workers, and drinking in a cocky way that speaks to the show’s subversive sense of humor that is absent from Bob’s Burger Movie. In an effort to appeal to a larger audience and demographic, these types of jokes were toned down or removed entirely, which could have led to certain fans deciding to skip the film even if they were still watching the series.

2 Bob’s Burgers Movie Focused On Musical Numbers


bob’s burgers has had some impressive original songs on the series (including the catchier ones that play over the end credits), but turning Bob’s Burgers film into a full-fledged musical could have negatively affected its success. Because not every episode of the series features a song, when they do, they are welcome surprises and add to the plot shenanigans without detracting from it. Musicals can be very polarizing, so even fans of the TV show might have decided to skip it because they didn’t want to sit through song after song.

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1 The plot of the movie Bob’s Burgers did not affect the TV show

Despite the fact that the Bob’s Burger Movie solved Simpson’s villain problem by making an existing minor character like Grover Fischoeder his main antagonist, its plot didn’t affect anything that happened on the TV show. As landlords and tenants, the Fischoeders and the Belchers have always had some sort of friction, but this level of conspiracy associated with Grover seemed like something that would affect their relationship going forward. However, later seasons of bob’s burgers didn’t address what happened in the movie, making the plot feel inconsequential to Belcher’s life, resulting in fans caring less Bob’s Burger Movie in the context of IP.

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