10 The Good Place Moments That Made Fans Cry


10 The Good Place Moments That Made Fans Cry

The Good Place may have been a sitcom, but Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Janet, and Michael shared quite a few touching moments throughout the show.


  • The Good Place provided a perfect blend of thought-provoking moments and hilarious scenes, making philosophy and ethics entertaining.
  • The characters in The Good Place underwent personal growth and redemption, becoming better versions of themselves.
  • The series finale of The Good Place had many heart-wrenching moments, including tearful goodbyes and characters making selfless acts of kindness.



Over the course of four seasons, The Good Place‘s Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Janet, and Michael encountered quite a few obstacles on their way to the Good Place, and some moments were either too heartbreaking or too heartwarming to handle without tearing up. Michael Schur managed to create a show about philosophy and ethics in a way that made it utterly entertaining, as it provided both thought-provoking moments and hilarious scenes — usually, within a single episode. In The Good Place, moral dilemmas weren’t abstract ideas that no one truly understood. Instead, they were real-life (or rather, afterlife) scenarios that kept stories relatable.

The Good Place explored the concepts of good and evil, the possibility of redemption and growth, and the unfathomable afterlife in all its glory by having Eleanor and the gang go through their respective journeys until they finally reached their final destinations. Eleanor and every other main character from The Good Place went through a lot to become the better versions of themselves, and that was an admirable feat on their part. From the group’s initial realization that they were not good people to the heart-wrenching series finale with all the goodbyes, there were plenty of opportunities to shed tears throughout the show.

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10 Chidi Thinking That He Is Being Punished

“Chillaxing” (Season 4, Episode 3)

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After Chidi’s memory got wiped and the experiment started, he was getting too relaxed, and he wasn’t helping others. In The Good Place season 4, episode 3, “Chillaxing,” Eleanor decided to crank up Chidi’s torture a bit, but she didn’t know that it would break him. He ended up coming to her office and confessing that he felt like the universe was punishing him for something he did wrong, leading Eleanor to sob and regret her decision and Chidi to spiral about the fact that he’d “made God cry.” This scene doubled down on the sadness that was already there after Chidi had to forget Eleanor.

9 Michael Sacrificing Himself To Save Eleanor

“Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent” (Season 2, Episode 11)

The Good Place season 2, episode 11 “Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent” was a big moment in terms of Michael’s redemption arc. The group needed to go through a portal that could only be used via special badges, so Michael obtained them for Eleanor, Tahani, Jason, Chidi, and himself. However, when the gang was on the verge of getting caught by Shawn, Michael discovered that he had only four badges instead of five. He gave his badge to Eleanor and sent her through the portal, sacrificing himself in the process. It was one of the saddest scenes in The Good Place as well as a deeply touching moment between Eleanor and Michael that showcased their relationship at its best.

8 Michael Giving Jeff The Frog

“Whenever You’re Ready” (Season 4, Episodes 13 & 14)

Jeff After Michael Gave Him a New Frog in The Good Place

The Good Place two-part series finale, “Whenever You’re Ready,” featured quite a few tear-jerking moments, and one of them was the scene where Michael gave Jeff, the quirky gatekeeper of the doorway between the afterlife and Earth, a new frog for his collection. Frogs held a special place in Jeff’s heart, which was something no one seemed to comprehend, and he looked so genuinely happy about Michael’s gift that it was impossible not to rejoice with him. In addition, this very scene symbolized Michael’s new beginning as a brand new human being — he started his mortal journey with his first selfless act of kindness.

7 Michael Soothing Eleanor

“A Girl From Arizona — Part 2” (Season 4, Episode 2)

Eleanor and Michael Talk in The Good Place

In The Good Place‘s final season, Eleanor had a lot on her plate, as she was the acting architect of the Good Place. In episode 2, “A Girl From Arizona — Part 2,” Eleanor’s plan wasn’t working, and she was getting desperate and doubting herself. She later found out that her friends also weren’t sure about her leadership skills. Thankfully, Michael was there for his friend — he gave Eleanor the sweetest pep talk, which calmed her down. Michael endearingly said that he believed in her and that she would be able to save humanity from eternal damnation since she was the person who managed to beat him 800 times back when he was evil.

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6 Chidi & Eleanor Watching The Photo Montage

“Pandemonium” (Season 3, Episode 13)

Chidi and Eleanor’s relationship was tested lots of times, but The Good Place season 3 finale, “Pandemonium,” featured one of the hardest things they ever had to do. When Simone was revealed to be a new participant in the next iteration of the experiment, Chidi realized that he had to get his memory wiped to keep the experiment intact, and that entailed erasing any trace of Eleanor from his mind. Before Chidi’s memory wipe, Michael gave the couple a parting gift by showing a photo montage of the moments they had shared but had forgotten. Chidi and Eleanor had been through so much together, and watching them say goodbye to each other in this scene really hurt.

5 Chidi Learning Why He Is In The Bad Place

“Michael’s Gambit” (Season 1, Episode 13)

Eleanor Holding Chidi in The Good Place

Season 1’s finale featured the most shocking plot twist of The Good Place — the gang was in the Bad Place all along. The episode also uncovered the reason why Tahani and Chidi, the two people who seemed to be too innocent for the Bad Place, were sent there. Chidi initially thought that his biggest mistake in life was drinking almond milk after he learned that it was harmful to the environment, but he turned out to be wrong. It was his indecisiveness that landed him in the Bad Place. All his life, Chidi couldn’t make a single decision in an appropriate amount of time, and that brought suffering to the people around him. Still, Chidi was a genuinely good guy, so the moment he realized that he’d lived his life wrong was hard to watch.

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4 Tahani Finding Out How She Died

“Team Cockroach” (Season 2, Episode 4)

Tahani, Chidi, Jason, and Eleanor Standing Together in The Good Place

In The Good Place season 2, episode 4, “Team Cockroach,” Michael wanted to form an alliance with the humans to get to the real Good Place, but not everyone was easily convinced. Tahani believed that she belonged to the Good Place, and, therefore, didn’t need Michael’s help — that was until he finally told her how she had died. It turned out that Tahani was crushed by a golden statue of her sister Kamilah when she tried to remove it from the pedestal because she was jealous. Watching Tahani come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t an inherently good person in life was truly devastating, even though this was the exact moment the character got the much-needed push for self-improvement.

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3 Chidi & Eleanor Saying Their Final Goodbyes

“Whenever You’re Ready” (Season 4, Episodes 13 & 14)

The Good Place finale, “Whenever You’re Ready,” broke so many hearts that it is still hard to count them all four years later. Chidi and Eleanor’s epic romance coming to an abrupt end was an utterly devastating moment. After many happy years together, Chidi realized that he was ready to move on, and Eleanor was faced with her fear of abandonment once more. In the end, she was able to let Chidi go, but the final scene where Eleanor and Chidi were sitting on the couch and watching the sunset was still heartbreaking. Fortunately, Eleanor later reached self-actualization herself, prompting her to exit the Good Place.

2 Janet Seeing Michael Off To Earth

“Whenever You’re Ready” (Season 4, Episodes 13 & 14)

Janet and Michael Saying Goodbye in The Good Place Finale

In The Good Place finale, Michael was granted an opportunity to become human and live on Earth. When he went to the doorway between the afterlife and the human world, Janet was there to see him off. Michael and Janet’s friendship was one of the best on the show, and it was fitting that Janet was the last person — or rather, informational assistant — to bid him farewell. Janet gave Michael her final piece of advice, informed him about his bank account details, and hugged him dearly, while a lonely tear trickled down her face. She was hardly the only one crying.

1 Jason Waiting For Janet

“Whenever You’re Ready” (Season 4, Episodes 13 & 14)

Jason and Janet Holding Hands in The Good Place

The moment that proved how right Janet and Jason were for each other was part of The Good Place finale. Jason was the first one of the group who decided to move on, so he threw a big party and said his goodbyes. The only thing Jason didn’t get to do was give Janet the necklace he wanted to be remembered by because he lost it on his way to the portal. When Janet walked Chidi to the portal eons later, she learned that Jason had found the necklace and waited for her to return all those years. In a bittersweet gesture, Jason accomplished his task by giving Janet the necklace at last. Afterward, he left the Good Place — this time, for real.

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