5 Reasons Mike & Rachel Are The Best Suits Couple (And 5 Reasons It's Harvey & Donna)


5 Reasons Mike & Rachel Are The Best Suits Couple (And 5 Reasons It’s Harvey & Donna)

Suits featured a special relationship between the two leads, Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, but there are two more important relationships in the show.


  • Mike and Rachel push each other to achieve more and support each other through struggles, helping them grow both individually and as a couple.
  • Harvey and Donna have an unbreakable bond based on trust, working together through thick and thin.
  • Mike and Rachel choose love over careers, prioritizing their relationship and taking a leap together into a new life, even if it means sacrificing success in New York.



Suits featured some incredible couples, namely Rachel and Mike, and Donna and Harvey, but only one can be the best of the series. When Suits began airing in 2011, it quickly gained a devoted audience, hooked on watching Mike and Harvey working the legal system in a less than transparent way. Mike didn’t actually have any of the required qualifications to be a lawyer, and certainly not for such a prestigious firm as Pearson Hardman. While the relationship between Harvey and Mike is strong, there are a few other relationships that outshine them easily.

Mike and Rachel have a whirlwind romance that features plenty of ups and downs during the seven seasons where they appeared together. Likewise, Harvey and Donna always had a special connection that was explored and teased but didn’t actually come to fruition until the series finale. Both relationships are incredibly important, and each has several reasons why they outshine the other.

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10 Mike & Rachel Brought Out The Best In Each Other

They Push Each Other Further

Mike began his career as a lawyer in Suits through deception and lies endorsed by Harvey Specter. Rachel worked incredibly hard to achieve anything and everything she got and, as a result, she often felt the stress and frustration of not getting the respect or recognition that she deserved. Both had struggles and experienced negative feelings because of their situations, but together, they were able to support one another and push themselves further. Rachel is a major part of how Mike eventually gets a license to practice law, and Mike helped Rachel study for her LSATs and supported her studying at Stanford despite how it could complicate their relationship.

9 Harvey & Donna Stuck Together

Through Thick And Thin

Harvey and Donna looking at each other in Suits

Harvey and Donna’s relationship extends back much further than the actual show covered. Long before Harvey began working at Pearson Hardman, he was a young Assistant District Attorney to Cameron Dennis. At this pivotal point in his legal career, Donna came into his life as his assistant and, despite an instant connection, they kept things professional. Donna drew a firm line between work and romance, and it wasn’t until Harvey finished working for the corrupt Dennis that they acted on their romantic feelings. But the most impressive thing is the fact that the pair stuck together from that point onward, not romantically, but as two people with complete trust in each other.

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8 Mike & Rachel Challenge Each Other

It’s Not Always Easy

Rachel is a brilliant and studious woman who constantly pushes herself to work harder and achieve more. Mike was gifted with natural intelligence and perfect recall, allowing him to memorize entire books just by looking at them. The pair have different talents, but as a team, they constantly drive each other toward improvements. Rachel does not let Mike get away with being lazy, and Mike provides competition for Rachel to grow and challenge herself.

7 Harvey & Donna Rely On Each Other

They Have Complete Trust

Suits' Donna and Harvey

Obviously, Donna is Harvey’s assistant, and in that capacity she is brilliant, deflecting unwanted calls, organizing his schedule, and ensuring his needs are met. But the connection is much deeper than just a professional exchange. Donna and Harvey are old friends who share an incredible amount of their personal lives and emotions with one another, even before becoming romantic with each other. They have complete faith in one another and know how to best offer support and criticism when needed.

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6 Mike & Rachel Put Each Other First

Family First

Mike and Rachel in Suits.

While Harvey and Donna keep things professional for the sake of separating work and play, Mike and Rachel have a very different approach. Sure, hooking up in the office is not a classy move, and the pair get lost in their passion, but It’s easy to see that they put each other first, sometimes risking their careers to ensure their future. Ultimately, when Mike and Rachel leave the show in Suits season 7, they again choose to put their relationship ahead of their careers and follow less lucrative dreams and a life together.

5 Harvey & Donna Naturally Fit Together

They Were Made For Each Other

Suits' Harvey and Donna with the can opener

Harvey is a smooth and savvy lawyer who is willing to bend the rules to get his intended results. Donna is the perfect assistant on paper, performing all her duties, but also going the extra mile and helping Harvey to cover his tracks, hire talent like Mike and protect his best interests. Both are incredibly intelligent, and the pair are nearly always in sync to such a degree that they usually don’t need to verbally communicate to know what they need from one another. The way that they flow with each other is incredibly fluid, and it shows that they are incredibly familiar and comfortable together.

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4 Mike & Rachel Trust Each Other

It Took Time, But They Built Trust

Mike Ross and Rachel Zane work in a law firm.

The road to trust between Mike and Rachel was not an easy one. Rachel kissed an ex, Mike lied about his qualifications and ultimately ended up spending time in jail, but coming through their struggles, the couple have a greater trust and confidence in each other. The hardships that they went through ended up bringing them closer together and helping them to understand the depth of the feelings they have for one another. Ultimately, this trust allows them to take the leap together into a very different kind of life in Seattle, despite the draw of bigger money and a reputation in New York.

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3 Harvey & Donna Are Equally Matched

And They Are Even Better Together

Despite their job titles, Donna and Harvey are on a very even footing in terms of intelligence, charm, and ability to persuade and gain trust from others. Harvey and Donna are incredible people capable of accomplishing great things individually, but when they are working together, they can take over a huge law firm and achieve incredible success. They are also both incredibly stubborn, which can see them butting heads, but they always find a way to resolve things and move forward together.

2 Mike & Rachel Chose Each Other Over Careers

Love Over Money

Mike and Rachel in Suits

Mike struggled initially to find purpose in his life, but when Harvey Specter offered him a job working with him at a major law firm, Mike found his calling. Suits’ Rachel grew up with the legendary lawyer, Robert Zane, as her father and always aspired to follow in his footsteps, and become worthy of leading a huge firm like the one Zane was a name partner in. Despite these aspirations, Mike and Rachel chose each other and moved away from the high-pressure environment of New York to focus instead on building their relationship in Seattle. They continued their work there, but the level of success would never compare to The Big Apple.

1 Harvey & Donna Are Committed To Each Other

Standing Side By Side

Harvey with his arm around Donna in Suits

After spending literally decades together, Harvey and Donna finally made their relationship official in the most legally binding way possible, tying the knot in the Suits finale. The pair had rough patches, but they always found their way back to each other. The support, love, friendship and, eventually, romance that they shared, were always endgame material and although it took the entire show before they could put those feelings ahead of everything else, they always stood together.

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