5 Reasons to Choose Automated Video QC Tools


5 Reasons to Choose Automated Video QC Tools

Being in the broadcast industry, we know how much work it takes to deliver that perfect content to your customers or viewers.

You need to make sure that the content is compatible and has excellent audio and video quality to ensure a good experience for end users. This requires a full content quality control (QC) process. To assess the quality of video content, you can choose manual or automated tests.

With ever increasing volumes of content and complexity of workflow, the automated Video Quality Checker is by far a better option than manual testing.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you 5 reasons to choose automated video QA tools for your content workflows.

Non-compliant content, audio volume, audio phase errors, unwanted black frames, freeze frames, frame skips, incorrect cadence, and many other issues are common in audio and video content. Therefore, a comprehensive quality control is important to ensure the delivery of quality content.

But whether you choose a manual or automated quality control strategy is up to you.

Here are the 5 reasons to choose the automated video quality checker:

Content creators create content that is consumed across multiple channels and on multiple devices. Basically, this means multiple versions or profiles of the content, which multiplies the volume of content that requires quality control.

Manual QA for thousands of hours of content is neither practical nor easy. It will consume many hours of work and be riddled with errors. On the other hand, an automated video QA tool will finish the task in much less time and present you with a QA report to review errors and make corrections.

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Today, most of the time, content is received and delivered via the cloud. To perform manual QA on this content, you must download the files from the cloud, making the process tedious, time consuming, and expensive.

With a cloud-native automated video quality checker, content can be reviewed directly in the cloud, saving you time and money.

Do you have experts to handle and manage high-quality content?

Well then, why not use their expertise to review the reports generated by an automated video quality assurance tool and fix any errors, instead of spending more time manually reviewing the content?

Above all, manual QA can be prone to errors and lacks consistency due to human fatigue and differences in perception by different people. Also, there are certain errors that cannot be easily perceived by the human eye and can only be detected reliably by an automated tool.

Therefore, make the best use of your expert resources by allocating your time to review and correct errors reported by automated video quality control tools.

The automated video quality checker completes your video quality control in minutes compared to many hours, or sometimes even days, it takes to do manual quality control. This gives you a quick response in cases of urgent content delivery.

Manual QA operators can make errors when reporting errors, which could result in inaccurate results being sent to other team members, project managers, or vendors. Automated video quality control tools perform the same steps accurately every time and report consistent results.

A professional content workflow system typically involves many automated steps for various content-related operations. Quality control is one of the important parts of such a workflow.

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Automated video quality control tools can be seamlessly integrated into such media workflow systems, producing actionable results 24/7.

With the obvious benefits of an automated video QA tool, it is imperative that high-volume workflows move to automated QA, dispensing with the old manual QA methods. With over a decade in the video quality assurance industry, Venera Technologies can help you improve the operational efficiency of your content workflows with its range of automated video quality verification tools. Contact us to discuss your cloud video quality control needs.

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