8 Original Trilogy Characters Who Can Return In Netflix’s Fear Street Sequel


8 Original Trilogy Characters Who Can Return In Netflix’s Fear Street Sequel

Although Fear Street 4 will be a standalone expansion of the trilogy, it can see the return of some characters from the previous movies.


  • Fear Street 4 will be a standalone movie but may feature the return of some characters from the previous trilogy.
  • Deena, the main character, may make a proper return or be mentioned by new characters in Fear Street 4.
  • The Goode family, particularly Nick’s brother William, could seek revenge in Fear Street 4 and use the spellbook for their own benefit.



Netflix’s Fear Street movie series will expand with a fourth movie, and there are a couple of characters from the previous movies who can return in some way. Netflix consistently adds horror content to its catalog, both TV shows and movies, but not all of them have been the big successes the platform expected. In 2021, Netflix brought the Fear Street trilogy, based on R. L. Stine’s book series of the same name. Netflix broke its binge-watch release style with Fear Street as the movies were released weekly, turning them into an event.

The Fear Street movies followed a group of teenagers looking to break the curse that had plagued their town, Shadyside, for centuries. In order to explore the source of the curse, Fear Street took the audience to three different points in time – 1994, 1978, and 1666 – all connected to Shadyside and the protagonists. At the end of Fear Street Parth Three: 1666, the curse was lifted and it all seemed to be going back to normal, but the mid-credits scene teased more trouble for Shadyside. Fear Street 4 will be a standalone “extension” of the first trilogy, but it could still see the return of some characters, either in flashbacks or the present day.

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8 Deena Johnson, played by Kiana Madeira

Deena was the main character in the Fear Street trilogy

Deena is the one who leads her friends on their mission to break the curse that had been plaguing Shadyside for centuries. Deena had sudden nosebleeds that gave her visions of the past, most importantly those related to Sarah Fier, the supposed witch who placed a curse on the town before her execution. To make everything even more complicated for Deena, she was also dealing with a recent breakup with Sam, who she then came across at a vigil for the victims of the mall killings.

Deena was initially skeptical about the Sarah Fier curse on Shadyside, and she eventually learned the truth. Deena survived the events of the Fear Street trilogy, so she could make a proper return in Fear Street 4 or she could be mentioned by the new characters and used as a reference.

7 Sarah Fier, played by Kiana Madeira & Elizabeth Scopel

Sarah Fier was Shadyside’s legendary witch

Fear Street 3 Sarah Fier holding a torch

Sarah Fier was the Shadyside witch and the one believed to be responsible for the town’s terrible luck. Sarah was innocent and she found the bodies of her dog and her brother in a church, along with those of other children, but she was tricked by Solomon Goode. Sarah was labeled a witch by the townspeople despite her innocence, and seeing no way out, she admitted to being a witch and got Hannah, her lover, to be spared and released, and swore vengeance on Solomon before she was hanged.

Sarah’s curse was actually against the Goode family and she cursed them with the truth, while the Goodes were the ones responsible for the murders that happened every now and then. Although her curse and the Goode’s Satanic pact ended in Fear Street 3, she could be brought back or she could be mentioned in Fear Street 4, given her legacy.

6 Sam Fraser, played by Olivia Scott Welch

Sam became a victim of Sarah’s curse

Olivia Scott Welch as Samantha Fraser in Fear Street

Sam was Deena’s girlfriend who was sent to Sunnyvale after her mother found out about her relationship with Deena. In Fear Street Part One: 1994, Sam was involved in a car accident with her boyfriend Peter, which disturbed Sara Fier’s grave, and as Sam bled on her bones, several Shadyside killers were resurrected. Sam was later possessed, but she was set free when the curse was lifted.

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At the end of the Fear Street trilogy, Sam and Deena were back together, and given that she was a victim of the manipulation of the Goode family, she could be mentioned in Fear Street 4 or make a proper return to help a new group of characters.

5 Ziggy Berman, played by Gillian Jacobs

Ziggy saw the witch in 1978

Fear Street old Ziggy looking confused

Ziggy Berman was at Camp Nightwing in 1978 when Tommy was possessed as a result of the Goode family’s ritual and sacrifice, which drove him to kill. Even though Ziggy’s sister, Cindy, sacrificed herself in order to save Ziggy, the sisters were killed by the resurrected Shadyside killers, but Ziggy was brought back by a young Nick Goode. In 1994, Ziggy helped Deena and Josh trap the killers in order to save Sam and lift the curse, and she’s one of the few survivors of the trilogy. Ziggy’s story is important when talking about Shadyside and the curse, so she could have a place in Fear Street 4.

Note: young Ziggy in 1978 was played by Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink.

4 Josh Johnson, played by Benjamin Flores Jr

Josh was into Shadyside’s obscure history

Fear Street Josh looking scared

Josh was Deena’s younger brother who was very into the history of Shadyside and its killers, gathering newspaper articles and more, pretty much becoming an expert on Shadyside’s history. His knowledge was key to Deena’s mission of lifting the curse and helping Sam, as he identified the killers and told them the legend of Sarah Fier.

Josh helped Deena with her plan to catch the killers and met with Ziggy when Sam was possessed, and though he had his arm broken during the final showdown, he was still of great help. Given Josh’s expertise at all things Shadyside and its dark and tragic past, Josh could be a valuable ally to the new characters in Fear Street 4.

3 Mrs. Lane, played by Jordana Spiro

Mary Lane’s daughter was one of the Shadyside killers

Fear Street Mary Lane looking sad

Mary Lane was a nurse and the mother of Ruby Lane, who in 1965 was chosen by the Goode family as a sacrifice to the devil and thus was possessed, driving her to kill her friends. Ruby then killed herself, and Mary spent years trying to find out what truly happened to Ruby. Mrs. Lane worked as a nurse at Camp Nightwing, where she tried to kill Tommy after learning he was about to become the new Shadyside killer, but she was stopped and kicked out of the camp. In 1994, Ziggy visited Mrs. Lane and gave her a book, but it’s unclear if she learned the truth.

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Now, the mid-credits scene in Fear Street 3 showed someone taking the Goode’s spellbook from the altar, and Mrs. Lane became an instant suspect, as she could be wanting revenge against the Goode family for all the pain they caused her.

2 The Queen of Air & Darkness, played by Rachel Doman

Josh’s online friend was also into Shadyside’s history

Fear Street Queen of Air and Darkness smiling

Throughout the Fear Street trilogy, Josh talked to an online friend via AOL, with whom he discussed the new murders in town and past Shadyside killers. Like Josh, the Queen of Air knows too much about Shadyside and its dark past, and though she was only briefly seen at the end, she could return in Fear Street 4 in a bigger role. The Queen of Air is also a suspect in the mystery of who took the Goodes’ book at the end of Fear Street 3, so she could unleash chaos in the next movie.

1 The Goode Family

Nick Goode’s brother is still alive

Fear Street 1994 Nick Goode under black light

Given their history, the Goode family could return in Fear Street 4 for revenge. Although the curse ended with Nick’s death as the deal Solomon Goode made with the devil was passed from “firstborn to firstborn”, Nick’s brother, William (who is also Shadyside’s mayor), is still alive and could use the spellbook to make a new deal for his own benefit, even if he claimed to not have known about the curse and his family’s Satanic pact. The Goode family could also return in flashbacks to expand the history of Shadyside, which could be useful to the characters in Fear Street 4.

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