A Really Haunted Loud House Director Reveals Challenges Of Bringing Animated To Live Action


A Really Haunted Loud House Director Reveals Challenges Of Bringing Animated To Live Action

A Really Haunted Loud House Director Jonathan Judge reveals biggest challenges in bringing Loud House from an animated series to live-action films.


  • Fans of the Loud House can expect exciting costumes, action-packed scenes, and amazing musical numbers in A Really Haunted Loud House.
  • The talented cast of the live-action film brings their characters to life with improvisation, jokes, and dedication, creating a truly immersive experience.
  • Adapting the animated series to live-action presented challenges in finding the right cast and organizing complex shots, but the result is a genre-defying film that combines family, horror, and comedy with the Loud family’s unique twist.



A Really Haunted Loud House is the latest in live action films featuring everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon family — the Louds. Lincoln Loud is the only boy in a family with twelve children, and it goes without saying that they live up to their last name. In this Halloween themed movie Lincoln struggles with deciding if he wants to go trick or treating, or attend the new cool kids middle school party.

Jonathan Judge is no stranger to the Loud family, as he has directed A Loud House Christmas and The Really Loud House live action series, prior to directing A Really Haunted Loud House. Fans of the animated series have raved about how the live action cast perfectly embody their counterparts. A Really Haunted Loud House debuted on September 28th, and is now streaming on Paramount+.

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Screen Rant caught up with A Really Haunted Loud House Director Jonathan Judge to discuss the newest Loud House live-action movie. He reveals the biggest challenges in bringing the series from animated to live-action, as well as the incredible cast. Jonathan also confesses if he thinks he could live in a house with eleven sisters and what genre he considers A Really Haunted Loud House to be.

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Jonathan Judge Talks A Really Haunted Loud House

Screen Rant: What are you most excited for fans to see in A Really Haunted Loud House?

Jonathan Judge: There’s so much in this movie for the fans to be excited about. They are gonna see costumes like they’ve never seen them before, and the animated show has had tons of great costumes, so we had to take it up a level. They are going to see action that they haven’t really seen in a Loud environment before, and they’re going to see some great big musical numbers.

Screen Rant: With the cast returning to these roles again, do you think they have settled into their characters well to offer their insights on things?

Jonathan Judge: I’ve worked with a lot of big casts, and a lot of casts with talented kids and actors. This is by far the most talented group of people I’ve worked with. They all are their characters, they come prepared, they come with improv, they come with jokes, they come with questions. So it’s such a pleasure. The scripts are great, and then you get these actors in there, and they just bring so much to it. In a scene with 13 people, you would think maybe one is off, or someone’s not paying attention. It’s never that. There is always a group of family that is there and acting their pants off.

Screen Rant: What was the biggest challenge in adapting animated to live action?

Jonathan Judge: The biggest challenge taking the animated A Loud House and bringing it to live action, one was finding the cast. We did that all during the pandemic. So all via zoom. I never met the entire cast for the Christmas movie until like a week into it, where they all came down the hill in their costumes. I looked, and I went, “Oh, there it is. That’s the loud house.”

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Another challenge is you can do a 15 person shot in animation very easily, and everybody’s lit and everybody is seen. When you have to get 15 actors in a real living room and get them on camera and get their hair and makeup done and their wardrobe perfect. It’s very challenging.

Screen Rant: What genre would you say this movie is?

Jonathan Judge: That’s a really good question. Because I’ve watched it a bunch now. Getting it ready. And it is genre defying. It’s a family film. But it’s got jump scares, it’s got music, it’s got laughs. So it’s our ode to classic gothic horror films, but with a big loud family in the middle of it. But we have werewolves, we have haunted houses, we have so many things going on that are of the genre that we love. And then we give it our little Loud twist. So you’ll get scared, and then you’ll get a laugh.

Screen Rant: Do you think you could survive growing up in the Loud house?

Jonathan Judge: Good question. I am the youngest of seven children. So yes, I could survive in the Loud house. I don’t know if I could survive with 11 sisters. I had four sisters, two brothers. But I would thrive in the Loud house. I like family. I like people. I like chaos. My wife is only one of two children. She always says you love chaos. And I do which is why I’m the perfect person to be making The Loud House.

Screen Rant: What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?

Jonathan Judge: Oh, my favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up and trick or treating. Still. I always say, and that’s a theme in the movie, which is Lincoln has to decide, am I too old to trick or treat? And he has that moment that we all have where it’s like, but I really want to be trick or treating not going to the cool party. I was the kid that people were staring at on their front door and going, “Does he have a beard? Does he have a license? Should he still be trick or treating?” Because I love it. Now I have kids, so I have the perfect excuse to go out and trick or treat.

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About A Really Haunted Loud House

A Really Haunted Loud House

A Really Haunted Loud House will follow Lincoln Loud and his best friend Clyde as they decide between trick or treating and the signature Loud family Spooktacular or attending a party hosted by Xander, the cool new kid at school.

A Really Haunted Loud House is now available to stream on Paramount+ in the U.S. and Canada.

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