“A Shame”: Kissing Booth Star Responds After Jacob Elordi Slammed His Former Franchise


“A Shame”: Kissing Booth Star Responds After Jacob Elordi Slammed His Former Franchise

The Kissing Booth franchise star Taylor Zakhar Perez responds to former co-star Jacob Elordi’s recent biting criticism of the Netflix franchise.


  • Taylor Zakhar Perez disagrees with Jacob Elordi’s negative opinion of The Kissing Booth franchise, believing the films provided much-needed lightheartedness during the pandemic.
  • Joey King, another co-star, also defends the movies and will never regret being a part of them, showcasing a split response among the cast.
  • Despite being popular on Netflix, The Kissing Booth movies received poor reviews, highlighting the divisive nature of the franchise among the main cast members.



The Kissing Booth franchise star Taylor Zakhar Perez reacts to former co-star Jacob Elordi’s recent criticism of the film franchise. Perez played Marco Valentin Peña in the series, who was introduced in The Kissing Booth 2 and returned for The Kissing Booth 3. Elordi played Noah Flynn, one of the primary love interests, throughout the trilogy.

Reacting to Elordi’s recent criticism of the Kissing Booth series, Perez reveals his differing opinions on the franchise. At the GQ Men of the Year party, Perez told a Variety representative that it was “a shame” that Elordi had a negative experience with The Kissing Booth. In Perez’s opinion, the films provided much-needed levity “when those movies came out,” which was primarily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the full quote from Perez below:

I thought it was a shame because to my knowledge, everybody else had such a wonderful experience. It’s a shame that was his experience on the set. Especially when those movies came out, it was a time when we really needed something like that. I know from our fan interactions, getting stopped everywhere I go, what ‘Kissing Booth’ means to people and what it brought them during such a dark time. I guess the silver lining is he still made people laugh and feel good.

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The Kissing Booth Cast Is Split On The Widely-Panned Franchise

Perez’s comments come after Elordi recently slammed the film franchise. According to Elordi, he “didn’t want to makeThe Kissing Booth movies, which he now seems to regret participating in. Further deriding the franchise, he called the films “ridiculous” and “not universal.”

Elordi’s biting criticism of The Kissing Booth exists in sharp contrast not only to Perez’s opinion on the franchise, but to other cast members as well. Co-star Joey King has long been an advocate for The Kissing Booth movies, defending them against critics. Unlike Elordi, King said that she will “never regret making those movies.” Additionally, King has mentioned that she “love[s] them so much no matter what anyone says.”

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Looking at the franchise reviews, the cast’s split response to The Kissing Booth makes sense. The franchise-highest Rotten Tomatoes score went to The Kissing Booth 2, but even that stood at a meager 27% Tomatometer. On the other hand, the franchise was immensely popular on Netflix, and did indeed make “people laugh and feel good’ as Perez highlights. Nonetheless, the films were still a critical failure, making The Kissing Booth extremely divisive among its main cast members.

Source: Variety

  • The Kissing Booth Release Date: 2018-05-11 Director: Vince Marcello Cast: Molly Ringwald, Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney Rating: TV-14 Runtime: 110 minutes Genres: Romance, Comedy Writers: Vince Marcello Summary: A high school student is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth. Budget: $11 million Studio(s): Netflix Distributor(s): Netflix Sequel(s): The Kissing Booth 2, The Kissing Booth 3
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