Ahsoka Poster Confirms Baylan's Secret Mission - Why Does He Want To Kill The Skywalkers?


Ahsoka Poster Confirms Baylan’s Secret Mission – Why Does He Want To Kill The Skywalkers?

A poster for the Ahsoka series confirms that Baylan Skoll is on a secret mission to kill the Skywalker family and their friends – but why?


  • Baylan Skoll has a secret mission to go after the Skywalkers, as confirmed by a poster featuring his character.
  • Baylan wears armor with a device on his wrist that lists the names of the Skywalker family, indicating that he intends to destroy them.
  • The reason behind Baylan’s mission remains a mystery, but it’s possible that he has a vendetta against the Skywalkers and could have been hired by someone to target them.



A poster for Ahsoka confirms that Ray Stevenson’s Baylan Skoll has a secret mission to go after the Skywalkers. Baylan is currently serving at Morgan Elsbeth’s side on the Pathway to Peridea, but as it turns out, there’s another task he needs to complete. The armor the fallen Jedi wears in the Star Wars series includes a device on his wrist that has, on one occasion, listed the names of the Skywalker family – including Han Solo, Chewie, and even Ben. While the Easter egg seems like a simple head-tilt to the Skywalker family, one new detail found on a poster confirms a chilling reality.

Baylan’s wrist device can actually be seen in his character poster for Ahsoka, and as shared by StarWarsOnly, the Aurebesh translates into a grim truth. The letters read “TRGT DAT,” two acronyms that no doubt stand for “TARGET DATA.”

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Baylan’s wrist device is quite literally a hit list, reading out the names of those he seeks to destroy. Since this list of targets has once shown the names of Luke, Leia, and their family and closest friends, this is confirmation that the fallen Jedi is going after them.

Baylan’s True Agenda Is A Still Mystery

The question that remains is why, as Baylan has demonstrated no desire to go after the Skywalkers whatsoever thus far in Ahsoka. He has, however, shown his disdain for Anakin Skywalker to Ahsoka, which means he could be seeking to destroy any trace of the Skywalkers. It’s possible that Baylan could have gotten a vision in the Force that shows him the cycle of conflicts within the galaxy will happen again in the sequel Star Wars trilogy era. Seeing as Baylan is currently serving as a mercenary for Morgan Elsbeth, it could also be that he was hired by someone to target the family.

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With Leia playing a key part in building the New Republic and Luke creating his new Jedi Order, it’s not out of the question for someone like Baylan to want to target them. This could be the reason for Baylan seeking whatever power is calling to him in Ahsoka‘s new galaxy, as he would likely benefit from some assistance in taking out such a powerful family. It could also be unrelated, a job or a personal mission that Baylan will complete once he’s found whatever he’s seeking on Peridea. Either way, it’s clearer now more than ever that Baylan has a vendetta against the Skywalkers, and it’s very intentional that their names have been listed as his targets.

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Ahsoka releases new episodes Tuesdays at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET on Disney+.

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