Alice In Borderland Season 2’s Joker Card Finally Makes Sense Almost 1 Year Later


Alice In Borderland Season 2’s Joker Card Finally Makes Sense Almost 1 Year Later

Alice in Borderland season 2 shrouded the Joker card’s meaning in mystery, but its significance is now finally starting to make sense after one year.


  • The Joker card in the ending of Alice in Borderland Season 2 was not just a metaphor, it was setting up Season 3 and hinting at the upcoming challenges for Arisu and the crew.
  • In the manga, the Joker serves as a Ferryman, but in the live-action adaptation, it appears to be the final villain of Season 3, showcasing an original storyline for the series.
  • Season 3 of Alice in Borderland will likely feature the toughest challenge yet for Arisu and Usagi, as they have to defeat the Joker in order to escape Borderland.



The air of ambiguity surrounding the Joker card from Alice in Borderland season 2 finally makes sense following the new announcements about the show’s return. All seemed to have ended well in Alice in the Borderland‘s closing arc when Arisu and Usagi defeated the Queen of Hearts and found their way back to the real world. Although the couple could not recognize one another after returning home, the show ended on a positive note by hitting reset on their relationship. However, one dark twist in the closing moments left viewers wondering whether Arisu had escaped Borderland.

Before Alice in Borderland season 2’s ending credits start rolling, the camera pans to a table and zooms in on the Joker card, hinting that there is more to Arisu and Usagi’s fate than meets the eye. Unfortunately, since season 2 ended after the scene, the card’s significance remained the biggest mystery in the series. Thankfully, Alice in Borderland season 3’s renewal offers some concrete answers about what it could mean.

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Alice In Borderland Season 3’s Joker Tease Confirms What Season 2’s Ending Meant

Netflix’s official Twitter account posted a picture of six cards with the Joker in the background to announce Alice in Borderland season 3, hinting that season 2’s ending was not a metaphor or a narrative device to intentionally leave the show’s ending open to interpretation. Instead, the emphasis on the Joker card in Alice in Borderland season 2’s ending was setting up season 3, potentially highlighting how Arisu, Usagi, and the others who chose to leave the game will have to face another Game Master before freeing themselves from Borderland. Although the Joker’s identity is a mystery, one can speculate about his role in the upcoming season.

From the Queen of Hearts to the King of Diamonds, Arisu and the team faced all game masters in season 2 to find their way out of Borderland. Although the Joker is not necessarily considered a face card, Alice in Borderland season 2’s ending setup and season 3’s announcement suggest that the Joker will be the final boss Arisu and the crew will have to defeat to escape Borderland. Since the Joker is often depicted as a trickster in pop culture and the Joker card is a “wild card” in poker, Arisu and Usagi will likely face their toughest challenge to date in Alice in Borderland season 3.

How Alice In Borderland’s Joker Is Different From The Manga

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Risks Ruining Netflix’s Perfect Manga Adaptation

In the original Alice in Borderland manga, the Joker merely serves as a Ferryman who takes Arisu and other survivors from Borderland to the real world after they choose to return home. On the other hand, in the live-action adaptation, the Joker seems to be season 3’s final villain, suggesting that the Japanese Netflix series’ third installment will have an original storyline. Although Netflix’s Alice in Borderland season 3 is taking a massive risk by stretching the source material’s content, the Joker setup is intriguing enough to make viewers return for one final game. Hopefully, season 3 will use this opportunity to explore who is behind the central games in Alice in Borderland.

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