All 18 Zords & Megazords In Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Explained


All 18 Zords & Megazords In Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Explained

Here’s a breakdown of all Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Zords and Megazords, including their Kyuranger counterparts, and which Power Ranger pilots each.

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.




  • The Power Rangers Cosmic Fury series incorporates original footage and costumes but stays true to the Super Sentai in terms of Zords and Megazords.
  • The Cosmic Fury team experiences a change in powers, resulting in the replacement of their original Dino Fury Zords and costumes.
  • Notable Zords in Cosmic Fury include the Cosmic Lion, Wolf, Bull, Chameleon, Shark, Dragon, Scorpion, and Eagle. Additionally, iconic Megazords such as Astro, Galaxy, Ninja Blaze, and Beast-X appeared.

The Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Zords and Megazords, most of which come from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, made the newest Power Rangers series even cooler. Adapting the Super Sentai mechas into Zords and Megazords is part of Power Rangers’ charm, and this tradition has continued interruptedly since 1993’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Cosmic Fury had a significant amount of original footage and even featured original Power Rangers costumes, but the Zords were still faithful to the show’s Super Sentai counterpart.

Cosmic Fury picks up right where Power RangersDino Fury season 2 had left off in the Power Rangers chronological order. However, it does not take long before the Rangers lose their original powers and have to get new ones. That is why the Dino Fury Zords and costumes are replaced. From the Cosmic Lion to some iconic Power Rangers mechas that returned for the final battle, here is every Power RangersCosmic Fury Zord and Megazord.

18 Cosmic Lion Zord

Now as the Cosmic Fury Red Ranger, Amelia piloted the Cosmic Lion Zord. While Power Rangers’ new Red Ranger piloted a few Zords throughout the season, the Cosmic Lion Zord was Amelia’s main mecha in Cosmic Fury. Naturally, the Cosmic Lion comes in the color Red. The Cosmic Lion’s Kyuranger counterpart is the Shishi Voyager. This Zord is the main component of the Cosmic Fury Megazord, serving as the torso and the head of the Cosmic Megazord.

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17 Cosmic Wolf Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Cosmic Wolf Zord

Based on Kyuranger’s Ookami Voyage, the Cosmic Wolf Zord comes in the color blue and brought Power Rangers full circle almost 30 years later. That is because Billy, who piloted the Wolf Ninjazord in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3, piloted the Cosmic Wolf Zord in Cosmic Fury. As soon as David Yost’s return as Billy in Cosmic Fury was announced, it became extremely likely that the original Blue Ranger was going to pilot the Ookami Voyage. Fortunately, Cosmic Fury delivered on this small but significant Power Rangers fanservice, with Billy even noting that he once piloted a very similar droid.

16 Cosmic Bull Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Cosmic Bull Zord

Kyuranger’s Oushi Voyager becomes the Cosmic Bull Zord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. One of the main components of the Cosmic Megazord, the Cosmic Bull Zord comes in the color black and was piloted by Cosmic Fury Black Ranger Javi. Similar to Red Ranger Amelia, Black Ranger Javi piloted other Zords, but the Cosmic Bull was his main mecha throughout the series. Javi lost his arm at the beginning of Cosmic Fury, but thanks to Billy and Solon, he was able to get back into the field.

15 Cosmic Chameleon Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Chameleon Zord

Based on Kyuranger’s Chameleon Voyager, the Cosmic Chameleon was Cosmic Fury’s green Zord. Naturally, it belonged to Green Ranger Izzy. That said, other Rangers had access to the Cosmic Chameleon, just like Green Ranger Izzy got to pilot other Zords. The Cosmic Chameleon served as the left arm of the Cosmic Fury Megazord.

14 Cosmic Shark Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Cosmic Shark Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s cast of characters does not feature a Yellow Ranger. Even still, the show featured a yellow Zord, the Cosmic Shark. This Zord, whose Super Sentai counterpart is the Kajiki Voyager, becomes the Cosmic Fury Megazord’s right arm. Aiyon, Cosmic Fury’s Gold Ranger, is the one who piloted the Shark Zord the most. With no Yellow Ranger on the team, the Gold Ranger’s costume was the next best match for the yellow Shark Zord.

13 Cosmic Fury Megazord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Megazord

The main Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Megazord is called Cosmic Fury Megazord. It comes from Kyuranger’s Kyutama Gattai KyurenOh, one of the many mechas in the Super Sentai show. Kyuranger features dozens of Zords, some of which were not even in Cosmic Fury, which is why the main Cosmic Megazord is just one of several Megazord combinations featured on the show. In its standard form, the Cosmic Fury Megazord includes the Cosmic Lion, Wolf, Bull, Chameleon, and Shark Zords. The Zords’ giant Cosmic Obs is highlighted in this mecha’s design, with the Red Cosmic Orb appearing front and center.

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12 Cosmic Eagle Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Eagle Zord

The Eagle Voyager, one of the coolest Kyuranger mechas in terms of design, is called the Cosmic Eagle in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Considering that former Pink Ranger Amelia became the Red Ranger and that Cosmic Fury did not have a purple Ranger either, there wasn’t any particular character to be directly associated with the Cosmic Eagle. That said, this Zord had a lot of screentime in the series, and it even helped Mick Kanic go back to his home planet.

11 Cosmic Cobra Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Cobra Zord

The Cosmic Cobra Zord is an auxiliary Zord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. It is based on Kyuranger‘s Hebitsukai Voyager. Unlike most of the Cosmic Fury Zords, the Cosmic Cobra could enter a battle mode in which it took a humanoid form.

10 Cosmic Grizzly Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Grizzly Zord

Cosmic Fury features a pair of bear Zords, the Grizzly Zord. Its Kyuranger counterpart is the Koguma Voyager. The Cosmic Grizzly Zord of the second most important Megazord in Cosmic Fury, the Dragon Megazord. In theory, it should have been piloted by Blue Ranger Ollie, but he was an evil Ranger for most of the season.

9 Cosmic Dragon Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Dragon Zord

Cosmic Fury’s Dragon Zord, not to be confused with the Green Ranger’s Dragonzord from Mighty Morphin, is one of the most powerful Zords on the show. Lord Zedd, who once piloted the incredibly powerful Serpentera, wanted to capture the Dragon Zord and make it into his new personal Zord. Fortunately, this was avoided by the Power Rangers, who then added the Dragon Zord into their arsenal. The Cosmic Fury Dragon Zord comes from Kyuranger’s Ryu Voyager.

8 Cosmic Scorpion Zord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Scorpion Zord

The Sasori Voyager becomes the Cosmic Scorpion Zord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. This Zord, which comes in the color Orange, was the first hint that Cosmic Fury could have Power Rangers’ first Orange Ranger. It happened, and the Cosmic Fury Orange Ranger Fern got to pilot the Scorpion Zord. The Cosmic Scorpion is the left arm of the Dragon Megazord.

7 Cosmic Dragon Megazord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Dragon Megazord

The Cosmic Dragon Megazord, one of the coolest Cosmic Fury Megazords, is repurposed as the Dragon Void Megazord. This second Megazord only included the Cosmic Scorpion, Cosmic Grizzly, and Dragon Zords. Whereas all of the alternate Cosmic Megazord combinations looked relatively similar, featuring only a couple of differences in each formation, the Cosmic Dragon Megazord was unique. It was one of the Power Rangers’ strongest weapons in Cosmic Fury.

6 Cosmic Fury Ultrazord

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Ultrazord

The Cosmic Fury Ultra Zord is arguably the best Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Megazord. It is the result of the combination between the Cosmic Megazord and the Cosmic Dragon Megazord. The Cosmic Fury Ultrazord, which is based on Kyuranger‘s Kyutama Gattai RyuTeiOh, debuted in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury episode 9 when the Power Rangers fought one of Lord Zedd’s generals in Eltar.

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5 Astro Megazord

Astro Megazord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Several iconic Power Rangers Megazords appear during Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s ending battle to help the Cosmic Fury Rangers save the day. This includes the Astro Megazord, which first appeared in Power Rangers in Space. Most of the In Space Rangers have been away from the franchise for decades, so it was fun to see at least the Astro Megazord back.

4 Galaxy Megazord

Galaxy Megazord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Another classic Power Ranger Megazord that returned in Cosmic Fury’s final battle is the Galaxy Megazord. This was the main Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Megazord. None of the Lost Galaxy Rangers appeared, but this small cameo confirms they are still operating as a team.

3 Ninja Blaze Megazord

Ninja Blaze Megazord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury was directly tied to Power Rangers Ninja Steel, namely through Mick’s character. Mick even morphed into the Ninja Steel Red Ranger during Cosmic Fury. During the final battle, Ninja Steel’s Ninja Blaze Megazord also appeared.

2 Beast-X Megazord

Beast-X Megazord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Power Rangers: Beast Morphers is one of the most recent Power Rangers TV shows, having been replaced by Dino Fury. The Grid Battleforce was referenced a couple of times on the show, plus Commander Shaw appeared in Cosmic Fury. In addition, the Beast-X Megazord joined the fight in Cosmic Fury’s final battle.

1 Dino Megazord

Dino Megazord in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

The final battle in Power Rangers’ 30th season would never be complete without Mighty Morphin’s Dino Megazord, especially if the next Power Rangers series ends up being a reboot. Billy, who had assisted the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Rangers throughout the show, returned with “Megazord Power” to help save the day. All of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were piloting the Megazord, but the Blue and Yellow Rangers were the only ones who appeared, the latter of which with her helmet on.

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