All 6 Seasons Of Silicon Valley, Ranked Worst To Best


All 6 Seasons Of Silicon Valley, Ranked Worst To Best

Silicon Valley lasted for six raucously funny seasons, which can each be ranked from worst to best in terms of overall quality and laughs.


  • Silicon Valley
    ‘s final season may not be as strong as earlier seasons, but it still provides a funny and fitting conclusion to the story of Pied Piper.

  • Season 5 of
    Silicon Valley
    , while full of hilarious moments, feels a bit repetitive and stale compared to earlier seasons.
  • The first two seasons of
    Silicon Valley
    are the best, with season 2 being the funniest and most rewarding for fans. The light-hearted optimism and clever catchphrases make it highly rewatchable.



Silicon Valley‘s six seasons are all hilarious and full of entertaining drama, but not every one of them is equal in terms of overall quality. The HBO original series is one of the cable network’s marquee comedies and one of the more clever satires on television. Focusing on a genius coder named Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), Silicon Valley satirizes the technology industry by following the character’s startup company, Pied Piper. The show is loaded with hilarious actors, including Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, and Zach Woods, and is packed with excellent storylines as their characters fight to make their dreams a reality.

Silicon Valley spans 53 episodes across six seasons. Although Silicon Valley‘s final season saw a dip in quality, each season of the show has its merits. The outstanding cast of Silicon Valley along with some of the best comedic writers in Hollywood ensure that this show remains both funny and meaningful, even in its relatively low moments. However, there are clear peaks and valleys for this HBO comedy series that make ranking the seasons a fun way to interact with this timeless comedy series.

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6 Season 6

The end of Silicon Valley season 6 brings the dramatic story of Pied Piper to a conclusion in a funny and fitting way, but it’s still the worst season of the show. This is not a bad season of television by any stretch of the imagination, but it falls short of the standard set earlier in the series. Silicon Valley season 6 follows Richard’s attempts to cope with running a massive company and realizing that his dreams aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Pied Piper faces a host of complications in this season, solving each of them in turn, only to realize that their platform has the potential to decode any encryption on Earth, making it a threat to global security. The team then scrambles to sabotage their own launch so that nobody will ever get their hands on this absurdly dangerous code. This ending is fitting and well-told, but the darker tone of this season makes it a bit heavier and less enjoyable. It also doesn’t quite live up to the comedic standards of the first five seasons, even if there are plenty of laughs to be had.

5 Season 5

Zach Woods and Thomas Middleditch in Silicon Valley Season 5

Silicon Valley season 5 follows Richard’s battle to keep control of Pied Piper after several of his former associates hatch a plan to take over the platform by controlling 51 percent of the users. This season is hectic and stressful, and though it’s full of hilarious moments, it still can’t compete with earlier seasons. By this point in the show, it begins to become cyclical with Richard and Pied Piper facing disaster after disaster but always seeming to come out alright in the end. It feels a little stale as a result, but the quality of writing and acting ensures that it’s still an entertaining watch.

4 Season 4

Thomas Middleditch Kumail Nanjiani Martin Starr and Zach Woods in Silicon Valley Season 4

Silicon Valley season 4 focuses on Richard’s attempts to create a decentralized peer-to-peer internet that would eliminate viruses, data mining, and government regulation. This season is loaded with irony as one of Silicon Valley‘s least likable characters, Gavin Belson (Matt Ross), is replaced by Pied Piper’s former CEO, Jack Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky), only for him to return and oust Barker at the end. This season is hilarious, and the story is really strong, but not as much happens as in other seasons. Moreover, the show is forced to write out Erlich (T.J. Miller), which inevitably comes off as forced since it was not originally planned.

3 Season 3

Though some of Silicon Valley‘s best episodes come from season 3, it is a smidgen below the quality of the first two seasons. This season follows Pied Piper’s official launch and its struggle to acquire enough daily active users to make the company profitable and secure Series B funding. The characters are pushed to their limits in this season as they cope with the difficulty of making such a complicated concept user-friendly. Richard has a strong character arc individually as well, as he has to deal with being removed as CEO while trying to figure out how to communicate with average people.

This is a strong season of Silicon Valley, but this part of the story is not as fun to watch as the first two seasons are. It’s just too difficult to replicate the excitement that the first two seasons create as the characters work to get Pied Piper off the ground. It loses something as the cast moves from Erlich’s incubator into a real office and starts to feel like a company with real problems, not just a startup brimming with potential.

2 Season 1

The Silicon Valley cast directly facing the camera

This season of Silicon Valley is where it all starts, and it’s easily one of the best two seasons of the show. Season 1 introduces Silicon Valley‘s smartest characters and builds relationships between the audience and the cast. Richard Hendricks is immediately likable, which makes his successes that much more fun to watch. The light-hearted optimism of the first season is enough to make anyone want to move to southern California and build a tech startup.

This season is also full of hilarious moments and clever catchphrases that never seem to get old. It is one of the most rewatchable seasons of television because the characters just fit so well together. Silicon Valley makes the audience want to sit in Erlich’s incubator playing “Always Blue” into the wee hours of the morning. While the majority of the cast sticks around until the end of the show, their relationships are never as solid and entertaining as they are in season 1.

1 Season 2

Gavin Belson and the Hooli Board in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley season 2 is the best the show has to offer. This season follows Gavin Belson and Hooli’s attempts to gain control of Pied Piper through arbitration. The storyline ends with one of the most unforgettable lines from the entire show, when the judge hearing their case begins to rule in their favor, prompting Richard’s hilarious arbitrator, Pete Monahan (Matt McCoy), to explain that this is “justice, baby.” The dramatic tension in this season is at an all-time high because the trends that emerge later on haven’t developed yet, so it feels truly unpredictable.

Silicon Valley season 2 does such a great job of connecting with the audience that it’s incredibly rewarding when things end up working out for them. Moreover, this is one of the funniest seasons of the show. The characters hit their strides in season 2, solidifying the interpersonal dynamics that make the show so funny. The writing is also in stride here, crafting an engaging plot with loads of hilarious situations to throw the cast into. Plain and simple, Silicon Valley season 2 is one of the funniest seasons of television out there.

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