All 7 The Boys Characters Who Appear In Gen V


All 7 The Boys Characters Who Appear In Gen V

Gen V may be an original series, but the spin-off makes sure to include several key characters from The Boys. So, here’s who appears in the show.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Gen V!




  • Gen V premieres with a three-episode spin-off focused on Marie Moreau, a young supe attending Godolkin University who gets caught up in a conspiracy involving Vought, Golden Boy, and the Woods.
  • A-Train, The Deep, Adam Bourke, Love Sausage, Madelyn Stillwell, Ashley Barrett, and Vanessa are all characters from The Boys that make appearances in Gen V, connecting the two series.
  • A-Train’s cameo in Gen V is one of the biggest cameos, and there is a possibility for his return in future episodes, as well as for other characters from The Boys to make appearances in the spin-off.

Gen V is the highly-anticipated spin-off of Amazon Prime’s The Boys, and here are all seven characters from the original series that appear in the first three episodes. The universe of The Boys is quite an expansive one, with supes of all kind populating the franchise. These iconic characters are massive celebrities within the world of The Boys, meaning that it makes sense for their presence to be felt in the spin-offs. So, while Gen V mostly focuses on original characters, it does include tons of pre-established supes and humans from the first three seasons of The Boys, and here is a complete breakdown of each one that appears.

Gen V is finally out, with the long-awaited live-action spin-off of The Boys having a three-episode premiere on Amazon Prime. The series follows Marie Moreau, a young supe with the power to control blood who finally reaches her dream of attending Godolkin University, a prestigious Vought-run school for supes. While attempting to make a name for herself, Marie gets caught up in a conspiracy involving Vought, Golden Boy, and a mysterious facility known as the Woods. The story of Gen V stays mostly disconnected from the narrative of The Boys, but there are definitely some major connections, including these seven characters that have appeared in the spin-off so far.

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7 A-Train

A-Train is the first of many characters from The Boys that appears in Gen V, with the character’s brief cameo actually being at a point in the timeline much earlier than the rest of the series. Gen V season 1, episode 1 opens with A-Train at a press conference, with the series revealing that this is A-Train’s inauguration into The Seven. This scene takes place eight years before the events of Gen V, with it chronicling the speedster supe’s first moments as a member of Vought’s iconic team. It is soon revealed that this sequence is actually a news broadcast that Marie Moreau’s father is watching.

Due to A-Train’s role in The Boys and his status on The Seven, the character’s appearance in Gen V has been one of the show’s biggest cameos by far. Gen V is full of lots of new and unique supes, but A-Train’s appearance is elevated above the rest. It isn’t yet known if A-Train will reappear in future episodes of Gen V, but it is entirely possible that the beloved supe could make his way to Godolkin University. After all, members of The Seven did press after the death of Coach Brink, so it would only make sense for A-Train to make a quick Godolkin trip to keep up appearances.

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6 The Deep

The Deep and Timothy the Octopus from The Boys

A-Train isn’t the only cast member of The Boys that makes an appearance in Gen V, as the aquatic antagonist The Deep also rears his head. The Deep was recently allowed to rejoin the team in The Boys season 3 after being put on probation, and Vought already has the supe doing press for the company. After the death of Coach Brink, The Deep is one of the supes that recorded a brief message concerning the Godolkin professor’s killing. Much like his speedy co-worker, it is possible that The Deep could reappear in future episodes, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

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5 Adam Bourke

P. J. Byrne As Adam Bourke in The Boys and Gen V

While plenty of supes from The Boys appear in Gen V, some non-superpowered people also make appearances in the first three episodes. Adam Bourke is one of the few characters, with the recurring Vought employee having relocated to Godolkin University. Although Bourke formerly had a big career working on Vought films like Dawn of the Seven, Gen V reveals that the filmmaker was recently the subject of some sexual harassment claims, leading to his role being downsized. Bourke is now a professor of acting at Godolkin, with him resenting his new position in the company. However, this humorous arc is perfect for the character.

4 Love Sausage

Love Sausage in The Boys

Although his appearance is brief, the iconic The Boys supe Love Sausage also appears in Gen V. Love Sausage is a strange creation of Vought, with the character gaining the superpower of having an enormously long and strong penis. Gen V features a brief flashback scene that takes place at Sage Grove Center. While several characters are walking down the halls of Sage Grove, Love Sausage’s penis can be seen in the window of a cell door. Love Sausage was broken out of Sage Grove by Cindy in season 2, meaning that he will no longer be found in his former captive state.

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3 Madelyn Stillwell

Madelyn Stillwell on The Boys

In a surprise twist, Madelyn Stillwell also makes an appearance in Gen V. The character was the Senior Vice President of Hero Management in season 1, and although she was a higher-up at Vought International, she was soon killed off by Homelander. Although Stillwell has been dead for a while, she returns to Gen V in an exciting way. Stillwell appears alongside A-Train at his inaguration ceremony in the first episode, with this scene taking place years prior to her death. So, while she may be gone at the current point in the timeline, it is nice to see the familiar face return.

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2 Ashley Barrett

Colby Minifie As Ashley Barrett in The Boys and Gen V

Ashley Barrett is another force of nature in The Boys universe, with her role at Vought making it unsurprising that she also appears in Gen V. Ashley Barrett is the new Senior Vice President of Hero Management after the death of Madelyn Stillwell, with her stepping into this new role in a big way. Ashley is all over Vought’s PR throughout The Boys, something she continues in Gen V. This time, Ashley attempts to cover up the Woods facility after the shocking death of Golden Boy, with Ashley being seen on the phone with the Dean. Ashley appears again in a brief post-credits scene, with her hopefully appearing more soon.

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1 Vanessa

Red River in The Boys

The final The Boys character that reappears in Gen V is a little-known character named Vanessa. The Red River Institute is a group home for supes who have lost their parents, with Hughie meeting Vanessa while she is a teacher at the organization. Vanessa actually reappears in Gen V, with the return of this minor role showing the immense attention to detail that the creators behind The Boys have implemented into the series.

New episodes of Gen V release Fridays on Amazon Prime.

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