All Monsters In Resident Evil: Death Island


All Monsters In Resident Evil: Death Island

Resident Evil: Death Island features many of the franchise’s familiar faces. Additionally, some of the series’ iconic monsters also make appearances.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for Resident Evil: Death Island.




  • The presence of a disfigured orca on the beach indicates the existence of an advanced strain of the T-Virus, increasing the danger faced by the protagonists.
  • Dylan Blake, initially a brave man, turns into a bio-terrorist willing to use anyone to achieve his goal of reorganizing society with the T-Virus, making him one of the most abhorrent characters in
    Resident Evil
  • The introduction of amphibian lickers and bio-drones in
    Resident Evil: Death Island
    raises the stakes and adds a new level of fear and danger to the already terrifying monsters in the franchise.

Resident Evil: Death Island features many familiar faces that have made the Resident Evil franchise so popular, but it also features many of its equally iconic monsters. Resident Evil: Death Island centers around Chris, Claire, Jill, Leon, Ingrid, and some of the series’ other heroes working together to combat another deadly strain of the T-Virus. Resident Evil: Death Island presents complex themes like justice, morality, and the differences between good and evil, all while boasting the exciting action and suspense that audiences have come to expect from the franchise.

Resident Evil: Death Island manages to squeeze in the right amount of tension and action that have made the Resident Evil video games some of the best in the survival horror genre. While the series as a whole is often considered one of the most iconic in gaming, this distinction is largely owed to its unforgettable villains and monsters. The latest entry in the computer-animated Resident Evil movies, Resident Evil: Death Island, features many monsters that are bound to keep viewers up all night.

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7 T-Virus Orca

Had An Advanced Strain Of The T-Virus

During Resident Evil: Death Island‘s midpoint, a badly disfigured orca is seen lying motionless on the beach. Finding this strange, Claire investigates the scene where she deduces that the whale was either experimented on with a newer version of the T-Virus or was attacked by powerful creatures infected with it. Although the whale is deceased, the grizzly sight stands out because it shows what the advanced effects of the T-Virus can have on living organisms. Additionally, this scene highlights the impending danger the protagonists are facing on Alcatraz — the movie’s setting — and firmly plants the audience in their shoes.

6 Dylan Blake (Human)

Debuted In Resident Evil: Death Island

Dylan Blake holding a smoking gun in Resident Evil: Death Island

Although not as famous as other villainous entities in the Resident Evil franchise, Dylan Blake leaves an impression because he starts off as a brave man willing to go through hell and back to evacuate civilians from one of Resident Evil‘s scariest locations, Raccoon City. However, in spite of his best efforts, Blake is forced to make a hard choice between euthanizing his best friend, JJ, or allowing him to turn into a flesh-eating zombie after they discover Umbrella set them up. The raw ordeal traumatized Blake and sent him on a downward spiral into becoming a bio-terrorist hellbent on reorganizing society via the T-Virus.

Even though Blake doesn’t sport snarling teeth or superhuman strength, he’s a monster in the sense that his philosophies involve endangering billions of lives to essentially reset society to his will. In pursuit of this goal, Blake is willing to use, deceive, and even murder anyone he views as a threat to his mission. While Blake’s initial goal of ridding the world of evil is noble, his eventual descent into developing a cult of personality and shedding innocent blood makes him one of the most abhorrent characters in Resident Evil.

5 Zombies

Just As Iconic As The Series Itself

Side by side image of differnt Zombies in Resident Evil: Death Island

Shortly after the fiasco with the infected orca, the protagonists pose as tourists on Alcatraz to get a first-hand account of how the new strain of the T-Virus works. Shortly after arriving, one of the tourists on the island turns into a zombie and violently attacks the other unsuspecting visitors. The scene is effective because it demonstrates that the newer version of the T-Virus works much faster than the previous one and that an infected person doesn’t experience any symptoms of becoming a zombie.

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This further complicates the already dizzying mystery surrounding the origins of the new virus, and it increases the stakes for the characters all within a matter of seconds. Zombies are intrinsic to the Resident Evil lore, so it is always assumed that they’ll show up one way or another. While the T-Virus is one of the worst viruses to get infected by in Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Death Island keeps things fresh with the more lethal strain and reminds viewers why this franchise is one of the best in the survival horror genre.

Resident Evil: Death Island is available on Netflix and YouTube TV.

4 María Gómez

Highly Skilled Assassin

María Gómez was introduced to audiences in Resident Evil: Vendetta, and after the mutation of her father via the U.S. government bombing of a wedding they were attending, she made it her life’s mission to avenge him and kill anyone associated with the attack. Since then, María underwent a series of unspecified experiments that granted her superhuman abilities. In particular, María wishes to kill Leon as he’s one of the employees of the Division of Security Operations (DSO), and she goes to great lengths to achieve this goal. Despite meeting her end at Leon’s hand, she left a strong impression because of her indomitable will.

3 Amphibian Lickers

A More Dangerous Version Of The Iconic Monsters

Lickers are some of the scariest monsters in Resident Evil, and that’s making quite a statement considering the caliber of creatures featured throughout the survival horror franchise. With their perpetually exposed brains, meat-grinder-like teeth, long tongues, and razor-sharp claws, the lickers have been terrorizing audiences for decades. However, Resident Evil: Death Island takes things to the next level by introducing amphibious versions of the already terrifying monsters. Despite the creatures’ lack of sight, their keen hearing senses and ridiculous agility make them more a force to be reckoned with.

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2 Bio-Drones

Big Things Come In Small Packages

Bio-Drones preparing to launch in Resident Evil Death Island

Dylan Blake is just as intelligent as he is evil, and this is demonstrated in his ability to manipulate an engineer into helping him spread the T-Virus worldwide. He achieves this by creating bio-drones, a series of microscopic orbs that incubate inside the bodies of lickers and are released into the earth’s atmosphere at Blake’s will. Not only does this make him near-unstoppable, but it also reveals the origins of the new T-Virus strain. Perhaps the most frightening detail about bio-drones is their ability to mutate humans into grotesque beings if a concentrated amount is directly inserted into a living organism.

1 Dylan Blake (Mutated)

Blake Nearly Succeeds

After summoning a megalodon, Blake laments the death of JJ one last time before injecting himself with a concentrated amount of bio-drones and diving into the water. After being partially consumed by the zombie shark, Blake reemerges from the water as a gruesome mutation of himself and immediately attempts to kill the protagonists. Initially, things look shaky for the Resident Evil: Death Island heroes, but after putting together a well-coordinated attack, the team is able to neutralize the behemoth that was once Blake.

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