Are Vow Boxes A Real Thing? Edgar & Grace’s Wedding Feature In The Afterparty Season 2, Explained


Are Vow Boxes A Real Thing? Edgar & Grace’s Wedding Feature In The Afterparty Season 2, Explained

Afterparty season 2 has raised more than questions related to the murder mystery. Is the vow box that appears at Edgar and Grace’s wedding real?


  • The vow boxes featured in The Afterparty season 2 are not a true wedding tradition, but an item made up for storytelling and comedic purposes.
  • The vow box adds mystery and comedy to the plot, while also highlighting Edgar’s shyness and aversion to public speaking.
  • The weight of the vow box symbolizes Aniq’s struggles and insecurities, in contrast to Sebastian’s natural charm in winning over Zoe and Grace’s parents.


Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Afterparty season 2 Beyond its central murder mystery, the after party Season 2 has viewers wondering if the vote boxes are real. Introduced in Episode 1, “Aniq 2: The Sequel”, the coffin-shaped box features prominently at Grace and Edgar’s wedding. In season 1, Aniq (Sam Richardson) helped Tiffany Haddish’s Detective Danner solve a murder case that unfolded during a high school reunion meeting, all while he was courting his crush Zoe (Zoë Chao). Like the original, the after party Season 2 features a number of mysteries, but the unusual vote boxes are perhaps the most perplexing.

From a Wes Anderson parody to a noir homage, the mix of genres in the after party season 2 allows each of the after partyThe unreliable narrators put their own stylistic spins on their memories of Aniq and Danner. In Episode 1, Aniq acts as the point-of-view character, conveying the details of the wedding weekend in the style of a rom-com sequel. The alleged murder of groom Edgar Minnows (Zach Woods) isn’t the only head-scratcher, though: the use of the so-called vow box during the ceremony also raises a few eyebrows.

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Vow boxes are not a true wedding tradition

In the after party In Season 2, Aniq accompanies Zoe to her sister Grace’s (Poppy Liu) wedding to bumbling, over-the-top tech genius Edgar Minnows. Viewers watch the wedding weekend unfold through Aniq’s rom-com point of view first. During the wedding ceremony, Edgar tasks Aniq with supplying the “vow box”, a coffin-shaped container that covers the bride and groom, allowing them to exchange vows in private at the altar.

the after partyThe characters joke that ballot boxes are all the rage among Silicon Valley types, which seems so ridiculous it might be true. However, vow boxes are not a true wedding tradition, even among the most eccentric bride-to-be. As such, the after partyThe weird reality Macguffin has been invented to aid narrative and comedy, rather than incorporate existing lore.

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Why Edgar Needs a Vote Box at the After Party (And Why It’s So Heavy!)

Aniq raises the voice box on Edgar and Grace in The Afterparty season 2, episode 1

Although Grace and Edgar’s vow box is not based in reality, it adds elements of mystery and comedy to the situation, while furthering Edgar’s characterization as someone who is shy and averse to public speaking. With the box balanced on their shoulders, Grace and Edgar exchange vows away from the prying eyes of wedding attendees. According to Aniq, it’s also an extremely heavy object: she can barely lift it and place it on top of Grace and Edgar. Later, however, he is picked up by best man Sebastian (Jack Whitehall) with no problem.

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Since viewers are watching the episode unfold from Aniq’s rom-com point of view, the after party casts Aniq as the clumsy protagonist who can’t seem to catch a break. All he wants to do is win the approval of Zoe’s parents, but between damaging Feng’s (Ken Jeong) food truck and dumping chunks of fermented camel’s milk on Vivian (Vivian Wu), nothing can go right for him. In true rom-com style, Aniq’s missteps become even more apparent when the charming Sebastian easily wins over Zoe and Grace’s parents. Therefore, the box of votes is tremendously heavy in Aniq’s memory because it exemplifies her struggle and his insecurity about Sebastian.

new episodes of the after partyThe 10-episode Season 2 releases on Apple TV Plus on Wednesdays through September 6, 2023.

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