Arrested Development: Every Member Of The Bluth Family, Ranked By Likability


Arrested Development: Every Member Of The Bluth Family, Ranked By Likability

All the Bluths exhibit some level of insufferableness and entitlement, yet some of them would actually be more enjoyable to be around than others.


  • Some members of the Bluth family in Arrested Development are less likable than others due to their morally questionable behaviors and inflated egos.
  • Gob Bluth is too arrogant and stupid to be likable, constantly putting himself first.
  • Michael Bluth is the most likable Bluth, despite occasional narcissistic traits, as he strives to keep his family intact and cares deeply for his son.



In the cult classic series Arrested Development, the many members of the Bluth family vary in their morally questionable behaviors, yet some of these characters are even less likable than others. The series primarily revolves around Michael Bluth, who strives to restore his family’s reputation and fortune after his father’s arrest for misusing their company’s funds for personal gain. The show boasts an ensemble of top-notch actors in the roles of the extended Bluth family members, including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Will Arnett, David Cross, and Portia de Rossi.

The Bluth family at the core of Arrested Development takes its squabbles to the extreme. The show’s ludicrous scenarios stem from the clash of their larger-than-life personalities and inflated egos among the three generations of Bluths. While all the Bluths exhibit some level of entitlement and are insufferable in their own ways, there are actually a few of them who would be more enjoyable to be around than the rest due to their higher capacity for likability.

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12 Gob Bluth (Will Arnett)

He is just too stupid to be likable.

The eldest child of George Sr. and Lucille, George Oscar Bluth II, better known as Gob (aka G.O.B.), is a disgraced magician. Though Gob has a lot of love for his family, he is constantly putting himself first. His arrogance, not to mention his stupidity, makes it hard to put up with him for long.

11 Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade)

He is harmless but still not likable.

Justin Grant Wade as Steve Holt raising his fists in Arrested Develoment

Steve Holt, Gob’s illegitimate child, tugs at heartstrings with his genuine desire to connect with his father on Arrested Development. Despite his earnestness, Steve’s lack of intellect is readily apparent, often resorting to repeating his own name as a response to various situations. While he may be even dumber than his father, his innocence and good-natured demeanor set him apart from the rest of the Bluth clan. Unlike the main family, who exude entitlement due to their extravagant wealth, Steve is refreshingly free from such airs.

10 Buster Bluth (Tony Hale)

He is unable to hold a conversation.

Buster Bluth, a perpetual man-child, still lives with his parents well into his 30s. His education in various fields, financed by his parents, sees quick and inept completion. His incapacity to manage his own affairs and lack of worldly knowledge make it nearly impossible to engage in an intellectual or even a basic conversation with him. Buster may be sweet, but his limited abilities hinder any meaningful discourse.

All five seasons of Arrested Development are streaming on Netflix.

9 Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter)

She is ruthless.

Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development

The matriarch of the Bluth family, Lucille is undeniably ruthless. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind, and her sharp-tongued wit, while often brutally cutting, is laced with keen observations that can leave viewers in stitches for hours. Endlessly quotable, Lucille is Arrested Development‘s funniest character. However, her cruelty and self-centered nature frequently lead to hurt feelings, and when pushed, she wouldn’t hesitate to betray or sacrifice someone if it served her own interests.

8 George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor)

He is selfish but dumb.

george sr

George Sr.’s behavior can quickly shift from stern heartlessness to childlike demands on Arrested Development, often coupled with a rather simplistic understanding of the law. Despite his involvement in various criminal activities, he made sincere efforts to shield his family from legal troubles for as long as possible. While he shares the family’s selfish tendencies, he isn’t as profoundly narcissistic as some of the other Bluths.

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7 Annyong Bluth (Justin Lee)

He is only slightly vindictive.

Justin Lee as Annyong at Lucille's apartment in Arrested Development

Annyong Bluth, the child Lucille adopted from Korea initially for the appearance of charity, later to incite jealousy in Buster, possesses a hint of vindictiveness. It’s unveiled that he’s been spying on the Bluth family as part of a personal vendetta. While Annyong may occasionally antagonize Buster and harbors plans to expose the Bluths, one could argue that their actions justify his. Furthermore, he remains a mostly well-behaved and well-adjusted individual, particularly when measured against the other eccentric Bluth children.

6 Lindsay Bluth-Fünke (Portia De Rossi)

She is witty.

Portia de Rossi as Lindsay Bluth Funke wearing sunglasses in the kitchen in Arrested Development

Lindsay, the possibly adopted Bluth daughter, has a penchant for materialism, though she frequently endeavors to disprove it, mainly as an act of rebellion. While she might share her mother’s sharp wit and exhibit some self-centeredness, she occasionally manages to set aside her own concerns and assist others. What’s undeniable is her vibrant and captivating personality, ensuring that spending time with her would never be dull, even if she might be in charge of any activities.

5 Tobias Fünke (David Cross)He is enjoyably outlandish.

Tobias Fünke, Lindsay’s husband, is an aspiring actor with a background in psychoanalysis and therapy. While he frequently prioritizes his own ambitions, he does possess a level of genuine concern for those in his life, a rarity among the Bluths. Tobias’s whimsical and outlandish schemes, whether aimed at breaking into the acting world, building connections with his daughter, or sustaining his marriage, make him an entertaining and enjoyable character to be around. Nonetheless, his lack of common sense and penchant for dramatics can add a touch of unwelcome absurdity to any interaction.

4 Oscar Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor)

He has a big heart.

Jeffrey Tambor as the longer-haired Oscar Bluth in Arrested Development - talking to Tony Hale's Oscar

Oscar, the identical twin brother of George Sr. — and Buster’s real father — possesses a generous heart and a more straightforward approach to life. He places less emphasis on wealth and more on relishing life’s simple pleasures and the beauty of the world around him. Oscar frequently finds himself embroiled in his brother’s family chaos, like the time George forces him to take his place in prison by shaving his head. Despite some misguided attempts to reveal Buster’s true parentage, Oscar is typically willing to offer assistance and stands out as a harmless, love-filled hippie.

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3 George Michael Bluth (Michael Cera)He is sensitive.

Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth in Arrested Development

George Michael Bluth, the grandson of Lucille and George Sr. and the only son of Michael, is an awkward and somewhat gawky teenager. He stands out as a highly sensitive young man with a strong emphasis on family bonds. While his shyness can be endearing, it might pose a challenge when he wants to be a bit rebellious and let loose. Additionally, his infatuation with his cousin, Maeby, could certainly create a somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere.

2 Maeby Fünke (Alia Shawkat)

She is clever.

Alia Shawkat as Maeby Funke looking at Michael Cera's George Michael Bluth in the banana stand in Arrested Development

Tobias and Lindsay’s daughter, Maeby, is remarkably resourceful and clever, although her moral compass can be a bit shaky. Her knack for pushing George Michael beyond his comfort zone makes her a fantastic friend to have, adding a fun and adventurous element to any gathering. Maeby’s wit and wherewithal, coupled with her relatively lower self-involvement compared to her parents, contribute to her appeal as a great companion.

1 Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman)

He just wants what’s best for his son.

Michael Bluth, as emphasized in the show’s introduction, plays the crucial role of attempting to keep his unruly family intact, no matter what they put him through. While he may occasionally exhibit some of the narcissistic traits inherent to the Bluths, he possesses a caring and compassionate nature, especially when it comes to his son. Even though he might struggle at times to express it, Michael is undeniably the most likable Bluth in Arrested Development, looking after those in his circle and being a loving, albeit occasionally inattentive, father.

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