Baldur's Gate 3: Can You Recruit Karlach Without Wyll Becoming A Devil?


Baldur’s Gate 3: Can You Recruit Karlach Without Wyll Becoming A Devil?

Players of Baldur’s Gate 3 seem to face a choice between saving Karlach and fulfilling Wyll’s pact, but there is a cheeky loophole available.


  • Wyll’s warlock patron, Mizora, tasks him with finding and killing Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3, but this means losing out on a valuable companion.
  • However, there is a tricky workaround that allows Wyll to fulfill his mission and recruit Karlach, gaining the powerful Infernal Robe in the process.
  • By following specific steps, players can save both Karlach and Wyll, continuing their personal quests without major consequences, while exploiting a fitting loophole in the game.



Companions play an important part in Baldur’s Gate 3, with the party at the core of the game’s mechanics. Two companions whose stories are deeply intertwined are Wyll and Karlach, with one sent to hunt the other in Act One. While Karlach is certainly a desired member in the party, it comes at a cost of Wyll, but there is a practical workaround to this issue.

[Warning: This article has spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.]

The problem with Karlach and Wyll can all be summed up with one word: Mizora. Mizora is Wyll’s warlock patron who has tasked him to find and kill Karlach. On one hand, if he obeys, he gets a reward, but the party loses out an excellent barbarian companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. On the other hand, if Wyll refuses to kill Karalch, then Mizora punishes him and the party misses out on a great piece of equipment.

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Killing Karlach Gives Wyll The Infernal Robe

While the choice might seem obvious with companion versus equipment, there is a way to get both. The process is a little tricky, and anyone attempting this should save often, but it is possible to fulfill Wyll’s mission for Mizora and still recruit Karlach. This will mean Karlach can join the party and be romanced and Wyll will get the excellent Infernal Robe, which is only available from Mizora. This robe grants +1 to AC, resistance to fire damage and the fire shield: warm spell. With fire shield, the wearer sheds light in a three-meter radius, takes half damage from cold damage and deals 2d8 fire damage to enemies who hit with a melee attack.

How To Use The Loophole To Save Both Karlach & Wyll In BG3

Karach speaks to Wyll who is wearing the Infernal Robes in Baldur's Gate 3

The first step is to make sure that the player character has spoken to Wyll and learned of his mission so that it will be in the journal. Next, have Wyll and only Wyll in the active party, but split the party and leave Wyll back at camp. Splitting the party is easy and can be done by either grabbing Wyll’s portrait on the left side of the screen and dragging until the chain breaks or by clicking the chain icon underneath the party portraits to ungroup the entire party.

From camp, head out alone to the area where Karlach can be found. This is north out of the Blighted Village, then following the road east past the gnolls. Karlach is down a path just off the main road on the other side of a fallen log. Here is a good point to save in case things don’t go right the first time.

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It is important not to get too close to Karlach as this will trigger her cutscene in BG3. Instead, using ranged attacks immediately can take her down. Obviously, this is easier said than done for some classes. Once Karalch is dead, players shouldn’t touch her and instead head straight back to camp.

After speaking with Wyll, his dialogue about Karlach being killed should trigger. After talking with him, double-check to make sure the journal entry has updated to reflect that Karlach has been killed. Then, adventurers can head straight back to Karlach and resurrect her. Again, it is important not to get too close to her so that the cutscene isn’t triggered. This can be a little tricky to position, so saving before attempting this is advised.

Once Karlach is up again, she will wander back to her original point, ready to be recruited in Baldur’s Gate 3 later. Going back to camp and long resting will trigger Mizora’s visit, and if all has gone well, she will praise Wyll for following orders and reward him with the Infernal Robe. All that’s left to do the next day is to gather the party and go to recruit Karalch as normal.

Doing this seems to cause no long-term problems for the rest of the game, and both Karlach and Wyll’s personal quests will continue as normal. Although Wyll will not look like a devil and has received his reward, recruiting Karlach will switch the scripts in the game. Wyll and Mizora will act as though Wyll broke his pact and has horns. This is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things to use this fitting loophole in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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