Black Phone 2: Director Reveals Condition To Move Forward With Sequel


Black Phone 2: Director Reveals Condition To Move Forward With Sequel

The Black Phone director Scott Derrickson opens up about the possibility of a sequel, revealing one condition to moving forward with another movie.


  • The Black Phone director Scott Derrickson insists that a sequel would not happen without Ethan Hawke’s return, emphasizing his importance to the franchise.
  • If a sequel were made, it could explore Hawke’s character through a prequel or delve deeper into the supernatural elements, revealing his motivations and what happened to his soul.
  • The ending of The Black Phone leaves the possibilities open for a sequel, but without giving any hints about what it could be about.



The Black Phone director Scott Derrickson has opened up about the one condition to move forward with a sequel to his 2022 horror film. The movie stars Mason Thames as Finney, a young boy kidnapped by a child murderer called the Grabber played by Ethan Hawke. Throughout the film, Finney is assisted in his escape by the ghosts of children the Grabber previously killed, who speak to him through a black phone.

Speaking with, Derrickson discussed how, if The Black Phone were to get a sequel, Hawke would need to return. He emphasizes the importance of Hawke’s inclusion in the franchise, indicating he would need to reappear in the film. Check out what Derrickson had to say below:

It’s possible. It’s not a definite thing, but if it does become definite, you’ll be the first to hear. I can tell you this much, I wouldn’t make a Black Phone sequel without Ethan. I don’t think there’d be any point in doing that.

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What Could The Black Phone 2 Be About?

At the end of The Black Phone, Finney manages to get the upper hand of the Grabber, snapping his neck with the black phone’s cord. He ends up being rescued thanks to the visions of his sister, Gwen, who realizes where Finney was being held captive. The movie has a definitive ending, without any hints as to what could happen in a sequel.

If The Black Phone 2 were to be made, then the only real way to bring Hawke’s character back would be to make it a prequel film. The movie could focus on the start of his murders, going into more detail surrounding the kids he kidnapped that were featured throughout the first film. Doing so may also expand upon his story, revealing more about his motivations and his past.

However, a sequel to The Black Phone could also lean more into the supernatural elements of the first film, bringing Hawke back in a spiritual form. Perhaps the new movie could reveal what happened to his soul after he was killed, especially since the kids he’d murdered were taunting him from beyond the grave. Whatever a sequel to the movie would entail, it’s clear Hawke would once more be at the center of it.


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