“Cannot Get Over How Disgusted I Am”: Argylle Trailer Has Everyone Angry On Henry Cavill’s Behalf


“Cannot Get Over How Disgusted I Am”: Argylle Trailer Has Everyone Angry On Henry Cavill’s Behalf

Following the premiere of the Argylle trailer, fans take to social media to complain about one major element of the upcoming Henry Cavill spy movie.


  • Viewers are upset about the Argylle trailer due to Henry Cavill’s cartoonish haircut as the character Argylle, sparking controversy online.
  • The upcoming spy movie stars Cavill as the fictional character Argylle in dramatizations of chapters written by the novelist protagonist.
  • Argylle is set to premiere in theaters on February 2, 2024, followed by an Apple TV+ release.



Viewers online are very upset about one particular element of the Argylle trailer. The upcoming spy movie, which stars Henry Cavill and was directed by Matthew Vaughn, is set to premiere in theaters on February 2, 2024 ahead of an Apple TV+ streaming release. It follows Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), an author of spy fiction who writes about a character named Argylle (played by Cavill in onscreen dramatizations of her chapters) and ends up being swept up into a real-life spy adventure of her own.

The official Argylle trailer was released on September 28, showcasing the movie’s overlapping narrative structure. In the sequences that bring Conway’s chapters to life, Cavill’s Argylle is shown sporting an intense flattop haircut with a pronounced widow’s peak. This haircut has sparked controversy online, with many Cavill viewers decrying its bizarre cartoonish nature. Check out select reactions below:

jay said “i literally cannot get over how disgusted i am by the haircut they chose to give Henry Cavill in that new movie Argylle he’s in.

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edsnotecomics compared Cavill’s hair to being the same as Guile from Street Fighter.

Tiffany Grayson asked “What is this doofy unflattering haircut on Henry Cavill in the Argylle trailer??,” to which Kristytipsen responded “I’m so unhappy about it. A crime against hairlines.

agathe commented “i really don’t like Henry Cavill’s haircut in the Argylle trailer (that’s it, that’s the tweet).”

After Lunch reflected “Funny that the trailer for Argylle dropped today and now I’m excited about the movie, but not Cavill in it. That haircut is killing me.

ogbrownnerd described the haircut as “the Vegeta mixed with a Guile haircut.”

YAKDOOWAEWW invented a new term, describing the style as “argly.”

How Much is Henry Cavill Going to Be in Argylle?

While many are clearly unhappy with Cavill’s haircut in the movie, it may end up being featured less frequently than may have been originally believed. The movie will be splitting its time between the Argylle storyline and the real-life adventure. It is currently unclear how much of the movie will actually feature Cavill’s Argylle, which may be a relief to those upset by his styling.​​​​​​​

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While the relative proportion of the dual storylines of the movie is still unknown, both sides of the movie are packed with A-list stars. Cavill’s Argylle storyline will also feature Dua Lipa, John Cena, and Ariana DeBose. The remainder of the Argylle cast is filled out with interesting stars as well, including Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, Rob Delaney, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sofia Boutella.

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The Argylle trailer also reveals that Elly eventually meets the “real” Agent Argylle. This character is not shown, so it may prove to be a cameo from another major star. However, it could also turn out that the real Argylle is played by Cavill with a less stylized haircut, which could appease those who are nervous about spending the entire movie in the presence of his unusual flattop.

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