Captain Marvel Actor Opens Up About His MCU Phase 5 Death


Captain Marvel Actor Opens Up About His MCU Phase 5 Death

Marvel Studios: Assembled: The Making of Secret Invasion revealed more about the divisive Phase 5 series and explained one major character’s death.


  • Ben Mendelsohn reflects on his character Talos’s death in Secret Invasion, mentioning that Talos is “more powerful as an example when he’s gone.”
  • Talos’s legacy can continue through his daughter G’iah, who has inherited his strong values and becomes an overpowered Super Skrull.
  • Although Talos won’t be appearing in future MCU projects, his morals and influence will live on through G’iah, shaping the future of the MCU.



Ben Mendelsohn has opened up about his MCU character’s demise in Phase 5’s Secret Invasion and revealed what he will miss the most from working with Marvel Studios. Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn debuted as the Skrull General Talos in 2019’s Captain Marvel, initially depicted as a villain but soon revealing himself to be an ally to Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. Talos’ relationship with Fury was developed further in 2023’s Secret Invasion, set roughly thirty years after Captain Marvel, but the Phase 5 series marked the tragic end of Talos’ journey in the MCU, as he was killed at the hands of Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Skrull rebellion leader Gravik.

Marvel Studios: Assembled gifts audiences a look behind the scenes of every MCU project from the start of Phase 4, and The Making of Secret Invasion gave Ben Mendelsohn the opportunity to comment on Talos’ death in Secret Invasion (via Disney+). While it’s suggested that Talos’ death was the perfect representation of how humans and Skrulls do share the same values, Mendelsohn mentions that Talos is “more powerful as an example when he’s gone.” Talos’ death means Mendelsohn likely won’t be appearing in 2023’s upcoming The Marvels alongside Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson, and he has shared his thoughts on leaving Marvel Studios in Secret Invasion’s Assembled episode.

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Yeah, I’m gonna miss this one. I’m gonna miss it a lot. I will miss the degree to which this is in people’s hearts. I’m gonna miss a lot of the people that the audience don’t see who make up the real experience of what it is to do these things, the people I work with every day. And I’m going to miss being on set with [Samuel L. Jackson].

Talos’ Legacy Can Continue After Secret Invasion

While Ben Mendelsohn may not return as Talos in the MCU’s future, his legacy can still continue for years to come in the form of his daughter, Emilia Clarke’s G’iah. By standing strong in his beliefs that humans and Skrulls can co-exist and that Gravik’s way of doing things was ultimately wrong, Talos instilled some incredibly strong values in G’iah throughout Secret Invasion. Even though she initially didn’t trust her father’s more gentle approach to the Skrulls’ problem, Talos’ death cemented the fact that his way was the right way for G’iah, leading to her helping Fury in bringing down Gravik by becoming a Super Skrull in Secret Invasion’s finale.

Enhanced with the abilities of many powerful MCU heroes and villains, G’iah is now perhaps the MCU’s most overpowered character, and her future as a hero has been teased by her teaming up with Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth in Secret Invasion. It’s unclear what the future holds for G’iah, but there’s no doubt that she will be seen again, meaning Talos’ morals can live on in his daughter, who can deal with problems diplomatically while also having a full understanding of her remarkable abilities and sheer strength. Secret Invasion may have been a divisive series, but Talos’ death will have a major impact on the future of the MCU.

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