Chicago Med Season 9 Adding New Character With Ties To An Original Doctor


Chicago Med Season 9 Adding New Character With Ties To An Original Doctor

NBC and Wolf Entertainment is reportedly set to introduce a brand new character in Chicago Med season 9 that has mysterious ties to Dr. Charles.


  • Gaffney Chicago Medical Center is casting a new male ED doctor for Chicago Med season 9 who will have a history with Dr. Charles.
  • The departures of several characters in the previous season necessitate the introduction of new series regulars for Chicago Med season 9.
  • While initially a recurring role, the new doctor’s connection to Dr. Charles adds depth to the storytelling and could impact future seasons.



Gaffney Chicago Medical Center is looking to add another doctor as Chicago Med season 9 is supposedly casting a new character. The historic dual strikes of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the SAG-AFTRA have significantly delayed the start of the 2023-2024 TV season. Now that the industry-wide issue has been resolved, networks are scrambling to get back to work. For One Chicago, that includes recruiting a new actor for Chicago Med season 9.

Ahead of Chicago Med season 9’s return during the mid-season, TV Line reports that the show is currently in the process of casting a new male ED doctor who will man Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Not much is known about the role thus far, but he is expected to have a history with Dr. Charles. Read the related excerpt below:

Casting is underway for an early thirtysomething male Emergency Department doctor who has a past connection to Dr. Charles (played by Oliver Platt), TVLine has learned exclusively. The new character — who is set to recur on the NBC drama, with the potential for a series-regular upgrade in Season 10 — comes from a troubled background, which led him to cross paths with Dr. Charles when he was growing up.

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Why Chicago Med Season 9 Needs To Introduce Another Series Regular

One Chicago is not new to cast reshuffles, however, the 2023-2024 season was particularly brutal on all three shows. Chicago PD lost Jesse Lee Soffer’s Jay Halstead while Chicago Fire had to move forward with the unexpected leave of absence from Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide. That being said, Chicago Med had the most number of departures, with season 8 seeing the exits of Guy Lockard’s ED pediatrician Dr. Dylan Scott, Brian Tee’s Dr. Ethan Choi, and Nick Gehlfuss’ Dr. Will Halstead.

Since the show is technically an ensemble show, Chicago Med can work around a much smaller cast. It may even be better for those left in the series since it will allow more time to develop their respective characters. That being said, that risks losing its dynamic and diversified storytelling, which comes with a bigger cast. In terms of the situation at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, it only makes sense that the hospital wants to hire people to replace those who have left.

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While the role seems like it’s initially going to be a recurring presence, his ties to Dr. Charles offer more storytelling depth. It also allows for a much quicker way to get the public invested in the character. If the reception to the new doctor is great, it is curious what kind of relationship he will have with Dr. Charlers beyond Chicago Med season 9.

Source: TV Line

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