Chris Pratt’s Best DC Universe Casting Is Way Too Close To The MCU


Chris Pratt’s Best DC Universe Casting Is Way Too Close To The MCU

Chris Pratt has a seemingly perfect character to play in James Gunn’s DCU, but the role boasts too many similarities to the MCU’s Star-Lord.


  • Chris Pratt is a perfect fit for the role of Booster Gold in James Gunn’s DCU, but it would bring comparisons to his Star-Lord character from the MCU.
  • Booster Gold and Star-Lord share similar traits and backgrounds, making it difficult for DC to cast Pratt without it feeling like a version of Star-Lord.
  • Despite Booster Gold not being the right role for Pratt, there are many other DC characters he could potentially play, such as Green Lantern or Plastic Man.



Despite there being a perfect role for Chris Pratt in James Gunn’s DCU, it would make the character too reminiscent of the MCU. After the conclusion Peter Quill got in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it would be the natural time for Pratt to take a step back from the MCU. Considering the close relationship he has developed with Gunn, it’s a big possibility that the Guardians director will bring Pratt over to his upcoming ventures with DC Studios.

Among all of the DC characters that have yet to make an appearance on the big screen, there is one character that seemingly fits Pratt perfectly. Raised in Gotham City, the hero Booster Gold is a time-traveling member of the Justice League. A cocky yet well-intentioned underdog, Booster Gold hits all the trademarks of characters that Pratt is most famous for playing and makes it look like the perfect role for him. However, the similarities that the character has to Pratt’s other roles could also be a huge problem for DC.

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Chris Pratt’s Booster Gold Would Be Too Close To Star-Lord

Booster Gold is known for being a showboat of sorts. He loved the fame and glory that came with crime fighting, though his intentions always came from a genuine desire to help people. After experiencing a few tragedies, Booster Gold’s cockiness started to fade as he developed as a hero. Star-Lord starts in the MCU as a confident thief, carrying a similar cockiness to him. His desire to help those in need comes out as the Guardians form, and he is able to push his ego to the side.

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The two characters even have similar underdog upbringings, as Michael Carter grew up poor because of his absent father, and Peter was abducted from Earth. Pratt has proven that he can play the confident underdog extremely well, which would make Booster Gold a no-brainer for him. However, it would be difficult for DC Studios to go through with this prospective casting without it just feeling like their version of Star-Lord. Having Pratt as Booster Gold would certainly draw comparisons to his most recent superhero role, and it would be bad optics for DC, who are already trying to navigate a huge revamp.

What Other DCU Roles Chris Pratt Could Do Instead

Star-Lord explains his history in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Just because Booster Gold wouldn’t work out with Pratt doesn’t mean that he can’t still play a role in Gunn’s revamped DCU. With such vast source material like the DC Comics, there are plenty of characters that have yet to be cast or even developed for the DCU. Pratt could still pick up a major hero like Green Lantern, another confident character that has a bit more to differentiate him from Star-Lord. Plastic Man is another hero that could play to Pratt’s comedic strengths, as demonstrated on Parks & Recreation. He could even go for a comedic villain role like Kite Man, which would be a new direction for Pratt.

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Booster Gold may seem like the obvious role for Chris Pratt in James Gunn’s revamped DCU, but the casting would surely come with plenty of comparisons to the MCU. Although Pratt has proven that he excels as an arrogant yet good-hearted underdog character, there are just too many similarities between Booster Gold and Star-Lord that would bring bad optics to DC Studios. Considering there are plenty of other hero or villain roles that Pratt could still potentially play, the DCU is better off giving the role of Booster Gold to someone else.

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