Courteney Cox Horror Series Parodies Iconic Scary New Movies In New Season 2 Posters


Courteney Cox Horror Series Parodies Iconic Scary New Movies In New Season 2 Posters

New posters for the returning Courteney Cox horror series Shining Vale parody iconic scary movies, with funny and other more subtle homages.


  • New character posters for the upcoming season of Shining Vale pay homage to iconic horror movies, adding to the excitement.
  • Season 2 (debuting Oct. 13 on Starz) picks up four months after the unsettling finale of the first season, with Pat returning home to mend her broken family.
  • Pat discovers a new neighbor who looks exactly like the demon Rosemary and learns about Smile Masks, a creepy remedy for depression.



New posters for the Courteney Cox horror series Shining Vale parody iconic scary movies, adding excitement for the upcoming episodes. Premiering on Starz in March 2022, from co-creators Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan, Shining Vale season 1 focuses on struggling author Pat Phelps (Cox). Pat and her husband (played by Greg Kinnear) take their two teenage children out of Brooklyn and move into a 200-year-old Victorian mansion in Shining Vale, Connecticut where strange occurrences start to happen. Over the course of eight episodes, those strange occurrences begin to drive Pat insane.

Shining Vale season 2 will debut on Starz with a fitting premiere date of Friday, October 13. Since new episodes are just days away, Starz (via has unveiled new character posters that echo famous horror movies.

The posters focus on Pat, Terry (Kinnear), Rosemary (Mira Sorvino), Gaynor Phelps (Gus Birney), Jake Phelps (Dylan Gage), Pat’s editor Kam (Merrin Dungey), Pat’s mother Joan (Judith Light), and even the dog Daisy. Some of the parodies are obvious, like The Shining, Cujo and Donnie Darko, while others are a bit more subtle.

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Where Shining Vale Season 2 Picks Up The Story

In the Shining Vale season 1 finale, Rosemary is confirmed to be a demon after possessing Pat’s body and wrecking her life. In an attempt to save Pat, her family sends her to a psychiatric hospital. While there, she sees a photo of a nurse who looks just like the demon Rosemary. The forthcoming season will pick up from that thread with a bit of a time jump, with Pat getting released from hospital stay early with her insurance having run out.

Shining Vale season 2 picks up four months after the chaotic season 1 finale and, as she returns home, Pat is determined to mend her broken family, but she discovers that her children don’t need her and Terry doesn’t remember her. Pat also has a new neighbor, Ruth, who happens to look exactly like Rosemary. The central house will also reveal more of its dark past as the season continues.

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Shining Vale season 2 is poised to get creepier still, as Pat learns of Smile Masks that are supposed remedy for depression. The first installment at times missed the balance of horror and comedy, skewing to the former. But with a spooky premiere date and a horror-first promotional campaign, the show’s return could become uniquely unsettling.


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