Criminal Minds: Matthew Gray Gubler Finally Addresses Evolution Return Chances


Criminal Minds: Matthew Gray Gubler Finally Addresses Evolution Return Chances

Almost a year after Criminal Minds: Evolution premiered on Paramount+, Matthew Gray-Gubler finally comments on Spencer Reid’s possible return.


  • Matthew Gray Gubler finally addresses why he couldn’t join Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 and teases his possible return for season 2.
  • Reid’s absence in the first season was intentionally left vague to keep his fate in limbo and make it easier to bring him back when Gubler is ready.
  • Gubler’s recent interactions with his co-stars and the delay in production may indicate that he has more time to clear his schedule and join the show for season 2.



Spencer Reid’s Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 return chances are finally addressed by Matthew Gray Gubler. Paramount+’s revival of the long-running CBS police procedural brings back the core BAU team on the small screen, albeit with some absences in its first season, including Gubler’s genius profiler. There have been contradicting reports about the real reason Reid missed Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1, but now, the mystery is finally clarified by the actor.

In a new interview with The Six O’Clock Show, Gubler not only explains why he couldn’t join the freshman year of the revival, but he also teases Reid’s possible return in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2.

Gubler is in the middle of promoting his new book, “The Little Kid with the Big Green Hand,” but getting asked about his possible involvement in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 is inevitable. Luckily, the actor gives viewers hope that he will once again play Reid.

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Of course! I would be honored. I would absolutely love that. They did a newer spin-off of the show, but it was filming during a time when I was shooting something else. But I can’t wait — hopefully it will soon work out.

Will Spencer Reid Finally Return In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

While the BAU has long proved that it can function without Reid, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t missed on the show. Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 had references to Reid (and Daniel Henney’s SSA Matt Simmons), but it didn’t provide any definitive information about his whereabouts. Doing so is supposedly intentional per Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer. This allows them to keep Reid’s fate in limbo, which will make it easier for them to bring him back once Gubler is ready to finally join the project.

Gubler has proven that he maintains a great relationship with his Criminal Minds co-stars in the last several weeks. He was spotted with Dave Rossi actor, Joe Mantegna, and Penelope Garcia actor, Kirsten Vansgness, on separate occasions. It’s difficult to believe that neither of them talked to Gubler about joining Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. In any case, considering its delay due to the strikes, Gubler has more time to clear out his schedule and partake in the show.

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Reid is among the predicted returning CBS characters in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. While seeing Gubler back will be great for long-time viewers of the procedural, finally seeing his character reunite with Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan on-screen will definitely be better. For context, the pair hasn’t been seen together since Reid was wrongfully imprisoned in the original show. Perhaps if Moore is returning, it will convince Gubler to also join the show.

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