Cyclops vs Captain Marvel Exposes Scott Summers' True Power


Cyclops vs Captain Marvel Exposes Scott Summers’ True Power

The big fight pitting the leader of the X-Men against the leader of the Avengers reveals Cyclops’ true power to those who would doubt him.

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men Annual 2023!An all-out brawl between the leader of the X-Men and the leader of the Avengers reveals the true power that Cyclops is capable of. In the background of the Marvel Universe, Agatha Harkness is plotting a “Contest of Chaos,” so to speak, in which she pits two unassuming heroes against each other with the winners joining a squadron she’s forming to create a new Darkhold. Venom and Wolverine are two of Agatha’s latest pawns and were compensated with hardcore new costumes for their inclusion.



Now, Agatha looks to add either Captain Marvel or Cyclops to her collection in X-Men Annual 2023 by Paul Allor, Alessandro Miracolo, Annalisa Leoni, and VC’s Clayton Cowles. Captain Marvel and Cyclops wake up in the middle of a deserted village, both suspicious that the other is an impostor. This is enough to force a fight between the two.

Captain Marvel Underestimates Cyclops’ Power (Just Like Most Fans)

In the midst of their battle, the verbal jabs between the two start to get awfully personal, most notably with Carol calling Scott, “The Astonishingly Useless X-Man.” The whole time, he’s trying his best to hold back, knowing neither of them are in the right frame of mind. “I’m trying so hard not to blast you, Carol! No matter how much I want to,” Cyclops warns. Eventually, he’s pushed to his limit until he completely wrecks everything in sight. All he needs to do is “Just … let go.” When Scott stops trying to keep his powers under control for everyone else’s sake, he totals the village.

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Cyclops Finally Lets Go

Cyclops lets go vs Captain Marvel-1

Cyclops lets go vs Captain Marvel-2

Most X-Men fans, specifically those familiar with his often understated role in the movies, tend to underestimate the full extent of Cyclops’ abilities. These same audiences may mistake Cyclops for being, at best boring, and at worst weak. Carol calling Scott “useless” reads as her speaking on behalf of such fans who underestimate Cyclops. Even in the comics, save for when he becomes the Phoenix, there are only a handful of moments where Cyclops showcases just how powerful he really is. However, even that is by design.

Cyclops traditionally has sought to try to keep his optic blasts contained at all times by any means necessary, knowing just how powerful his powers can be and what kind of damage they can cause. Even in a life-or-death fight with arguably Marvel’s strongest Avenger, Cyclops tries to hold back. This fight and the fatal aftermath reveal to readers exactly how powerful he can be once Cyclops stops fighting within himself for control and finally lets go. Just a glimpse of Cyclops’ true power is enough to win him the contest and a spot on Agatha’s team. Audiences and characters like Captain Marvel should stop underestimating Cyclops’ true power.

X-Men Annual 2023 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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