DC Just Gave Its Most Creative Green Lantern a Fascinating Weakness


DC Just Gave Its Most Creative Green Lantern a Fascinating Weakness

A stark interview sheds light on a notable Green Lantern Corps member and the surprising way they could easily be defeated without a fight.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Action Comics #1057!One of the most interesting Green Lanterns has a weakness that even its willpower can’t overcome. A strange truth about a particular Corps member hints at a shocking vulnerability.



In Action Comics #1057’s story “New Worlds: Part One” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Rafa Sandoval, the Daily Planet has secured a high-profile interview with Norah Stone, the young leader of the anti-alien terrorist group, Blue Earth. Stone wants to meet with Clark Kent and despite the apprehensions of Daily Planet staff, Lois Lane pushes for the interview so their paper can press Stone by asking the hard questions.

Superman meets with Stone in his Clark Kent identity and the interview goes about as well as one would expect. Clark gets to the root of Blue Earth’s xenophobic ideology and their violent demonstrations, but Stone plays it cool and denies ever ordering any illegal acts.

Norah rebuffs Clark’s stance that killing refugees from the planet Warworld would count as murder, as murder is something only human beings can do to each other. Stone brings up the rumor of a Green Lantern being a sentient equation, and asks if it would theoretically count as murder if she disproved such an equation.

One Green Lantern Could Be Beaten Simply By Disproving a Math Equation

green lantern dkrtzy rrr

Superman liberated the planet Warworld from the rule of the tyrant Mongul. After bringing the despot to justice, the planet was brought to Earth’s orbit where a number of its refugees have made the planet their new home. The change has not been welcomed by many Earthlings and the group Blue Earth has risen to protest the sudden influx of aliens in search of a home. Under Norah Stone’s eye, the Blue Earthers have been pushing to turn the world against aliens at all costs.

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The Green Lantern that Norah is speaking of, of course, is Dkrtzy RRR, who really is a conscious math equation. The Green Lantern Corps is home to a number of creative and unbelievable members such as a germ, a living box, and a sentient planet known as Mogo. While it’s unclear how Norah learned about Dkrtzy RRR’s existence, her thought experiment is an interesting one. After all, Dkrtzy RRR was only discovered after a mathematician tried to find the formula for willpower. But what if the mathematician made an error? Would proving the formula wrong erase the very idea of Dkrtzy RRR and murder the offbeat Green Lantern?

Dkrtzy RRR Raises Questions About Green Lantern Vulnerabilities

Dkrtzy RRR DC Comics

As Green Lanterns, the Corps members have Power Rings that should theoretically protect them from anything, even if they are abstract concepts like equations. But disproving an equation like Dkrtzy RRR would fundamentally destroy its entire sense of being. It would refute the Lantern’s existence and take them out of reality altogether. Norah’s playing a dangerous game when she discusses an idea like disproving a sentient equation. But it’s hard to say it’s not an interesting theory of how one could kill one of the more interesting Green Lanterns. Action Comics #1057 is on sale now.

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