Deadpool 3 Is Missing An Obvious Fox X-Men Franchise Return


Deadpool 3 Is Missing An Obvious Fox X-Men Franchise Return

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, but the movie could have an even better Fox X-Men reunion if it casts a seemingly missing actor.


  • Deadpool 3 is bringing back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, creating excitement for fans of both characters and the potential for a dynamic reunion.
  • However, the return of Scott Adkins, who played Deadpool’s martial arts double in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, could have greatly benefited the film and added to its comedy.
  • Since then, Adkins has become a well-known martial artist in action movies, and his inclusion would have provided an opportunity for jokes and references to Wade’s earlier film.


Deadpool 3 is bringing back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, but apparently also missing out on an equally strong comeback opportunity. The Merc with a Mouth scored two major stage hits with 2016’s dead pool and its follow-up 2018 Deadpool 2, but there’s been an unusually long wait for the return of Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. This is due to the combination of Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox and the R-rated nature of Deadpool making it tricky for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but despite all of this, Deadpool 3 finally got the green light.

One of the biggest outlets for Deadpool 3 is the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, despite 2017 Logan it was originally intended to be Jackman’s swan song in the role. Deadpool 3 It is not the first time that Wolverine and Deadpool have crossed paths cinematically, with 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine first putting them together. While Jackman and Reynolds’ reunion as Wolverine and Deadpool is exciting to many (and even more so with Wolverine’s comic book-accurate yellow suit), there’s another cast member from that film who Deadpool 3 really could have benefited from bringing it back.

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Scott Adkins was one half of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds and Scott Adkins essentially play Deadpool in tandem, with Reynolds playing Wade before his transformation and after it in close-ups and Adkins serving as his martial arts double for the film’s climactic showdown. Reynolds and Adkins are also respectively credited as Wade Wilson and Weapon XI for the film. Unfortunately, Deadpool’s career on the big screen didn’t start off on the best foot with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

One of Wade Wilson’s hallmarks is his self-aware nature, with Wade frequently breaking the fourth wall to speak directly to comic book readers. X-Men Origins: Wolverine would make the much-criticized decision to sew Deadpool’s mouth shut after his final transformation, which is one of the most notorious aspects contributing to the film’s negative reception. In the years since, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Scott Adkins alike have criticized X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with Reynolds and Adkins commenting on the decision to make The Merc with a Mouth unable to speak. This is all a story Deadpool 3 It could also have been taken advantage of with a return of Scott Adkins.

Why Scott Adkins would make Deadpool 3’s set even better

Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka fighting in the Undisputed series

While Scott Adkins was relatively unknown when X-Men Origins: Wolverine debuted, he has since become one of the leading martial artists of modern action movies, with Adkins most recognized as Yuri Bokya in the Indisputable franchise. Adkins has also showcased his incredible martial arts skills in action hits like Isaac Florentine. ninja films, The Expendables 2, threefold threatand has even appeared alongside Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 4. With the Wolverine-Deadpool team that Deadpool 3 already promising with the return of Jackman, the return of Scott Adkins would just make the reunion that much better, and might even add to Deadpool 3the comedy of

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The first two dead pool The movies have drawn a lot of humor from the poorly received proto-Deadpool of X-Men Origins: WolverineWade even comically went back in time to the movie to kill off this version of himself in Deadpool 2The final credits scene. With Scott Adkins playing the first version of Wade opposite Reynolds, there would be limitless possibilities for Wade’s fourth wall breaking jokes with Reynolds and Adkins doing a Deadpool reunion. While the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is one of the driving forces of excitement for Deadpool 3the return of Scott Adkins might have added the icing on the cake.

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