Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Image Reveals Best Look Yet At Live-Action Classic Monster


Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Image Reveals Best Look Yet At Live-Action Classic Monster

A new villain-focused Doctor Who 60th Anniversary image reveals the best look yet at a live-action version of a classic otherworldly monster.


  • Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary specials will feature the live-action debut of the Wrarth Warriors, an insect-like alien race.
  • The Wrarth Warriors are relatively obscure and have only appeared in the “Doctor Who and the Star Beast” comic.
  • Although they appear to be antagonists, the Wrarth Warriors are actually galactic police who hunt monstrous creatures called Meeps.



A classic Doctor Who villain is finally preparing to make its live-action debut. After having begun in 1963, the show has enjoyed a rich and complex history. Countless aliens, enemies, and rivals to the Doctor have appeared throughout the TV series and the extended universe. Comic books, novels, spin-offs, a movie, podcasts, and audio dramas have all added their own contributions to the Doctor’s adventures. One Doctor Who Weekly comic in particular, “Doctor Who and the Star Beast”, features a villain that will soon be appearing on-screen.

The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials intend to honor the Doctor’s history, and they will do so by bringing in a menacing classic alien. A new tweet by the @bbcdoctorwho account revealed the best look yet at the live-action Wrarth Warriors. Check out the post below:

The picture teases the presence of several of the Doctor’s long-standing enemies. The image features the Cybermen, Wrarth Warriors, Celestial Toymaker, Judoon, Weeping Angels, and Daleks, all gathering in front of a vaguely apocalyptic background. Neil Patrick Harris’ Celestial Toymaker appears delighted, but the other aliens are glaring at any potential audience.

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Who Are The Wrarth Warriors?

Russel T Davies is returning as Doctor Who‘s showrunner, which means that he can continue to express his love for classic seasons of the show. The Wrarth Warriors never appeared in the original run of the show, and they were relatively minor figures in the extended universe. Having only appeared in “Doctor Who and the Star Beast”, the Wrarth Warriors are an obscure inclusion, yet they hint at the overall direction of the 60th Anniversary specials.

A race of insect-like aliens with gigantic red eyes and villainous features, the Wrarth Warriors certainly appear to be antagonists from the outset. The truth, however, is not as it seems. As galactic police, they travel the galaxy in search of enemies that could potentially pose a threat. In particular, they hunt Meeps — a race of rabbit-like creatures that are actually monstrous in nature.

The first special set to celebrate the 60th anniversary will be titled “The Star Beast”. As it is not far from “Doctor Who and the Star Beast”, where the Wrarth Warriors and the Meeps first debuted, it makes sense that the Web Warriors would be making their live-action introduction in the special. Whether the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials follow the plot of the comic or not, the Web Warriors will finally get the chance to receive a live-action adaptation.

Source: Doctor Who / Twitter

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