Doctor Who Master Actor Reacts To 60th Anniversary Trailer


Doctor Who Master Actor Reacts To 60th Anniversary Trailer

Former Doctor Who actor Sacha Dhawan gives an enthusiastic reaction to the trailer for the upcoming 60th Anniversary episodes, which air in November.


  • Sacha Dhawan raves about the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials after the trailer was released.
  • Dhawan sends his “huge congratulations” to everyone involved in the specials, which will feature the return of past actors.
  • The trailer for the specials, featuring David Tennant’s return, has excited long-time Doctor Who viewers and has the potential to reinvigorate the series.



Doctor Who actor Sacha Dhawan reacts to the trailer for the series’ upcoming 60th anniversary specials. Dhawan played the most recent rendition of The Master in Doctor Who, appearing as a guest star on five episodes of the show during Jodie Whittaker’s run as the Thirteenth Doctor. Doctor Who returns this November in 60th anniversary specials that will unite old and new cast members.

Commenting on the trailer, Dhawan raved about the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials. Commenting on Twitter, Dhawan stated that “this is just truly exceptional.”

Dhawan offered his “huge congratulations to all” involved in these specials. The original post reminded audiences that The Doctor, in this case referring to David Tennant, and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) will make their return. The attached Doctor Who trailer gave brief snippets of the pair in action, and ended with a new shot of the upcoming Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa.

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The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials Have A Great Opportunity

Dhawan’s supportive reaction to Doctor Who is one of many reasons that audiences should be excited about the upcoming specials. With the support of a past actor, it is clear that large parts of the Doctor Who universe are feeling optimistic about the return of the series. Tennant has also recently expressed his gratitude towards his “joyous” return to the Doctor Who universe and enthusiasm towards the new specials.

Long-time Doctor Who viewers, too, should be even more excited about Tennant’s return now that the trailer for the Doctor Who specials has been released. Ever since Tennant and Tate’s revival was announced last year, audiences have been anxiously awaiting the return of one of the series’ most beloved Doctors. Even in brief snippets in the trailer, it is clear that Tennant will revive his vivacious energy when returning to Doctor Who.

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With this tease, it seems the Doctor Who specials have great potential to reinvigorate audiences’ feelings towards the BBC series. During the Whittaker era, many long-time viewers were disappointed in the extent the established lore was massively retconned. Uniting the old and the new, the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials and the upcoming season can take great opportunities to reverse these wrongs.

Source: Sacha Dhawan / Twitter

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