Doom Patrol’s Willoughby Kipling Reveals His Secret True Purpose on the Team


Doom Patrol’s Willoughby Kipling Reveals His Secret True Purpose on the Team

The Doom Patrol’s resident occultist Willoughby Kipling sheds light on the job he has on the team, and it’s the Patrol’s most serious duty.


  • Willoughby Kipling plays a crucial role in protecting the most powerful member of the Doom Patrol, Dorothy Spinner, whose powers could be catastrophic if misused.
  • The Doom Patrol has revamped its organization to focus on safeguarding and helping new metahumans adjust to their powers in a world filled with both government surveillance and corporate exploitation.
  • Despite the Brotherhood of Evil’s invasion and the failure of the magical safeguards, the Doom Patrol prioritizes keeping Dorothy’s body safe, recognizing the potential for villains to exploit her abilities for destructive purposes.



Warning! Contains spoilers for Unstoppable Doom Patrol #6!The mystic oddball Willoughby Kipling has revealed the particular role he serves on the Doom Patrol. When the World’s Strangest Heroes go into crisis mode, their subset of magical allies discloses their most important task.

In Unstoppable Doom Patrol #6 by Dennis Culver and Chris Burham, the team’s resident physical therapist Flex Mentallo trains the Doom Patrol’s new recruits with a game of capture the flag. The newbies show off their powers and do their best to challenge the team’s more experienced members. However, the game comes to a close when Negative Man tags out the last recruit.

All hell breaks loose in the Doom Patrol’s headquarters when the Brotherhood of Evil invades the Shelter. The team takes on some of their most powerful and dangerous foes like the Quiz and Warp. Thankfully, the Doom Patrol’s magical members Willoughby Kipling, Lucius Reynolds, and Lotion the Cat arrive with an urgent message: This battle is merely a distraction and the Brotherhood’s leader, General Immortus, has disabled the magical safeguards Kipling and his associates have installed around Dorothy Spinner’s grave. Even worse, Immortus is already there and has dug up the long-deceased Doom Patrol member.

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Willoughby Kipling Was Meant to Protect the Most Powerful Doom Patrol Member

Doom Patrol the Grave Minders DC

In the wake of Lazarus Planet, there are more metahumans in the DC Universe than ever before. Between the government trying to contain them and corporations like Metagen trying to profit off of them, the Doom Patrol has begun seeking out the new metas to protect them and help them adjust to their new powers. The team has completely overhauled its organization and given its more seasoned members specialized roles. The magic members such as Willoughby and Lucius have been around but never showed what role they played in this new dynamic.

As it turns out, the team has been safeguarding the body of the Doom Patrol’s most powerful member. When she was alive, Dorothy had the ability to bring imaginary friends to life. Her powers were so strong, that she was able to help manifest a powerful entity known as the Candlemaker into existence, an event that nearly destroyed the world. Dorothy’s been deceased for some time now and understandably the team would want to protect her body. Not only does she deserve to be at rest, but her body falling into the wrong hands could spell doom for the DCU.

Kipling’s Grave Minders Safeguard Dorothy Spinner’s Body and Powers

Dorothy Spinner Doom Patrol DC

The Doom Patrol has had plenty of powerful members over the years such as Flex Mentallo or Danny the Street. But Dorothy’s abilities were on a completely different level and the team knows that, given the chance, villains would use her remains for some nefarious purpose. Though the protections failed with the latest assault by the Brotherhood of Evil, when it came to keeping Dorothy safe, the Doom Patrol trusted Willoughby Kipling and his magic associates to try and safeguard the girl. Keeping her grave from being disturbed gives Dorothy the peace she deserves and protects the world from her powers being misused. Unstoppable Doom Patrol #6 is on sale now.

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