Dune 2 Restoring A Deleted Scene Will Make One Returning Character Way Better


Dune 2 Restoring A Deleted Scene Will Make One Returning Character Way Better

Dune 2 is officially bringing back an important deleted scene from the first movie, and one character’s journey will benefit from its inclusion.


  • Denis Villeneuve is including a deleted scene from the original Dune in Dune 2, addressing audiences’ concerns about an underused character.
  • Dune 2 will chronicle the second half of Frank Herbert’s novel and has pressure to address narrative threads and character arcs while setting up the trilogy’s finale.
  • Gurney Halleck, a character underdeveloped in the first movie, will have a larger role in Dune 2, showcasing his love for Fremen culture and his fighting skills against the Harkonnen forces.



Denis Villeneuve has revealed that a deleted scene from the original Dune is going to be included in Dune 2, which solves many of the issues that audiences took with the director’s approach to one character in particular. The first movie was a huge success, making $402 million at the box office and securing itself a Best Picture nomination. However, one character was seemingly underused in comparison to Frank Herbert’s science-fiction novel. Thankfully, Villeneuve seems to have realized this and wants to make things right in the second movie.

Dune 2 will chronicle the second half of Herbert’s classic novel, with Villeneuve hoping to complete his trilogy by adapting the sequel, Dune Messiah. This means that Dune 2 has plenty of pressure riding on its shoulders to satisfyingly address all the narrative threads and character arcs established in the first movie, while also setting up the finale of Villeneuve’s trilogy. The revival of this Dune deleted scene makes things really exciting for one character’s future in the franchise, proving that Villeneuve is sticking closely to the source material.

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Dune 2’s Restored Gurney Halleck Scene Will Add More Depth To His Character

Despite being thought dead at the end of Dune, Gurney Halleck survived the Harkonnen invasion of Arrakis and decided to hide with a band of smugglers to evade capture. Gurney was among the few characters that audiences took some issue with in the original movie, as he was seemingly underdeveloped and didn’t include many of the attributes that made him so lovable in the book. These include his aptitude for music, particularly the Fremen instrument of the Balliset. Including Gurney’s talent with this stringed instrument will not only allow audiences to connect with him even more, but also show his love and compassion for Fremen culture.

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What Will Gurney Halleck’s Role Be In Dune 2?

Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck in Dune: Part Two

Many audiences have speculated that Gurney didn’t have a huge presence in Dune because his story doesn’t really begin until the movie’s sequel. Herbert’s source material definitely backs up that claim. Once the Harkonnens have taken over the planet, Gurney is mostly in hiding with the smugglers of Arrakis. This is where he gathers the strength and supplies to reunite with Paul Atreides and lead the charge against Baron Harkonnen and Feyd-Rautha. Gurney will undoubtedly have a larger role in Dune 2, as his fighting skills will prove invaluable against the Harkonnen forces.

Book readers know what happens to Gurney after the invasion, but the question was left totally unanswered in Villeneuve’s Dune. This gives the director some freedom when dealing with the character, but there are certain steps Gurney must take in order to reunite with Paul in Dune 2 and serve his ultimate purpose. Gurney’s character is also useful for offering a fresh perspective on Paul’s leadership of the Fremen. He’s one of the few non-Fremen characters that sees how powerful and dangerous the young Atreides has become, which puts the entire story into perspective for the audience.

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