Enjoy A First Look At Funko’s Disney 100 Iron Man Facet Pop! [EXCLUSIVE]


Enjoy A First Look At Funko’s Disney 100 Iron Man Facet Pop! [EXCLUSIVE]

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a look at the latest Funko D100 drop, a unique Facet Iron Man featuring the superhero launching into the air.


  • Funko is releasing a new Pop! Iron Man figure as part of their collaboration with Disney for Disney’s 100-year anniversary.
  • The Pop! Iron Man figure is part of Funko’s Facet Pops collection, which features unique art styling that adds a new twist to beloved characters.
  • The figure is designed with impressive detail and depicts Iron Man in an exciting action pose, making it a must-have for collectors of Iron Man, Marvel Comics, and Disney merchandise.



Funko continues to roll out unique collectibles in collaboration with Disney for Disney’s 100-year anniversary. Disney’s array of properties is vast, especially given its acquirement of companies like Marvel, Fox, and Lucasfilm over the last 15 years, giving Funko endless opportunities for the creation of must-have items. The year-long celebration of Disney’s centennial is expected to end in January 2024, meaning only a few more months of Funko drops remain.

Now, Funko is celebrating the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most important Avenger with a fun new Pop! Iron Man. This is far from the first time a beloved Marvel Comics character has been given the Pop! treatment, with other D100 drops including a Miles Morales Pop! Train Figure that sees the hero ready for action on top of a subway train. Black Panther, Peter Parker as Spider-Man, and others are also available; dedicated collectors will be able to create their own Avengers tower.

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A Closer Look At Funko’s Disney 100 Pop! Iron Man

POP Marvel: D100- Iron Man (Facet): Funko’s Facet Pops boast unique art styling that offers a stunning new take on a beloved character. Previous examples include this Pop! Mickey Mouse figure, which is based on the character’s appearance in the movie Fantasia, but the look transfers equally well to the world of Marvel Comics. Iron Man’s suit is realized with impressive detail, even as the facet design offers an artistic twist to his iconic look. The MSRP of this product is $15.

This figure also depicts Iron Man in an exciting action pose, not only showing his hand repulsors up and ready for a battle but also featuring the superhero boosting into the air. The figure stands approximately 4.3 inches tall, including the white base on which it is held and posed; generally the same size as other Funko figures, it is an easy addition to any collector’s shelf. This Funko figure is an easy way to celebrate all things Iron Man, Marvel Comics, and, of course, Disney.

For more info, take a look at the Funko website.

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