Even Superman Admits Joker Nailed the Bat-Family with 1 Insult


Even Superman Admits Joker Nailed the Bat-Family with 1 Insult

With a name like the Joker, it’s fair to assume that the man can tell some jokes — and he can even get a laugh out of Superman himself.


  • The Joker’s scathing joke about Batman and the Bat-Family’s gothic fashion sense was so accurate that even Superman found it funny.
  • Batman and his allies stick to dark and black color schemes to blend in and stay undetected at night.
  • The Joker’s failed career as a comedian provides him with inspiration to make jokes about larger-than-life figures like Batman and Superman.



The Joker is an absolutely terrifying villain, but, considering the name he chose for himself, he knows a bit about comedy. This was confirmed during one especially tense encounter with the Joker when Superman actually admitted he was pretty funny after one scathing joke about the Bat-Family’s sense of style.

Batman and his Bat-Family all tend to share similar color schemes, namely deep dark blacks. Even characters like Nightwing, who has a dash of bright blue on his suit, are still mostly wearing black outfits. This is because in order to be sneaky and go throughout the night undetected, it helps to not wear the brightest outfit possible. Even Damian Wayne, the current Robin, has swapped the iconic yellow and green of Robin’s usual outfit with much darker grays. Because of this trend towards the more gothic color scheme, the Joker is able to land one scathing joke about them that was so accurate that even Superman had to admit it was funny.

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The Joker Calls Out Batman’s Fashion Sense

The Joker tells this vicious joke in Adventures of Superman #14 by Max Landis, Jock, Lee Loughridge, and Wes Abbott, which follows the Joker’s early years as a criminal. He still isn’t quite sure who he wants to fight or what city he wants to stay in, so he travels to Metropolis to take on Superman. While trying to push Superman’s buttons, the Joker fires off a few jokes, mostly directed at Superman, including such classics as Superman wearing his underwear on the outside. But he directs one joke at his “former” rival Batman, remarking that everyone in Gotham City “shops at the same Hot Topic.

While Superman doesn’t give the Joker much attention, quickly dismantling the clown’s bombs and threatening him never to return to Metropolis, even Superman can’t deny the simple fact that the Joker can be rather funny. Superman continually laughs at the jokes the Joker aimed at him, such as claiming his shirt was too small since it was clearly a size “S.” This isn’t too surprising, since one of the many backstories that the Joker has supplied for himself over the years is that of a failed comedian. One of the most important things that comedians need for their jokes to work is inspiration, so while he may have failed as a civilian comedian, getting to interact with larger-than-life figures like Batman and Superman would provide anyone with enough material for some jokes.

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Superman Finds the Joker’s Insult Pretty Funny

Superman Thinks Joker Is Funny

After Superman drives the Joker out of Metropolis and makes his way to his next destination, he stops to remember the Joker’s Hot Topic joke about the Bat-Family and can’t stop himself from giving a little laugh. Superman has remarked on all the doom and gloom that seems to surround Batman in the past, and hearing someone else point out how utterly dark Bruce’s fashion sense is would undeniably be funny. That’s one of the things that separates the grim Batman and the light-hearted Superman. When someone aims a joke at his friends or even at Superman himself, the Man of Steel has no problem laughing it off.

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