Everything We Know Godzilla Did After Beating The MUTOs (& Before KOTM)


Everything We Know Godzilla Did After Beating The MUTOs (& Before KOTM)

Apple TV+’s MonsterVerse show is set after the MUTO fight. Here’s everything Godzilla did between the 2014 film and King of the Monsters.


  • “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” is a new Apple TV+ show set in the Monsterverse, exploring what happened to Godzilla after he defeated the MUTOs.
  • The show takes place during the aftermath of Godzilla’s fight with the MUTOs in the 2014 movie, well before the events of “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” and “Godzilla vs. Kong.”
  • The Monsterverse has established a timeline for Godzilla, including his battle with a larger and more powerful MUTO called MUTO Prime, and his travels around the world, visiting Skull Island and the Monarch outpost in Antarctica.



Through Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, the Monsterverse will get an opportunity to explore what happened to Godzilla after he defeated the MUTOs. Details regarding the show make it clear that in addition to the 1950s, Apple TV+’s Monsterverse show will be set during the aftermath of the fight between Godzilla and the two MUTOs in the 2014 movie. In other words, it’ll take place well before the events of the next two Godzilla movies, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong.

King of the Monsters kicked off with a five-year time jump, leaving a large window between the first movie and its sequel. The events of Godzilla changed the world by introducing humanity to the existence of the Titans in the Monsterverse. But instead of diving into that game-changing discovery, King of the Monsters skipped ahead to a point where humans had been aware of them for years. By the beginning of the film, 17 hibernating Monsterverse Titans had been uncovered by Monarch, whose activities had recently become public knowledge. As for what Godzilla was up to during this time, the Monsterverse has provided a few clues.

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Godzilla Fought MUTO Prime In 2014

Thanks to comments made in King of the Monsters and events in other canon material, the Monsterverse has established a rough timeline for Godzilla that will surely be relevant to Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. King of the Monsters prequel graphic novel Godzilla: Aftershock revealed that shortly after killing the first two, Godzilla battled a larger and more powerful member of the MUTO species called MUTO Prime. Apparently, MUTO Prime was the creature responsible for the death of Dagon, the Godzilla ancestor whose skeleton was found in the Philippines at the beginning of the first movie.

In 2014, she engaged in multiple battles with Godzilla, with the first occurring in Guam. Due to her power level, Godzilla wasn’t able to obtain a decisive win in their first fight, allowing the fight to continue in France, the Barents Sea, the Azores, and lastly, Montana. There, Godzilla scored his final victory over MUTO Prime by killing the creature. This was Godzilla’s last known Titan battle prior to his encounter with Ghidorah in Antarctica at the beginning of King of the Monsters.

Godzilla Toured The Earth After Beating MUTO Prime

Godzilla returned to the ocean after taking down MUTO Prime. Based on what was said in King of the Monsters, it’s understood that Godzilla kept a low profile, having vanished from public view between 2014 and 2019. However, that doesn’t mean Monarch wasn’t keeping track of his whereabouts, nor does it mean that he was inactive for all that time. Monarch used their technological resources to keep up with his location. A Godzilla tracker on the Monarch website revealed that the Titan made a long journey around the planet, presumably using both the oceans and the Hollow Earth tunnels as his modes of transportation.

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During his travels, Godzilla made a few noteworthy stops. Possibly because he was aware of Kong’s presence there, Godzilla swam right by Skull Island. He also paid a visit to the Monarch outpost that was observing Ghidorah in Antarctica. Since Godzilla defeated Monster Zero there thousands of years ago, he may have been making periodic checks to ensure that his old rival’s situation was still unchanged. Depending on what the story of Apple TV+’s MonsterVerse show entails, more could be learned about the places that Godzilla went during his trip around the globe. There’s even a chance that Godzilla had a secret run-in with a Titan or two during this time. Since some new monsters are confirmed to appear in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, that’s a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out.

Monarch Legacy of Monsters Poster Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

The Legendary MonsterVerse continues with Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, a sci-fi action series created for Apple TV+. Set after the events of Godzilla vs. Kong, the series follows two siblings retracing their father’s footsteps to uncover the truth behind their family legacy. What they find sets up a story over three decades and explores the foundations of the mysterious company.

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