Exclusive: The SUPER HERO'S JOURNEY Gives Marvel's Golden Age Heroes A New Purpose


Exclusive: The SUPER HERO’S JOURNEY Gives Marvel’s Golden Age Heroes A New Purpose

The Marvel heroes of the the publisher’s revolutionary ’60s era are given an entirely new purpose in The Super Hero’s Journey by Patrick McDonnell.


  • The Super Hero’s Journey is a graphic novel that aims to reacquaint readers with the history of Marvel’s Golden Age heroes and the creators who brought them to life.
  • Written by Patrick McDonnell, the graphic novel pays homage to the classic Marvel comics of the 1960s and showcases iconic characters like the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, and Spider-Man.
  • McDonnell’s love letter to Marvel’s legendary creators highlights the positive themes of classic Marvel comics, emphasizing the importance of positivity, kindness, and spiritual connectedness.



The Marvel heroes of the publisher’s “Golden Age” era are given an entirely new purpose in The Super Hero’s Journey. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to get mainstream audiences acquainted with the modern depiction of Marvel heroes. But the closer audiences get to the contemporary versions of these heroes, the further away they get from the Golden Age history of Marvel Comics.

Marvel hopes to reacquaint readers with its history through the graphic novel The Super Hero’s Journey by writer and cartoonist Patrick McDonnell (of Mutts fame). The Super Hero’s Journey — a collaboration from publishers Marvel and Abrams ComicArts — serves as both a history lesson and a love letter to the 1960s Marvel heroes — along with the creators who crafted them during this era, such as Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby. The Super Hero’s Journey is available for pre-order now before it goes on sale September 26th.

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The graphic novel focuses on the Watcher observing Earth and the inner burdens of Marvel heroes, all while Doctor Doom harnesses the power of the Negative Zone, spreading negativity across the planet and killing the human spirit in the process. Check out a preview of this forthcoming book below.

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The Super Hero’s Journey Is a Morality Play — and Homage

Marvel's The Super Hero's Journey-2

Marvel's The Super Hero's Journey-3

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This graphic novel will feature iconic Marvel characters and teams like the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, and Spider-Man. “Most people today are introduced to the iconic Marvel super heroes through their blockbuster movies,” says McDonnell in an exclusive quote.“I met them at their very beginnings, on the comic book page. The Super Hero’s Journey is my graphic novel love letter to those 1960s Marvel comics and their creators. It’s a mashup of my art and the classic pages of Lee, Ditko and Kirby, featuring the original Avengers, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man. This book tells a new story in a new way. I can confidently say The Super Hero’s Journey is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the Marvel Universe.”

Judging from both the pages above and his statement, McDonnell hopes to recapture the themes of classic Marvel comics to tell a kind of morality play. At their core, Marvel’s ’60s-era comics were mini-morality plays, showcasing the endurance of the human spirit at every turn. It’s just as appropriate for this graphic novel’s story to be about one of Marvel’s most notable villains breaking the heroes by spreading negativity — literally. Classic Marvel stories were often about highlighting positive themes like moral sensibilities and inspiring others.

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By exploring how Marvel heroes can recapture their positivity, McDonnell highlights the positive impact these comics had on him growing up. McDonnell’s graphic novel is a love letter to both Marvel’s legendary creators and the valuable lessons found within their stories. The Super Hero’s Journey is all about emphasizing the importance of positivity, kindness, and spiritual connectedness — all while educating the reader on Marvel’s iconic Golden Age history.

The Super Hero’s Journey will be available September 26th from Marvel and Abram ComicArts.

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