Foundation Season 2: Why Gaal’s Vision Was Wrong Explained By Showrunner


Foundation Season 2: Why Gaal’s Vision Was Wrong Explained By Showrunner

Showrunner David S. Goyer explains why Gaal’s vision was wrong in Foundation season 2, teasing the dilemma it sets up for the main characters.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Foundation season 2.




  • In Foundation season 2, one of Gaal’s visions of the future ends up being wrong, with Salvor dying at the hands of a mentallic instead of the Mule.
  • Showrunner David S. Goyer explains how this fits into larger themes of the show regarding whether the future is already set in stone or if it can be changed.
  • The revelation that Gaal’s visions aren’t guaranteed could have interesting implications in season 3, particularly for characters who believe their fate is sealed.

Foundation showrunner David S. Goyer explains why Gaal’s (Lou Llobell) visions of the future ended up being wrong, and teases the implications this has on the story ahead. Based on source material from author Isaac Asimov, Goyer’s hit series was released on Apple TV Plus in 2021, quickly announcing itself as one of the most ambitious science-fiction shows of the last few years. The Foundation season 2 finale aired last month, featuring a number of revelations and explosive events, including Salvor’s (Leah Harvey) death.

Now, as the wait for confirmation of Foundation season 3 continues, Goyer explains in an interview with Collider why he made the decision to have Gaal’s visions regarding Salvor’s death end up being wrong. Check out the showrunner’s full comment below:

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“[W]e had introduced this idea that Gaal could see the future and so far, everything that she had seen had come true, and that pointed towards a deterministic future where nothing anyone did mattered. One of the other themes, clearly, that Robyn’s father was dealing with was, is everything preordained? Or does the agency of an individual matter when mapped against the math?

“And I thought it was this interesting juxtaposition between this probabilistic future that psycho-history was predicting and this seemingly deterministic future that Gaal’s vision was telling her, and if it was telling her that her daughter was going to die 150 years now on a battlefield, I think the audience has all assumed that that that’s written in stone. And then to have that not be written in stone, I think is surprising for the audience and emotional for the audience.”

What Gaal’s Incorrect Vision Means For Foundation Season 3

Gaal envisioned Salvor dying in a battle with the Mule 152 years in the future, and, while she did end up dying, it was actually by the hands of a mentallic under control of Tellem (Rachel House). The suggestion that Gaal’s visions, which had been correct up to this point, aren’t actually a guarantee of events to come, could have some interesting implications moving forward if the show gets renewed for season 3.

The idea of the future not being set in stone is especially interesting because it could end up serving as a spark in the minds of characters who feel like their fate is already sealed. With Gaal now aware that the future is still being shaped and is open to outside influences, she could end up becoming even more active in Foundation season 3 in terms of attempting to control events to come. Understanding how her visions fit into this new philosophical dilemma could also be crucial to the coming conflict with notable Foundation antagonist the Mule.

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Unfortunately, however, Apple has not yet confirmed whether a season 3 is actually happening. This is likely due in large part to the WGA strike, which effectively came to an end last week, meaning an announcement could be on the way in the coming days or weeks. While Foundation‘s future may not be set in stone just yet, Goyer has been very open about his ambitions for the series up to a potential season 8, and Gaal’s latest revelation is sure to be a big part of the story moving forward.

Source: Collider

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