Full House Shared Universe Theory Explained - How The Classic Sitcom Is Connected To 4 Other TV Shows


Full House Shared Universe Theory Explained – How The Classic Sitcom Is Connected To 4 Other TV Shows

Full House sets up an interesting world on its own, but it turns out that this colorful universe can be shared with four other TGIF sitcoms.


  • The theory suggests that Full House and four other TGIF sitcoms exist in the same universe, as evidenced by crossover episodes and characters appearing on different shows.
  • Steve Urkel’s cameo appearances in various sitcoms, including Full House, are a key factor in supporting the TGIF Shared Universe Theory.
  • The theory is not without its flaws, as John Stamos’ appearance in an episode of Step by Step raises questions about the continuity of the TGIF universe. However, it’s still possible for Full House to coexist in the same universe as the other sitcoms.


While eight seasons of Full house established the colorful and light-hearted world of the Tanner family, one theory suggests that this sitcom is not the only one that exists in this universe, and in fact, there are four TGIF sitcoms within one on-screen world. Full house is a family sitcom that started in 1987 and ran for eight seasons. The series follows Danny Tanner, a single father raising his three daughters with his genius brother-in-law and comedian best friend.

First of all, TGIF is an ABC television programming block that first appeared in the 1980s. Comprised of family-friendly sitcoms, the lineup was meant to provide fun and accessible shows before the news show. 20/20. TGIF has received three iterations thus far, however none have been as popular as the first and longest running from 1989 to 2000. Although TGIF generally means “Thank God It’s Friday”, the two-hour block was known as “Thank God It’s Fun”. For over a decade, TGIF provided some of the most iconic sitcoms of the 1980s and 1990s, including Full house.

Full House Exists In The Same Universe As Other TGIF Shows: Theory Explained

Beyond simply being a memorable moment in television history, there’s also a theory that all of the classic TGIF sitcoms are interconnected by a shared universe. Although not every show in the 11-year lineup has a definitive connecting point, there are five series in total that had crossover episodes. Therefore, these shows, including Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Full House, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, and Step by Step, they all exist canonically within the same world.

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The crossovers began when Harriette Winslow, a minor character in perfect strangers seasons 3 and 4, he received his own show, Family matters, in 1989. What really brought the entire series together, though, was Steve Urkel. Due to his great popularity, Urkel started appearing in different sitcoms, including Full house. In 1991, Steve Urkel made a Full house cameo in which he helps Stephanie adjust to the glasses and interacts with the other beloved characters from the sitcom. full houses Michelle Tanner made an appearance on Hanging out with Mr. Cooper and Urkel had a cameo in Step by Step, thus connecting the five series.

Why the TGIF Shared Universe Theory Makes Sense

Steve Urkel on Family Matters

Once again, the hinge on which the TGIF Shared Universe Theory rests is Steve Urkel. For the most part, it’s his performances on other sitcoms that opened up the possibility of all of these shows happening in the same alternate version of the United States. Surprisingly, these crosses were also meticulous and maintained a sense of logic. For example, both Full house and Hanging out with Mr. Cooper took place in San Francisco, so it made sense that Michelle Tanner and her friends would be in Mr. Cooper’s classroom.

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Urkel’s sitcom cameos aside, the TGIF shared universe theory makes sense because there really isn’t much to deny. While the crossover episodes reveal that these shows exist in one universe, the rest of the sitcom episodes continue on the same singular track, and there is nothing within these timelines to counter what the crossovers have established. It’s entirely plausible that these sitcoms could co-exist and just bump into each other from time to time. Since each sitcom takes place in a different state, it’s easy for them to happen side by side without too much interference.

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Problems with Full House’s shared universe theory

John Stamos and one of the Olsen twins as Jesse Katsopolis and Michelle Tanner in Full House

The biggest problem that comes with Full house included in the TGIF Theory of the Shared Universe is a single episode of Step by Step. In the 1994 episode titled “Great Expectations,” Carol sets her daughters up on a series of gruesome blind dates. Offering them one final date, the daughters immediately say no, but the date turns out to be with John Stamos. Yeah Full house and Step by Step are in the same universe because of their connection to Steve Urkel, so how could actor John Stamos, who plays Uncle Jesse in Full house, appear in Step by Step?

Overall, this Stamos cameo finally bursts the bubble of the TGIF Shared Universe Theory. Yeah Full house they were truly part of the same universe Step by Step is inside, then John Stamos would not exist in Step by Step. So while Stamos’ appearance is a fun moment in sitcom history, it raises too many questions about ABC’s TGIF universe. Every iconic Steve Urkel appearance makes a little less sense than before. However, despite this mishap, it is safe to say that Full house It very well could exist in the same universe as the other four TGIF sitcoms.

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