Gen V Just Did The Impossible - The Boys Season 3's Gross Ant-Man Scene Is Officially Beaten


Gen V Just Did The Impossible – The Boys Season 3’s Gross Ant-Man Scene Is Officially Beaten

Gen V has repeated one of The Boys season 3’s most famous tricks, brining back the franchise’s wacky Ant-Man parody gag in an even grosser way.


  • Gen V manages to be even weirder than The Boys season 3, with a scene involving Emma shrinking down and hanging off a guy’s penis during sex.
  • The bizarre scene in Gen V sets the tone for the spin-off, which focuses on original supes attending Godolkin University.
  • Gen V also highlights a missed opportunity in the MCU, as Emma’s ability to go inside someone and kill them demonstrates how Ant-Man could have killed Thanos.



Gen V has managed to do the impossible, somehow beating out The Boys season 3’s gross Ant-Man parody scene. It isn’t surprising that Gen V is profane, and it isn’t surprising that Gen V is full of superhero parodies, as these elements are staples of The Boys formula. However, it is surprising that Gen V has somehow managed to pull off an even weirder version of a trick seen in The Boys season 3, with the bizarre scene instantly setting the tone of the spin-off.

Gen V is the highly-anticipated spin-off of Amazon Prime’s incredibly popular superhero series The Boys, with the spin-off focusing on original supe characters as they attend the Vought-run Godolkin University. One of Gen V‘s main characters is Emma, the roommate of Marie Moreau who has the power to shrink down to only a half-inch. Shrinking is nothing new to the world of The Boys, with Termite famously having the power. However, Emma and Termite share a gross common trait that is unique to their powers.

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Gen V Somehow Does A Worse Ant-Man Scene Than The Boys Season 3

The Boys season 3 premiere famously has a disgusting scene that parodies Ant-Man’s super powers, but Gen V somehow manages to make this parody even worse. In The Boys, a coked-up Termite shrinks down and climbs into another man’s penis, with this sexual act being one of the weirdest things that the show has done so far. The Boys season 3’s Termite scene is definitely one of the show’s most memorable gags, but Gen V has already outdone it.

In Gen V, Emma hooks up with another Godolkin student, who turns out to have a fetish for Emma’s ability to shrink. While having sex, he convinces Emma to shrink down and hang off the edge of his penis, with her slapping his balls while tiny. Both Emma’s scene and Termite’s scene are weird, but at least Termite is inside the guy for most of his scene, with the fleshy tunnel not explicitly looking like a penis. Emma, however, is clinging on to the outside of a penis the entire time, with it being impossible not to know what is going on in the Gen V scene.

Gen V’s Emma Further Proves Ant-Man Could Have Killed Thanos In The MCU

Broadway_Gen V-1

While Gen V‘s weird Emma scene may have expanded on the franchise’s Ant-Man parody, it also points out that the hero truly could have killed Thanos in the MCU. Before the release of Avengers: Endgame, MCU fans jokingly pointed out that Ant-Man could simply kill Thanos by climbing into his butt and returning to normal size. The Boys season 3 had Termite accidentally do this, with him exploding out of the man’s penis after sneezing and returning to normal size.

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Emma, however, intentionally kills someone by going inside of them in Gen V. When confronted by a Vought guard, Emma jumps inside of his ear, with her coming out of the other ear blood-soaked. She presumably scrambled his brain while inside his head, as the guard falls over dead when she emerges. This strategy could have been employed by Ant-Man to kill Thanos, with Gen V again showing the MCU’s missed opportunities.

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