GI Joe's New Continuity Introduces the Baroness...But Whose Side Is She Really On?


GI Joe’s New Continuity Introduces the Baroness…But Whose Side Is She Really On?

Classic G.I. Joe character the Baroness will make her Energon Universe debut in the upcoming Duke miniseries, but whose side will she be on?


  • The upcoming Duke #3 comic will feature the first cover appearance of the Baroness, sparking speculation about her role in the new G.I. Joe universe.
  • The main cover for Duke #3 showcases the Baroness with a new look, including a shorter haircut, while retaining her signature glasses and black outfit.
  • While the Baroness initially starts out on the side of the good guys, fans can expect her to eventually join Cobra, but her true motivations and allegiances remain unclear in the Energon Universe.



G.I. Joe is getting ready to be rebooted as a part of the new Energon Universe, but the surprising appearance of Baroness in the upcoming Duke miniseries has many fans wondering what side the Cobra villain is going to be on in the new continuity. Publisher Skybound Entertainment recently released the cover and details of next February’s Duke #3, featuring the first cover appearance of the Baroness.

Featuring beautiful artwork from series artists Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire, the main cover for Duke #3 shows off the new Baroness in all her glory, with the Cobra villain sporting a new, shorter haircut in addition to her trademark glasses and black outfit.

Duke #3 (2024)

Release Date:

February 28, 2024


Joshua Williamson


Tom Reilly


Jordie Bellaire


Rus Wooten

Duke’s search for answers has led him to a classified holding site for America’s most dangerous prisoners. Now he’s the most wanted man in the world. Unfortunately, everyone seems to prefer him DEAD over ALIVE.

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The solicitation for the issue describes Conrad “Duke” Hauser breaking into a “classified holding site for America’s most dangerous prisoners” as the future G.I. Joe leader searches for answers following his harrowing encounter with Starscream in Transformers #2.

Whose Side Will the Baroness Be On In the Energon Universe?

G.I. Joe, Energon Universe line-up

In previous continuities, the Baroness was traditionally Anastasia DeCobray, a wealthy university student who becomes radicalized by Cobra and quickly rises through the ranks to become Cobra Commander’s chief lieutenant. Specializing in intelligence and subterfuge, the Baroness often schemed with her lover Destro behind the Commander’s back in an attempt to gain ultimate power. Interestingly enough, Destro has already been announced as appearing in next year’s Cobra Commander miniseries, so it will be fascinating to see how the Energon Universe era of G.I. Joe will play out as battle lines are drawn and the G.I. Joe and Cobra organizations form in the aftermath of the Earthly arrival of the Transformers.

Even though she’s starting out on the side of the good guys, fans can assume that the Baroness will ultimately turn heel and join the ranks of Cobra. But what is her ultimate motivation in helping Duke? Is she an opportunist looking for an easy payday, or is it possible she’s already working with Cobra Commander and is putting her subterfuge espionage skills to use as a double agent? The 2009 G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie made the controversial decision to cast Baroness as Duke’s younger sister, and while the two will be co-starring in the Duke miniseries, it seems unlikely that the Energon Universe will follow that particular story point. However, according to Duke and Cobra Commander writer Joshua Williamson, anything is possible in the new continuity.

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The Many Faces of G.I. Joe’s Baroness

Fans still have a lot of questions regarding this new reboot of the G.I. Joe franchise, and Williamson and Skybound are promising huge revelations as the Energon Universe continues to build. The new Transformers series has been met with financial success and universal acclaim, so the stage is set for G.I. Joe to make its grand return to comics in a big way. Fans definitely won’t want to miss the upcoming Duke miniseries to see the debut of Baroness and many other characters, as the Energon Universe continues to expand with the addition of the G.I. Joe franchise.

Duke #3 will be available February 28, 2024 from Skybound Entertainment

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