Green Lantern Cosplay Gives Hal Jordan the Armored Redesign He Deserves


Green Lantern Cosplay Gives Hal Jordan the Armored Redesign He Deserves

Dressing up as Green Lantern is usually quite a difficult feat to pull off, but in a new DC cosplay design, Hal gets an armored look he needs in the comics!

There are thousands upon thousands of Green Lanterns scattered throughout the known universe, with Green Lantern Hal Jordan being one of the most famous and popular members of a group from Sector 2814 filled with Earth-born heroes like John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, and Jo Mullein. And now, in a new Hal cosplay, the character gets a unique armor makeover that makes this Lantern look better than ever!


Posted recently on Instagram by the username @calebweekss, this talented cosplayer has created more than a few homemade designs that impress, from the iconic heroes of the DC and Marvel Universes to characters from the giant franchise that is Star Wars and beyond.

Donning various classic and alternate outfits of characters like Spider-Man and Daredevil, @calebweekss also kills it by dressing up as the Gotham City trifecta of Batman, Nightwing, and Robin, proving that this armored Green Lantern cosplay isn’t the only one with a design that looks as professional as it is comical.

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Green Lantern Gets an Armored Redesign in New DC Cosplay

Cosmic Cops Wearing a similar, albeit slightly modified, version of the Green Lantern Corps’ green and black uniform, complete with a lantern logo somewhere, of course, Green Lantern Hal Jordan hasn’t changed his look much since his 1959 debut. He once got a hooded trench coat design when in the deepest parts of space, an armored shoulder pad upgrade when possessed by the fear entity known as Parallax, and even a live-action suit that fans still love. they are trying to forget to this day. , this cosplay design ends up fitting the best of these designs perfectly while making it completely @calebweekss own.

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Taking a visual cue from the armored version of Hal Jordan hailing from the evil Superman-ruled universe of Injustice, @calebweekss gives fans four images to swipe into this post, with each new image giving a better look at her design than the last. Staring into the distance as superheroes often do in the first image and glaring menacingly at the camera in the second, it’s not until the third photo that fans get their best glimpse of @calebweekss’s incredible armored design. Dressed in a high-collared bodysuit, green domino mask, and black jumpsuit, it’s the attention paid to the emerald armor attached to @calebweekss shoulders, chest, abdomen, hands, forearms, knees, shins, and feet that makes this look stand out, effectively acting as a great form of “base” for Hal to walk on when he’s not flying through space covered in head-to-toe green energy.

Finishing off with a final image that shows @calebweekss looking down at his green power ring with determination, Hal’s lantern logo practically pops out of @calebweekss’s chest in this image, solidifying this look as one of the best Green Lantern cosplays in the community. Green Lantern Hal Jordan is finally back in the DC Comics spotlight after being out for far too long, so here’s hoping fans get more epic cosplays of the character in the future!

Source: @calebweekss

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