"He Was So Perfect": NCIS's Gibbs Role Was Originally Slated For Big A-List Star Before Mark Harmon


“He Was So Perfect”: NCIS’s Gibbs Role Was Originally Slated For Big A-List Star Before Mark Harmon

NCIS executive producer Charles Floyd Johnson reveals which big, A-list star was considered for the role of Leroy Gibbs before Mark Harmon.


  • Harrison Ford was considered for the role of Gibbs in NCIS, but the producers ultimately chose Mark Harmon.
  • Ford’s portrayal of Gibbs would have been different, possibly more serious or adventurous, given his previous roles.
  • Harmon’s depiction of Gibbs has become iconic in the franchise, making him the right choice for the team leader.



NCIS executive producer Charles Floyd Johnson has revealed which A-list movie star almost played the role of Leroy Gibbs in the series before Mark Harmon was cast. Harmon’s portrayal as Gibbs has become a staple of the franchise, as the character appeared through season 19 of the crime procedural. Because of how long he’s played the role, Harmon is best known for being Gibbs throughout the franchise’s history.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson explained the role of Gibbs in NCIS was originally slated for Harrison Ford. The executive producer explained how Ford was a name often thrown around, but they ultimately went with Harmon instead. Check out what Johnson had to say below:

I know Harrison Ford was a name that everybody thought about for Gibbs because he was so perfect. But I don’t think it ever got further than, it was a name thrown out.

How NCIS Would Be Different With Harrison Ford

Because Harmon’s Gibbs is considered a classic TV character, it’s unclear if Ford’s portrayal of the NCIS agent would be the same. Ford would no doubt put his own spin on the character, differentiating him from the version the series actually got. Perhaps Ford’s version of Gibbs would be a more serious or adventurous character, playing into his previous roles as Indiana Jones, as well as Jack Ryan from Patriot Games.

However, Ford’s many film projects over the years would have made Gibbs’ time in the franchise uncertain. Harmon exited NCIS in season 19, but given Ford’s ties to franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, he may not have stuck around for quite as long. This may have left a hole in the team earlier in the series, making the development of its story and characters wildly different.

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Even though it would be interesting to see Ford portray Gibbs, Harmon managed to craft the character into a memorable icon of the franchise. It’s possible Harmon could return as Gibbs in NCIS later on too, cementing him as the right actor for the team leader. While it would have been interesting to watch Ford play Gibbs in the series, Harmon seems to have been the right choice for the job.

Source: THR

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