Heels Among Four Shows Cancelled At Starz After Season 2 Cliffhanger


Heels Among Four Shows Cancelled At Starz After Season 2 Cliffhanger

Heels has been canceled at Starz, along with three other shows, as the Stephen Amell wrestling drama concludes its run with a massive cliffhanger.


  • Starz has canceled Heels along with two other shows, Run the World and Blindspotting, due to a lack of viewership. An in-production series was also scrapped.
  • Heels, created by Michael Waldron, focused on the family-owned wrestling organization in Duffy, Georgia, led by rival brothers Jack and Ace Spade.
  • Fans will not get to see the resolution of Heels’ season 2 cliffhanger as the show will not be returning for a third season.



Heels is among four shows canceled at Starz, following the show’s season 2 cliffhanger ending. Created by Michael Waldron, with Mike O’Malley serving as showrunner, Heels debuted on Starz in August 2021. The series focuses on the family-owned wrestling organization of Duffy Wrestling League (DWL) in the small town of Duffy, Georgia, where brothers and rivals Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace Spade (Vikings alum Alexander Ludwig) battle over their late father’s legacy and their competing ideas of what the DWL should be. In season 2, which debuted in late July, the sports drama evolved beyond its sibling feud and deepened its focus.

TheWrap has confirmed that Heels will not return for season 3. The network has also canceled Run the World and Blindspotting, citing that the shows did not find a large enough audience that would allow for a continuation. The Venery of Samantha Bird, a romantic drama starring Katherine Langford, has similarly been axed prior to finishing its production.

Heels Ends On An Uncertain Note

In season 2, Heels dispenses quickly with the animosity between Jack and Ace. Instead, the bulk of the season builds to a joint wrestling event between the DWL and its main competitor, Florida Wrestling Dystopia. In the final match of the joint event, Jack does a high-flying move off the top rope. He does this, even though he’s never been a capable high-flyer. The last shot of Heels season 2, and now more than likely the last shot of the entire series, leaves the question of whether Jack is paralyzed. He can’t get up, telling his wife Staci (Alison Luff) that he can’t feel his legs.

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The season 2 finale ends with uncertainty in other aspects. There’s the question of how Staci will deal with the DWL’s very serious legal issues, and how that might impact the streaming deal that the DWL seemed close to signing. Despite a significantly delayed second season, because of the ongoing process of separation between Starz and Lionsgate, the production company behind Heels, the show wrapped up in a way that calls for a continuation. It’s a shame that continuation likely won’t be happening.

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Heels improved on an already strong season 1, with an exceptional premiere that set the tone for a second installment that stayed consistent and finished strong, delving into intriguing backstories and showing care and attention even to minor characters. The show was frequently cited as a worthy successor to Friday Night Lights, one of the most acclaimed dramas of the past several years. At its best, which season 2 often was, the DWL and its heroes lived up to the comparison.

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