Henry Cavill's Ridiculous Haircut For His Upcoming Spy Movie Finally Makes Sense


Henry Cavill’s Ridiculous Haircut For His Upcoming Spy Movie Finally Makes Sense

Don’t be turned off Henry Cavill’s surprising new haircut. His new upcoming movie gives plenty of context over lopping off his luscious locks.


  • Henry Cavill’s surprising and humorous haircut in “Argylle” adds to the larger-than-life nature of his top-secret assignments and shows his ability to take risks.
  • The haircut is explained in the trailer as being the result of Agent Argylle being a fictional character from Elly’s imagination, allowing him to look however she wants him to look.
  • Cavill’s willingness to drastically change his appearance for a role, despite his usual thick and curly hair, reflects his commitment as an actor and endears him to his fans.



Early images from the set might have made it look bizarre, but now Henry Cavill’s ridiculous haircut for his upcoming movie Argylle finally makes sense. The trailer for Michael Vaughn’s new spy adventure shows Cavill sporting a very austere hairstyle as Agent Argylle, and it’s truly a surprise for fans who are used to either his dark curls or straight white hair as Geralt of Rivia in three seasons of The Witcher. Cavill’s new franchise could ruin his Bond 26 chances from this haircut alone, but even though he isn’t as suave as when he starred in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., the look certainly demonstrates his ability to take risks.

Cavill’s new movie doesn’t look like James Bond, and highlighting Cavill’s Agent Argyle engaging in high-speed car chases, stylish fisticuffs, and dancing seductively with Dua Lipa, with a ridiculous haircut adds to the humor of his larger-than-life top-secret assignments. The trailer provides more context to his aesthetic once Bryce Dallas Howard’s Elly shows up, an author whose spy thrillers have started to bear too much of a resemblance to real spy missions, drawing the attention of Bryan Cranston’s villain. It turns out that unassuming Elly holds the key to Cavill’s suddenly shorn appearance.

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Argylle’s Story Explains Henry Cavill’s Surprising Haircut

As Argylle’s trailer confirms, Agent Argylle is a fictional character from Elly’s imagination. Since he can look however she wants him to look, he has a bizarre buzzcut. While this look is atypical of what a suave, sophisticated secret agent like James Bond might have, it adds to the hilarity of the character and his situation. Since it seems particularly dated as far as hairstyles go, it could also have been inspired by a celebrity or person she knew in her childhood in the ’80s or early ’90s.

Cavill is known for having a particularly great head of thick and curly hair, so seeing it shorn into a high-and-tight look was shocking to fans. At the same time, it’s encouraging to see the actor willing to change his appearance so drastically for a role, even if it makes him look odd. Cavill had a noticeably less chiseled body in The Witcher Season 3, and rather than criticize him, fans gave him props for not feeling compelled to maintain a strict fitness regiment (he was known to dehydrate himself for shirtless scenes in the past) and leaning more into a side of the character that exposed Geralt of Rivia’s vulnerability.

Henry Cavill May Have A Different Look In Argylle

Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill embracing in Argylle Movie

While Cavill sports his Duke Nukem aesthetic for most of the Argylle trailer as Elly’s fictional hero, it’s revealed at the end that the real Agent Argylle has yet to be seen. If he’s also played by Cavill, he might have a more realistic haircut. Or, considering how much footage of Cavill is in the trailer, it could be a completely different person playing the real Agent Argylle, like Elly’s mother (Catherine O’Hara), her dubious companion (Sam Rockwell), or someone she has yet to meet onscreen.

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Changing up his look for new characters only proves that Cavill is a committed actor who understands that the best actors are chameleons who don’t play versions of themselves in every role. His ability to not take himself too seriously has endeared him to his fans, and made him known for more than just a buff body and handsome face. Whether he ends up looking like a proto-Bond or keeps the striking haircut the entire movie, Argylle is showcasing a new side of Cavill that won’t disappoint his fans.

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