Henry Cavill's Superman Is Less Of A Problem For The DCU Thanks To 2 Current TV Shows


Henry Cavill’s Superman Is Less Of A Problem For The DCU Thanks To 2 Current TV Shows

Henry Cavill’s DCEU Superman may not overshadow David Corenswet’s DCU Superman thanks to other recent and unique Man of Steel portrayals.


  • Previous controversies surrounding Henry Cavill’s Superman may create unfair comparisons and expectations for David Corenswet’s DCU portrayal in Superman: Legacy.
  • In the meantime, Superman & Lois and My Adventures With Superman are making innovative changes to Superman, thus offering more options for discussion than just the two latest live-action portrayals.
  • On the other hand, Superman & Lois and My Adventures With Superman could also overshadow Superman: Legacy in certain aspects due to the advantages of their long-form story format.



Two recent Superman shows will likely minimize the comparisons between Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and David Corenswet’s DCU portrayal. A little more than a decade after Henry Cavill’s debut as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will help establish the beginning of a brand-new DC Universe with no direct connections to the DCEU. To achieve it, Superman: Legacy will need to introduce a version of Superman that stands out from its predecessor.

Henry Cavill’s casting as Superman was so well-received, and his portrayal so limited by external factors, that discussion around the character can easily devolve into heated debate about the DCEU’s mismanagement and hypothetical scenarios where Cavill’s casting and talents aren’t wasted. This could become a problem for the DCU’s new Superman, as previous controversies can skew opinions, raise inappropriate expectations, and create unfair comparisons between both portrayals. Fortunately, David Corenswet’s DCU Superman won’t replace Henry Cavill’s as abruptly as it may seem at first.

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Superman’s 2 Ongoing TV Shows Help Avoid A DCU Man Of Steel Problem

Since Henry Cavill had his last major DCEU appearance as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a couple of recent DC shows have offered their own take on Superman, serving as palate cleansers between two major big-screen interpretations of DC’s iconic hero. First, Superman & Lois has invested plenty of time across three seasons to develop its own Man of Steel, complete with a fully developed family life and an original take on his famous villains. Then, My Adventures With Superman has chosen a more lighthearted approach to Superman and his closest allies, with a deeper focus on their work at the Daily Planet.

Both Superman & Lois and My Adventures With Superman offer innovative changes to the Superman myth, not only narratively but also visually and in terms of format. Both shows spend more time developing Superman’s personal life and relationships, and the bold reimagining of Superman’s villains, powers, and action scenes are a far cry from the DCEU’s Man of Steel. By the time Superman: Legacy arrives, the idea of a definitive Superman that David Corenswet’s portrayal needs to dethrone will likely be forgotten.

Why Superman’s 2 Current TV Shows Create A Whole New DCU Problem

David Corenswet's Superman Legacy vs Tyler Hoechlin's Superman & Lois and My Adventures With Superman

However, Superman & Lois and My Adventures With Superman can also end up raising the bar too high for Superman: Legacy, as their long-form story format allows them to dive deep into the characters and lore much more easily than a two-hour or three-hour movie. Whereas Superman & Lois and My Adventures With Superman can focus exclusively on the Man of Steel and his supporting characters for dozens of hours on end, Superman: Legacy must establish a compelling Superman, as well a new shared universe and a few other DCU superheroes, within a very limited time — and possibly with multiple years of absence between it and the DCU’s next Superman movie.

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Still, while it may not be as easy as it would be with a much longer runtime, it’s possible for Superman: Legacy to deliver an enticing, three-dimensional Superman within three hours. Luckily, the stark differences between the DCEU’s Superman, Superman & Lois, My Adventures With Superman, and Superman: Legacy suggest there’s no definitive approach to the character. David Corenswet’s portrayal might not compile each previous version’s strengths or acknowledge every single one of their weaknesses to become the ultimate Superman, but it likely won’t be overshadowed by its predecessors, either.

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