Home Economics Season 4 Not Happening As ABC Cancels Topher Grace Sitcom


Home Economics Season 4 Not Happening As ABC Cancels Topher Grace Sitcom

There will be no season 4 of Topher Grace’s sitcom Home Economics as ABC officially cancels the breakout biographical comedy show after three seasons.


  • After three seasons, the show Home Economics has been officially canceled, leaving fans disappointed.
  • Home Economics tells the story of three siblings navigating economic disparities, blending humor and real-world drama.
  • Despite hopes for a fourth season, ABC has decided not to renew Home Economics, ending the show’s run.



After three seasons, Home Economics is officially canceled. Created by Michael Colton and John Aboud, the show told the story of Colton’s family life in increasingly awkward ways. It told the story of three siblings, including Topher Grace’s Tom, struggling to come to terms with the economic disparities between them. In doing so, the show balanced humor with real-world drama and familial struggles that have been impacting Colton for years.

While many shows are preparing to come back from their strike-driven hiatuses, Home Economics will not be returning. Before the decision, there was rampant speculation about the potential for Home Economics season 4, but TheWrap reports that ABC has officially canceled the show. Despite Colton’s previously expressed high hopes, there will be no upcoming seasons.

Why Home Economics Was Canceled

The 2023 WGA strike was guaranteed to seriously impact Hollywood, and it likely contributed to the end of Home Economics. With months left to review figures and the potential for shows to increase or decrease in viewership, ABC has used its time to properly allocate resources. Grace’s show, unfortunately, was unable to prove itself enough to secure a season 4.

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With the WGA strike over and SAG-AFTRA’s still ongoing, it would still be impossible to film the upcoming season for the foreseeable future. While writers could conceivably work on season 4, the show has not been able to cultivate strong enough viewership numbers to leave ABC comfortable about its future. Just as The Wonder Years was canceled following season 2, this show was unable to survive.

Home Economics has also not been able to secure any awards, which left it unable to stand against ABC’s other comedies. With multiple runaway successes on the network, including The Conners and Abbott Elementary, airing shows with lower critical or audience draws removes a potential spot for a breakout hit. Unfortunately, it means that Home Economics season 4 will not be happening.

Source: TheWrap

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