How Old Is Tom Hiddleston's Loki In The MCU?


How Old Is Tom Hiddleston’s Loki In The MCU?

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been around for some time, but the question of how old he is specifically can be answered in more than one way.


  • Tom Hiddleston is a good casting choice for Loki because, despite being 42 years old, he looks far younger and can portray the character’s youthful appearance.
  • Based on calculations from a Tumblr user, Loki is around 16 “human” years old in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which explains his petulance in his early appearances.
  • In the comics, Loki’s age is more uncertain due to time-traveling and shifting storylines, but it’s safe to say he and Thor are much older than their movie counterparts.



While it is standard practice for older actors to portray younger characters, sometimes with hilarious results, there probably isn’t an actor alive who could accurately convey how old Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is in the MCU. Thankfully, Loki is a god and possesses the enviable ability to maintain his youthful appearance despite his age. Aside from the fact that Hiddleston turned Loki into one of the most iconic MCU characters worthy of his own solo series, this is probably why Hiddleston, with his youthful looks, is such a good casting choice for the character.

Tom Hiddleston is 42 years old, though it is easy to assume that he is far younger. Surprisingly, however, this is still a lot older than he should appear in the MCU when converting his age in actual years to his age in human years. This is something that Tumblr user nycstark (Via The Mirror) took the time to work out, and the results actually explain a lot.

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Loki Is About 16 Years Old In The MCU

In Thor: The Dark World, Odin reminds Loki that Asgardians are not immortal and have lifespans as humans do, to which Loki responds: “Give or take 5,000 years.” From this, it can be calculated that Asgardians live to about 5,100, with Loki being around 1050 years old in the MCU. After a little math from Tumblr user nycstark, they deduced that, in human years, Loki would be around 16 “human” years old in the MCU. With that being the case, then perhaps Tom Holland would have been a more applicable casting choice for the teenage antihero. It would also help to explain Loki’s petulance in his earliest MCU appearances.

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There are a few discrepancies surrounding Loki’s age in the MCU, however, who grew up with Thor. Thor tells Rocket Raccoon in Avengers: Infinity War that he is 1,500 years old, which is also the age given to him by his official Marvel page (Via Marvel). In Thor: Ragnarok, when recounting the time that Loki transformed into a snake, he mentioned that they were “both 8 at the time.” If Thor is to be believed, then that would make them both 23 in human years, using the same math as above. Telling Rocket that he is 1500 years old could have been an exaggeration – though if Hiddelston is unbelievable as a 16-year-old, then Chris Hemsworth is on another level.

How Old Is Loki In Marvel Comics?

Kid Loki showing up for a fight in Young Avengers.

Unsurprisingly, Loki’s age in the comics is a lot more nebulous thanks to time-traveling shenanigans and shifting origins and storylines. Given that Thor was adventuring in the 9th century AD as an adult, it’s safe to say that he and his similarly-aged brother were a lot older in the comics than their movie counterparts – perhaps even double their age. Loki, however, died at the hands of the Void persona of Sentry, thanks to his own tricks going awry. This gave way to the latest Loki incarnation, Kid Loki, who was first introduced in 2010, and also featured in the Loki series, portrayed by Jack Veal – an actor who, ironically, is closer to MCU Loki’s human years than Tom Hiddelston.

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Source: The Mirror & Marvel

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